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Jul 2017
Your voice replays in my head, the time we spent together this summer
I can't think of any other
That made me weak in the knees so please don't leave
I want to remember how you felt
The words you sang made my heart melt
I want to relive that moment when we fell in love
At night I still dream of
The times we would laugh till we cried
When you would hold me in your arms and I'd sigh
The soft feeling of your kiss
These are the things that I miss
As we hold hands in the rain
I believe I can relive this feeling again
I feel drunk after tasting your lips on mine
The way both our legs intertwine
On top of these white silk sheets
Are some of the secrets that we keep
One touch and I'm high
The words you whisper in my ear makes me feel alive
Is this just a dream
That's how it seems
If so I want to sleep forever
Close my eyes tight and think of you whenever
I'm alone and missing you
It'll be something I have to do
Because I want to remember how it was
To be young and in love
The way we lay on the grass looking at the stars above
Staying close holding each other tight
Knowing that with you everything feels alright
Written by
Lucy  22/F/New York
(22/F/New York)   
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