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Oct 2015
She liked a poem I wrote,
From some months ago..
She said she's all about the imagery and metaphors so;
I drank some magic potion..
'bottled a drop from the ocean,
Then spent a night studying the stars
After tearing the moon's heart open

She's just one of those girls,
Who aren't like most other girls..
She said the best people are born in October
I think she's the best person in the world.
Man I wish I went with her,
To that concert last year,
She said her favourite tracks
Are 'follow you' & 'avalanche'
Man i wish she was here

Oh she talks so pretty
I could listen all day
And she talks so smart
I miss the things she would say
She talks so pretty
But she doesn't like her voice recorded
She said she used to skate at night when the rest of the city were snoring

She's like 5 foot something
And shes a 12 out of 10,
And on the 12th of the 10th,
She said happy birthday at 1am,

Well she talks so pretty
And what a beautiful name
What a beautiful soul,
And what a wonderful friend she made,

To me.

*i miss her
Sounds lyrical doesn't it?
I might make it into a song.
Proud of this one,
And my last poem (4/4)

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Love you guys xox
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