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Phrank Kankasa Jul 2018
Let the music drown your sorrows
As the rhythm takes you through its highs and low pitches

Your journey through the lonely tunnel gives no sign of any light at all…
even when holding on means nothing, it's the only thing you will have to do

Your life withers right in front of you, and the chaff dispersed by the whirling wind

Your groaning soul yearning for soothing words
Getting rid of all obscene thoughts
To release a mind of pressure and stress

*Pain Unhinged
Phrank Kankasa May 2018
Beautiful pains

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The heat is always rising, everything has  been on fire
Today is a painful reminder of why
We should only be getting brighter
And further put it behind us

We are always  standing in the flames
It's never been a beautiful kind of pain
But now we setting  fire to yesterday
Find the light

Today was the tornado warning
Tomorrow is like the morning after
Our world is torn in half
No more waking the mourning process
But rebuilding, we're a work in progress

Tomorrow is a whole new chapter
It's never going to be like an enormous asthma
Thunderstorm has passed us
We weathered it and poked its eye out
With the thorn bush
We will smell the roses

So focused on the bright side
Never looking back
But every day is a new learning curve as we
Steer through life,
sometimes we might not want to swerve
But we have to
To avert a disaster
And permanent damage

But yet we're still alive
Which means we will survive
Although today we may weep because we're weakened
And everything seems so bleak and hopeless
The light that we're seeking
Will begin to seep in
That's the only thing keeping us from leaping the end
And we should be pulling for us to push through this feeling
And with a little time we should do the healing
And by tomorrow we may even feel so good that we are willing to forget even after
And all the things we've been  through
this feeling of resilience is building
And the flames are burning quick as fire would sweep through any building
We're sealed in but we're fireproof, flame retardant, we withstood it

As time passes
Things change every day
The wound will heal, even though the scar still remains the same
But tomorrow today's going down in flames
Throw the match, set the past ablaze
Exhale deep and breathe a sigh of relief
And as we say goodbye to the grief
It's like watching the walls melt in
But we've extinguished this living hell
Still a little piece of us dies as we are living
Rising, a phoenix from the flames
We've have learned with wings that we will fly
Phrank Kankasa Dec 2017
Great wisdom for the aged I pursued
and at many times it got me confused

In poetry you became my mentor, helped me to discover the knowledge that I held in the inner shelves

In time, we started talking about God, like He was among us
and by His Word we were taught, for this we are made of

Others saw an old man
For my mentor, friend and grandpa Barnabas Chibale
Phrank Kankasa Dec 2017
My world was all lit up with bright colors
You were a rainbow in my cloud
And every day began aloud,
Knowing that you'd always be around

So much pride you brought,
swept beneath my feet.
Looked in your eyes, saw a leader,
having the spirit of a noble prize holder

Even in mega frustration, you would blossom...getting all my attention.
Every hug made my heart Realize it was a roasting grill

Your soul engulfed mine so deep!

Alas! My greatest fear became a reality,
With a willingness to keep your sweet soul forever
It is so bitter to realize you were gone
my happiness has been sold
I feel so frigid and wonder; Where did  it go wrong?
You left the stage of my heart clapping as you rubbed me in.
Water from my eyes  always dripping
Hidden passions from deep within like a stream
as i try to let go, Feelings grow deeper
lonely as i walk,
to realize time parted our ways
A personal doctor and a lover I'd lost, until another opportune then I will be able to revive that dying flame, arrest the fears within and rejuvenate me. Memories, however fresh....they will slowly faded
Phrank Kankasa Dec 2017
Great wisdom for the aged I pursued
and at many times it got me confused
Phrank Kankasa Jan 2017
Stories are told...even though we may try to imagine
It's not as you may have felt it

You waited for too long, to see a new dawn...
To Shade tears no more
So you can call Africa your home

Hard it was, cold you froze...but didn't give up on what you really wanted the most
At whatever cost...

No sweat no sweet...whatever you did was for our benefit
You made sure you stood on your feet

Now your children are free and safe
Even though we all don't move at the same pace
But there is a smile on every face...
Phrank Kankasa Oct 2016
Bright as it is...its light may appease
Days as these, are usually counted in threes....

To others, it's quiet a fortune,
but gathers a quiet misfortune

Long shadows creep from the darkest deserted places
That shallows happiness to a fearsome looking sad faces

Stories of vampires are told...that about horrors the night would unfold
Wolves howling, as the terror would bring the cold

While the human's behavior becomes strange
It is noticeable with a little change
Different headlines on the front page
But prayers made to make all of this fade....

Its when lovers fall in love....all in pairs with a heart of a dove
Staring at the stars above
Counting the traces they have

Calm silent ocean waves, a bright reflection the lake serves
Down as the river falls...slowly its water flows

A clear sky for a shooting star...and a beautiful wish to make heal my scar.
For those who observe the night changes
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