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  Jul 2017 pH7
Nishu Mathur
Don't judge me by my looks
And don't read me by the books
I am brash and I am kind
I am hard to define
I am bold. I am shy
I am grounded, but I fly
I love, and I give
I cradle, I forgive
Though soft I may feel
I am thunder, I am steel
I am smiles and I am laughter
I am happily ever after
I am tears and I am ache
I am a mess when I break
I hold tightly, but I know
When it's time to let go
I am dove, I am hawk
I am the rose and the rock
I am rain. I am sun
I am I. I am woman

Thank you all so much **
Dearest everyone, thank you so much for your likes, loves, reposts.  Thank you so much for all your wonderful and encouraging responses. This is a small,  simple poem and I wasn't certainly expecting all the attention it has received. I am grateful to all of you talented poets and readers. I am so happy that it was chosen as a daily - it's a wonderful feeling. Love to all.

I am also very thankful to Conrad Druger van den Bergh, an excellent poet and wonderful friend who inspired this x
pH7 Jun 2017
Anger that boils in the depths of my veins
was bound to erupt when love is at stake.
pH7 Jun 2017
My mind is numb, not from drugs or *****,
But from the television, phone, and electronics i abuse
This stream of news feeding to my consciousness is all self-induced. I keep the cycle going and set it up where I keep myself confused?

So many words, so many pictures, so many thoughts,
the chaos, the headaches
Only the one's in silence and loneliness have fought
Disruption with corruption in my daily feed
Ruins my mind's ability of its own impressions
and thoughts, putting pen to paper
versus touching fingers to buttons
(And make no mistake between touch and feeling)
Which is more liberating to feel, to move energy, to inspire free will
and which one was bought

So why am I addicted to distraction with all of its misuse
The fear of moving forward is just resistance to produce
the gift within me that was already planted and seeded in place

My only job is to water and grow into my space
Yet this gift within me is the resistant qualm that bakes
Fearing to discover that I am more
than I think I am


Thats my mind numbing dis Ease that I battle


Readjust the cycle,
for it shall not shadow
Other generations right, to
fight another battle
Remove, not gift our numbness
Channel deeper
Awaken the next child
And we honor the cycle of growth that
lives to empower.
pH7 Jun 2017
You are somewhere in the space between the- fearless
and beyond the infinite of what reality- seems
you do not fight, who is the king
(In growth) You are the reigning queens,
the power has always been in what you’ve seen and
how to be divine and supreme. You were born in the middle of,
and do not see the black from the white
the blur of the earth is the beauty you distinguish in our solar scene
your soul pulls gravitational extremes-  like tidal forces
moon and sun light beams'
influences the beat in our beings

-Universal Echoes
pH7 Jun 2017
Roses of thorns

Violets of unfamiliar hues

Like many people the difference is color,

but their Spirit is of the same tune.


Planted seeds by the unknown

Enduring nature’s controversy

Nourished by process

For its ability of growth

To raise themselves

To soak up the sun

And bloom a gift of color as well.


May as be the life I dwell.
pH7 Jun 2017

*When the both of us just won’t——just can’t stop trying for one another because to you quitting feels like dying, a near death experience, but moving on and trying is just what comes natural to you, a survival instinct that fires up even when the hopeful flame is fading.
pH7 May 2017
Raised to shine by father,
Nursed emotions by mother,
Flew and sang by brother
Grew larger than life,
ground and rooted,
with my sister
Love blew,
the wind,
amongst all things being.
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