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Jan 2016
I am a constant disappointment to myself and everyone around me
I keep trying, and failing, and dying, and trying all over again
Only to flail
And fail
And wallow in pain
I'm sorry that I hurt you
I don't intend to get the answers wrong every time,
but I guess I'm just not very smart

I make myself better
I throw away my vices and I try so hard to smile
But what's the use?
When every time I play the game I always seem to lose
I was never good enough
I know that
But you bit off more of me than you can chew,
and now you're cursed to choke on it,
let's see how well you do

I'd offer you a glass of water,
But you'd just keep turning blue
And you'd refuse the help I offered you
Only to blame me for your demise after you finally close your eyes
Somehow, it's always my fault
when you choose to die
Arlo Disarray
Written by
Arlo Disarray  In your imagination
(In your imagination)   
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