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May 2016
What are you doing here again?
I'm not your lover and I'm not your friend.
Why are you sneaking round my door?
A familiar face....that I've known before?
And just what do you bring
in offers?

If I do as you'd like then what will become of who I am?
Will I drown in in the deepness of your sea
Or find the very deepest part of me?
Will I feel lost
or will I feel free?
Will I light my soul and keep a smoldering fire?
To fill my heart's deepest desire...
And feel like I cannot get higher?
To the highest place that I can take my myself?

To soothe the deepest ache inside my soul in the deepest deep
You make me nervous
And so I'm intrigued...
So I just might invite you in
As long as not committing sin?
I wonder...

The things that I've been yearning for
You'll release me from this ache I'm sure
And the smell of the sweat and the sweet perfume
A fear embraced of what dangers loom
What it will mean come tomorrow
Could be my delight or such sweet sorrow
When I'm alone again.

Senses I've rarely tapped into before
Just the one time that you rapped at my door
I do not trust you though
Your last visit was so bittersweet
So pardon my bashful and modest retreat
As I feel this all the way out.

If we start with a just a slow sweet kiss...
to find a rumored thing called bliss?
Then I wonder...
if we could we take this...
one moment at a time?

Because before we know it
I could be gone.
Lost in your Temptation

And as you know...
I fear for my salvation.

All Rights Reserved May 26 2016 - Cherie Nolan
Changed slightly- Been thinking about this for awhile inspired partly by fellow Vermonter Jan Hardy - a poem I liked today. Lots of possible meanings - I think so anyway. Part of a series I want to do. Thanks!
Ma Cherie
Written by
Ma Cherie  F/Somewhere in Vermont....
(F/Somewhere in Vermont....)   
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