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Winnie May 15
That day
If I didn’t let you into my life
Maybe today
I don’t need to struggle with my life
  May 15 Winnie
How to start writing
How to keep writing
Write, write, write

Pick a subject for writing
Make sure you reference your writing
Write, write, write
Keep writing

This amount of words for writing
Plus or minus 100 word max leeway for writing
Write, write, write
Still writing

Quotes in your writing
Punctuation for writing
Write, write, write

Title for writing
Page numbers for writing
Underline, paragraph, CAPITALISE
Your writing

Margin your writing
Spell check your writing
Re write, research, rephrase
Your writing

Is this your writing?  
Question your writing

***** up
Start again
Your writing

Check your writing
Get a friend to check your writing
Panic, stress, just write
Your writing

****** writing

This will do, writing

Print, bind, hand in
Your writing

Write some more as you sign off your writing

Feel sick

Wait, wait, wait
Wait for someone to read your writing

Judge your writing
Mark your writing
Wait, wait, wait

Receive your writing

Read another's writing about your writing

Their writing, writing about your writing

To write whether the words in your writing are good writing
Therefore RIGHT writing


Infact writing that ought not to have been written in the first place.

Now tell me

From this writing
And writing
And writing
And more writing

How do you write the words that you now want to be written?
Winnie May 12
How to carry the sorrow
When you can carry mine
How to overcome the heartbreak
When you don't have the heart to hurt me
Winnie Apr 29
The story about you and me is bittersweet
It’s all about destiny
We’re meant to know each other
Also meant to leave each other
  Apr 29 Winnie
P- putting words
O- on paper to
E-  express in part,
T- thoughts from me
R- right to
Y- your heart
Winnie Apr 26
Let me hold you once
Before you told me to let you be free once
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