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 Oct 2016 Phrank Kankasa
Just like we have days & nights.
We have good & bad.
One must endure both to keep balance.
Once that balance is created you become
One Righteous Soul.
Just like salt and sugar you become one Righteous soul (ORS)
 Oct 2016 Phrank Kankasa
Clear the mind with the Trees & Truths
Clean the body with the Waters
Channel positive Waves
Choose Love over everything
It is The Healing Component
This is actually a compilation of my favorite rappers work
Lonely men chase butterflies
They run and run
Cry and cry

Lost boys chase dragonflies
From here to there
Try and try

Honest men seek a rose
They pick and place
Wilt and waste

Smart boys leave her where she grows
To stay and wait
He appreciates
 Jan 2016 Phrank Kankasa
A friend,
Someone we trust and care for.
We believe in them, and all hope is shared.
Someone we tell all our secrets, as we know we can rely on them.

I take u to be in some part of my life,
so do I expect to be in some part of yours,
forever and always.
This is actually something a good friend of mine had wrote
Forever in Almost

I read a poem applauding your second love
for teaching you that love still exists
after being broken, but what if your second love
is the same as your first, but not the same at all?

The same arms hold me, but they feel new.
Like when the bus is pulling away but stops
to let you on or when the light turns yellow
with just enough time for you to slip through
or when you catch the door before it closes
or when you drop something  
and catch it in time.

We lost each other like missed exits that keep driving
but found ourselves and now we know all
we have to lose. Dancing with the words we
only danced around before like a spinning top,
one wrong breath could end it.
How can something so fragile not be beautiful?

To have the person who broke you be the person
to reintroduce you to 3am’s,
drives with no destination,
street hugs covered in darkness,
and brown eyes being beautiful.

But he didn’t break me. I broke
by telling myself I loved him when really,
he was the first person I wanted
to love and be loved back by
but I’ve learned that’s not always how it works.
Sometimes you miss each other
like points plotted on the same grid
but not the same spot or parallel lines
that just run side-by-side.

Because, sometimes the bus leaves,
the light turns red,
the door closes,
and you can’t
catch it in time.
Almost there,
but never doing
what it takes
to be there.

So we’ll live together forever
in what we have built and left,
in what could have been,
in what almost was,
and what a beautiful
thing that is.
Not sure how I feel about this poem yet, still thinking of images to add.

— The End —