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Ava Valentine Apr 2016
take me out of here
someplace away from the maddening crowd
away from the noise and the city
flashy people, fancy suits, number 1.

i want out, i'm sick of everything
i scream, but they hear nothing
eyes that see not
ears that hear not
hearts that neither feel nor understand
grown cold and cruel and mad

take me out of here before i go insane
before i become one of them
before i'm used to the pain
before i'm unable to love again

*please take me out of here
-a.v.// take me out of here
Ava Valentine Apr 2016
maybe i dream
too much
maybe i'm too cliché
like what you say
i don't know if you regard it
as such
but i've learnt to pay no heed
i don't care

for what good it is i know i have
something that you don't
i have a remedy i have
my land of sunsets do you?
i'll look to the horizons
if i want to give in to death i won't
i'll try to stay high
like my balloon

every time i lose myself to tears
i'll close my eyes
and i will see my land of sunsets
what good are
maybe i'll find something that i won't fight against

strangers say i am clothed with
i don't know if it's true but
what do they know about me?
friends tell me to smile more and
do their best to cheer
but they're wasting their time it's all in vain because
how can i when i am veiled with tears i have.. so many fears

what is life? for what it's worth i
will try to put myself out there
i'll try to live a life..
just smile and say "thank you i'm doing great"

now it's the sixth hour and the sunset is
shining on my window
casting its brilliance and shadow in the sky and it's
so beautiful as if cupid hit my heart with bow and arrow

i close my eyes again and the light fell on me
i want to be a sunset too
but i'm happy just because i have that faraway place here
in my heart but now, until next time boo.
a.v.//land of sunsets
Ava Valentine Mar 2016
is like a dreaming realist.

is like a walking contradiction.

is like having so much to live for yet wanting to die.

is like being told a lie and pretending you believe it.

is like having so much to say and saying nothing at all.

is like falling in love with the flowers and autumn comes.

is like coveting a happy marriage yet fearing commitment.

is like being surrounded by a sea of people yet feeling alone.

is like consoling a friend when you're falling apart on the inside.

is like seeing a flashing neon sign that says happy when you're sad.

is like the romantic in your nature and the cynic from your nurture.

is like the smile in your face partnered with the scars on your wrists.

is like knowing that nothing you do or avoid would make it better or worse.

is like wanting to hug someone and cry yet knowing that you would smile at whoever you chose to see.

is like sobbing in a movie theater of strangers and that's the most comfortable you've been around anyone.
98 days; 14 weeks
Ava Valentine Mar 2016
I stood on top of the hill
The last rays of sunshine hitting my face
The world prepares for the night
The lights turn on to light my way

Slowly the sun goes down
I look back at the city
People rushing, crowding
All those races of humanity

Slowly the sun goes down
I stretch my arms
Feel the breeze
Warmth in my heart

I walk the long road home
Close my eyes
The sunset dying down
Tears fall and I don't know why

As the sun goes down..
This was a short song I wrote, that's why it looks a bit awkward. Haven't written for so long, pardon me.
Ava Valentine Nov 2015
It's so sickening to see,
that what I thought was sincerity,
was a big fat bunch of lies.
You made a vow,
sealed a promise,
you said you'd run for miles and miles.
You said you'd love me,
die for me, do it all for me,
but I didn't know I was living
in your house of lies.
You must have thought
I was naïve,
just a silly little girl..
..Huh, and I thought I was wise?
No, I'm a fool,
a fool for you,
and yet, why do I still cry?
You sly old fox,
playing around with people's feelings,
only aiming to get the prize.
Why do you crush people's hearts and
think of it as just a little joke?
why do you watch the fire die in their eyes?
When they place their heart, their everything, in your feet,
why do you toss it away as if it's nothing, why do you lie?
But I won't stoop so low,
as to hate you and get revenge,
I'll take you by surprise.
I'll smile at you and treat
you just like any other,
because I don't want to be someone I don't like.
But I won't let you get away with it,
I won't just watch you plan your little trickery,
I'll give you some advice.
And when everything is said and done,
making amends, with you trying to make a wrong, a right..
I'll go my way,
dissappear from your life,
with a simple, silent.. "goodbye"
© Ava
Ava Valentine Nov 2015
Is there an answer to the
cause of sin?
Why we're slowly falling
to our self-made demise?
How people get so greedy,
to never spare a thought for the needy?
Can someone tell me why,
people break each others' hearts?
Is it fun to lie, or tear people apart?

Is there an answer or will there never be?

People make mistakes,
it's what makes us human
Hoping not to break,
it's what makes us human
Doing whatever it takes,
it's what makes us human

Someday, we'll find the answers
'Till then, let's get through this together
Saving people who are lost,
Fighting at any cost.
Why are you just standing there?
can't you stop the crying?
People are already getting killed,
people are already dying

*Why crush hope?
This was made into a song, hence the awkward layout.
© A. Valentine
Ava Valentine Oct 2015
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Instead of arrows,
I'll shoot flowers at you.

Because no matter what,
I'll always be here for you.
No matter what you do,
I'll always forgive you.
And no matter what you say,*
I'll still be loving you
make peace, not war.
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