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Sep 2016
"What do you fear?"
"The thought of never fearing"
"That doesn't make any sense though"
"Allow me to explain:"

Fear itself is an immense power
One that prevents us from rising, gives us bounds
Without it, Man would fall into chaos
And in the spree of delirious glee, he would get lost

If Man had no fear, he wouldn't care for rules
Only then would the smart ones be called fools
Be content with what you've got, don't try to take
What isn't yours, a potentially fatal mistake

Man is jealous of those who have
What he doesn't and this'll just make him mad
Without any fear, he'd challenge someone
And pretty soon the world would be bursting, full of guns

Rifles raised and triggers pulled
Blood spatters and bodies mauled
But without any restriction, Government or rules
Fear would disappear and guns would be our tools

So be thankful you have capacity to fear
Because without it you'd draw the world quite near
The end of its life, so forever and again
Be grateful the fear isn't in your hand but your brain
I actually talked to myself about this for close to an hour... I'm not crazy, just different, I guess.
Written by
Viseract  21/M/Adelaide
     Marco Benitez, ---, Karishma, ryn, Winn and 2 others
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