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Tick-tock. Tick-tock.
****. ****. ****.
The clock chimes slowly.
****. ****. ****.
The wind whips by outside - a cold flurry in the darkness.
****. ****. ****.
The fire crackles, spitting light and warmth into the room.
****. ****. ****.
The tree stands guard over paper-wrapped packages, a star adorning its head like a crown.

Twelve chimes bring in the holiday spirit.

Merry Christmas.
Happy holidays, mom and dad!
Life constantly pulls me along,
flowing like a never-ending tide.
Struggling is futile, as the current is strong.
I might as well stay for the ride.
Words fall like rain,
Rolling easily off my tongue.
A distant pain;
Memories of things I've done.
I was once told by an old man
That life is about learning to deal with loss.
For a while I struggled to understand,
Filled with bitterness of the past, becoming cross.

Then one morning I had a moment of clarity,
And I was frustrated with this troublesome quandry no longer.
People say the truth is a rarity;
I find that hard to believe, for I know I have come out stronger.
Life is about learning.
Beyond every struggle, every battle, every strife.
There is hope for a better tomorrow, a lesson, a new door.

We must forge ahead if we are to survive.
Let us journey onwards, and see what the future has in store.
We create our own future - what will yours be?
Down on my knees,
Crying for help.
You heard my pleas,
And saved me from myself.
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