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Da dana da da dana da,
Da dana da da da;
Dana da ddana da,
Da dana da dada.
Patrick Kokos May 2014
What I see is
in the eyes of

John is sleeping.
John is kicking the ball.

Dear Papa,
why the cosmos is
the cosmos.
The reverence shines through
my hole.

The whole swimming pool was left in the ocean.

Dear Papa,
please tell me how to
written a few seconds ago
Patrick Kokos Jan 2014
I once stood before her mouth, her outdoors,
it rained heavily cause Heaven cried
for me, Its privileged citizen,
the man who killed God
and released It from
His reign.

And she stood.
Just once before I
silently turned into the
My soul flew into the darkness
of her mouth and haunted her yellow teeth.
'Majambah' was an old Southern African tradition of burning people who didn't believe in gods. Nowadays, Majambah is celebrated by watering other people's hair so that it can grow faster.
Patrick Kokos Jan 2014
Manotello, olto tello, molto bene,

Never known before we go
before we go, we will sensor.

Acradabdakhrabra lies near
since we ended up in here.

Indios Bravas for you, people,
cause we’re crying
as Salvador died.

— The End —