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natalie Jul 2020
the newspaper and i have something in common

overtime, we are forgotten about
overtime, we begin to decay
overtime, the sun beats down on us
overtime, we are torn apart piece by piece
overtime, there will be nothing left.
inspired by the newspaper that has been sitting in my neighbor’s driveway for over 2 months lol.
natalie Jul 2020
everyone’s finally going to sleep
but were waking up
watching the sky change colors
feeling the air become warmer
hearing the birds chatting

how could you sleep?
natalie Jun 2020
whisper in my neck
wrap your arms around me
tell me you love me
  Jun 2020 natalie
can we
sit on the
next to
the garden,
with our
i want
to take
of you
in this
green shirt,
in this
natalie Jun 2020
if i take this pill
will my life be over?
because it seems like it already is.

if i take this pill
will all of my problems
wash away?
will they fall down the drain as fast as i fell for you?

if i take this pill
will your face disappear?
because every time i shut my eyes
you haunt me.

if i take this pill can you promise me i won’t ever be alone again?
natalie Apr 2020
i hate
how effortlessly
words come out of your mouth.
and i hate
how the sound of your voice
could soothe a stadium of 30,000 people.
i hate
that your laugh
sends chills down my spine.
and i hate
that your touch
is only a few streets away,
but forbidden by the government.
natalie Apr 2020
i’m hungry
but the numbers on the scale from this morning tell me otherwise
and i’m hungry
but the way my stomach doesn’t lay flat
against my body says diversely
i’m hungry
but i want to feel the bones sticking out of me
i want to feel how sick i am

now i’ve given in
it holds control over everything i do
the way i drag my feet
the things that slowly come out of my mouth
the thoughts that encourage the purple tone in my skin
and the bags under my eyes

i’m hungry
but the hunger to starve, is much stronger
and the hunger to binge, is heavier than the rest
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