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ray Aug 2019
how many times have you sat down to write a letter you knew you'd never send?

do you find them later, years later, in some untouched folder of your desk, some forbidden cigar box, some forgotten bin.
do you laugh.
do you cry? can you feel the impermanence of emotion you cemented in ink, feelings felt deeply, so deeply, that you sat down to write them in a letter you knew you'd never send.
do you still do it again, even though you're only left with more paraphernalia of unsaid words,
adding to your pile of feelings you felt so deeply you sat down to write them in a letter you knew you'd never send, and didn't.
ray Feb 2019
do you write her poetry or
did you let that part of you go too
ray Feb 2019
I suppose we're just like them now
our missing letters in transit,
love that didn't make it.
ray Apr 2018
i bask in sunlight **** as peach picked from vine,
je pense... for the rest of time,
could we align?
i've missed her hand this winter, as i've missed you,
she called to say she missed my skin too
juice falls from my eyes as i cry, they say love is blind as i long to see why,
bombs are blown into backyards by the rich world,
while we drink more and more
spring kisses me softly as i strive for my own liberation,
i thought your love would contribute to,
until pride stood in the way with his own agenda
i'm still trying to find
if it's love you sing and contain for me,
or something i mustn't fight
love is to conform to one another, not to dismantle
the other
to step down from ourselves and meet somewhere more earthly and pure in between
build the other from the pain we've produced by our own
two hands
saturday mornings are for love coffee and poetry,
analyzing our bodies for the points of stress and writing from the knots in our mind,
wrestling to relax and grow closer to our soul
i want to learn the language of the birds
perhaps we could talk over coffee if i could speak their delicate words
perhaps you and i could talk if my defenses could lie down to rest,
until the next wound
perhaps i belong only in this light
twirling my words like ribbons around heart's tension
singing along to french music wishing i were a peach in the rural east
swaying with the willows, licking sunlight, dripping into the mouths of lovers,
it is me on which they feast
ray Jan 2018
your liquid song of laughter, song of love,
returns me to your arms
I long to pour the nights spent by your side
into bottle,
as holy tide
to wash and feel again
my body
   in your seven seas of love,

I leave you only to witness my own damp words and salty letters,
my palms ache, my fingers
forget their place
as they long for your own
I watch them sigh, as my eyes,

Perhaps - out of joy, appreciation
as I attempt to love you without flaw
falling far too short often times,
to express heart's admiration

the continual task could be no greater
I feel love swell in my heart upon the mention of your name
flowing in and out of my mind throughout my day-
like turquoise waters
other memories; they decay
into desert
but you, your holy ways,
see me to the end
I'll prove again, again
how you turn my veins into rivers, running
as this faucet of your heart is unprecedented
how eagerly I look to your constellation each night
and pray it to remain
as you are
I pray your current is not fleeting
I dawn to keep your voice near always,
   folded in light

Will you take refuge in my shadows? or
will you wallow when day turns overcast,
will you still find way in these grey skies,
let love rain; allow me to live in mist of your
truths, wet with the glow of your embrace?
distance cannot strip this symphony of our love,
will not dismantle, dilute,
these sonatas and floods
   as time trickles on my dear,
   you have me wholly
   writing to you only, in blood
will not ruin these rivers and rhymes
   see me to the end, my dear,
   to the end of time
ray Jun 2017
lovers kept
perched in some realm above land,
land of black and white -
monotony -
we flow from -
to -
as grey,
shades leaking / love breathing
into body,
  but mind,
spirit - you are my heart,
collected fragments gathered thru out my day
whispering rays of light into laugh,
into cloud song
like the voice that carries, avec moi,
the one i love
something opens,
to reach him, us, ABOVE
ray Jun 2017
the day rains
bliss eats lovers, swallows whole
the memories of the fallen,
     we fall again
  smooth edges of this path,
  sing in underwater love
  like tide,
  surrender to your warmth, your laugh
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