Karishma Feb 2017

The sylvan paths are empty
Oriental winds no longer sing
Cosmos flowers bend their heads
At the loss of something that's never been

We hold sunset in our teacups
Swallowing bittersweet loneliness
Until it streams out through our eyes
And forms clouds of heartfelt longing

Rain gushes down the valley
The sky bells are heard no more
As all that speaks is the silence
And the heart's downpour

Poetry's soul is never damaged
So on echoes your evensong
Dancing sky lanterns hold vigil
Through the dark night of the soul

Emerald skies sigh softly
I walk alone - with you - in thoughts
And sing of light unto the breeze
Stringing it with love, hoping it carries 

  Feb 2017 Karishma

When beautiful within
you don't judge beauty
from the surface.

  Feb 2017 Karishma

in the company of

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