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Peter Krespan Aug 2014
Your face, full of elation.
Sweet perfection, no frustration.
Summer memories, nostalgia hemorrhage.
Let's stay here, far from Anchorage.
What you've taught me, you might never know.
Wherever you are, that's where the wind blows.
Currently, these currents take me to you.
An act, time and again, time could never subdue.
While we do reside in the days long after,
Never could these months be a diminishing chapter.
I can feel them still, as relevant as ever.
The prime cultivation for something that will grow forever.
Close your eyes, I'm sure you can see those nights.
When loves only concern was to avoid a sugar spike.
This new captivation, this magnified fixation,
The love savior, our separate emotional asphyxiation.
That innocence needs not be continually longed after,
Because for now we shall continue writing, until we reach our final chapter.
Peter Krespan Aug 2014
Battered brains, diseased gums,
Loaded veins, twisted tongues.
What a life, we'll take the plunge.
Peter Krespan Aug 2014
I can feel the shoreline fill my lungs.
Summer is on the tip of our tongues.
We'll dance towards the ocean without even knowing,
The gleam of the sun keeping our smiles still showing.
I can feel the grass caress me now.
It tells me of the rest it will allow.
The breeze sweeps me up and tells me tales
Of past respite its given us and our sails.
Peter Krespan Aug 2014
Where am I going, what do I seek?
Do I truly inherit it all if I'm meek?
And if I inherit all this, the earth,
Do I stay the same or encounter rebirth?
Am I meek if I'm gullible and get pushed around,
Or am I meek if I rise up and stand my ground?
I want to open eyes, to show others a way,
To let them truly see their lives surpass day to day.
Peter Krespan Aug 2014
You've always been like a sunrise.
Its always morning in your eyes,
Your beauty dawns on me every time
I see you. But the sunrise could never be this beautiful.
We can creep off through these trees
To our secret forest retreat.
Go ahead, show you feel free,
Don't be sorry. Know our love is crossed and starry.
No signs of our kind out this far,
No jobs, no time, no fame to scar.
Can we stay here forever? Our love is bizarre
Enough to stay in this spot. How we'll love to be forgot.
Peter Krespan Aug 2014
Let the dark doubt that is dear to me be driven downward.
Melt my clouds of sadness, illuminate my feet to the right path.
Where do I walk?
Among mortals, among the blind, among the living, and among the dead, through the vale of unbroken promises, and away from the mountain of shattered dreams.
Mirrors draw the portrait of morningstar heat, of the shrouded past break through the mist to fill in the apparition of what is seen.
Peter Krespan Aug 2014
Slice the silk sky,
Could these flocks still fluently fly?
And yet they're doomed to die
From our own fluorescent sighs.
Still by and by,
We all create our own cause to cry,
Slivers of silver sadness
Fleeting for flavors of fellowed madness.
Do deities determine our days,
Or is freedom figured to fade?
It seems sorrow is truly made
From our feathers clipped in haze,
Where wisdom weeps in worry,
And bygones are bled out in a hurry.
Love the light in my dark midst,
Heed this heart with a last kiss.
Forever can forever be
The lit signal to guide to me.
Down comes the rain of love divine,
Sweet to the touch, with a sour smell of pine.
Let your bones quiver with the wind.
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