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  Aug 2014 ac
i haven't picked up the blade in 2 months.
i haven't dragged the blade across my skin in 2 months.
i haven't felt sad in 2 months.
i've been feeling okay for 2 months.
will this last?
will i go back to the way i was?
2 months clean today. felt like publishing something. hope this is okay c:
  Aug 2014 ac
just a girl
ripped apart
limb by limb
shattering bone
heart caving in

self mutilation
scar after scar
empty and hollow
torn through this war
  Aug 2014 ac
Nicole Carpenter
I can't beat the anxiety
the way my joints shake even when I'm asleep
or how my skin itches to be scratched

every time I dig myself a little deeper

these summer days make me smile
and forget
I am happy, for a moment but in a breath

I want it to stop
I want to stand still

tired of making promises
tired of making plans
tired of believing in something that will make this better

It doesn't exist
or if It does - it's too late.
  Aug 2014 ac
I want you
to tell me it'll be

But you don't know
that things aren't okay

and I don't know
how to tell you
that I'm crying on the floor
rocking back and forth

and I don't know
how to ask
you to tell me
it'll be okay

but I need you
to tell me
it'll be okay
  Aug 2014 ac
the little monster was quite the talker
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