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2.5k · Oct 2013
Potato Soup
Jay Oct 2013
I find myself thinking about you
almost all the time now
as your words
rattle around in my head
and the things
that I've taken for granted
are all far too beautiful now
for everything reminds me of you.
2.5k · Feb 2016
Jay Feb 2016
I bet she tastes like strawberries, and I'm jealous that you get to savor her every time you close your eyes.
2.1k · Nov 2013
Jay Nov 2013
I miss you.

I miss you so much tonight.

It hurts.

And I don't know why.

I just

always crave

your words.
Jay May 2014
I have an obsession with depression
When the sun makes summer days everlasting
and I'm left grasping at melancholy ideas
my mind slips back into it's natural state
self-hate will forever govern my fate
and I'm tired of living like it's all okay
and that I'm supposed to live a certain way
I'm over the monotony and hopeless love
that can't be found because constantly flirting and
never getting anywhere is doing nothing but hurting my
already shattered heart while the dreams that I once had
that people convinced me were bad have all been beaten down to more realistic goals based off of what I've always been told.
When I stop doing what is expected of me
that's when I can finally see
my true self gasping for air in the pit of my stomach where
I pushed it so long ago;

clawing to get out.
Spoken Word.

First try. Rated: Meh.
1.9k · Jan 2014
Instead of doing Essays
Jay Jan 2014
The way her hair framed her face
was unlike anything I had ever seen.
It accentuated her character far too beautifully.
She often stayed shying away under it,
but when brushed away,
it revealed the most adorable face.
Her smile hidden behind hands.
She was fragile and amazing.
And as I gazed into her eyes,
I felt something I haven't in a long time.

Let's run away together.
Leave everything else.
And please, let me look into
those passionate eyes of
yours a little bit longer.
1.9k · Nov 2013
Jay Nov 2013
It didn't rain
but I still thought
of you.
Jay Dec 2013
She loved me
and I threw it away.

The holidays are here
and the cold has frosted my heart.

I see everybody falling in love
and I'm reminded of you.

How lonely I've become
and how bitter I feel.

I miss you.
I miss the very concept of you.

All my cocoa has long since been frozen
and my porch has long since been a slick sheet of ice.

I suppose that all I really want this year
is to be warm again.
I'm sorry I'm so selfish.
I'm sorry to write such a thing after what I've done.
I'm so so sorry to express such unfair desires.
But most of all, I'm infinitely full of regret.
I don't expect anything from these words, but I just wanted it to be known..
1.7k · Oct 2013
Jay Oct 2013
Every time
I try to write her a
it falls short
in comparison
to what she has
already said
1.5k · Apr 2018
The Best Kiss I've Ever Had
Jay Apr 2018
I'm fixated on keeping my mouth busy.
Sticks of gum leave their packs like cigarettes.
An addiction.

I peel the skin from my lips
with pearlescent spades
and think about
softer edges

Your mouth
Like snow on Christmas Eve.

You taste like spiced wine
and wear ribbons of black liquorice.
Nuzzled in your neck-
I breathe cool peppermint.

We collide as galaxies.
I become clay

Your delicate hands
slide across my form
as I bend and sway
at the mercy
of your creation.
1.4k · Oct 2013
Jay Oct 2013
And there in the dark
I found it amazing
how perfectly
she fit in
my arms.
Jay Dec 2013
My heart has loved so many.
Ever-changing and ever lasting.
Going farther than I could ever believe.
And yet, I still get hurt and no amount of bandages,
nor thread can hold all of my pieces together.
I'm hoping that you know I still think of you and
my heart aches because I shattered yours:
something so elegant and valuable- broken.
only now do I realize that I've been wrong
right now I find that you didn't need me at all
right now I find that I needed you. More than anything. I'm
yearning for you to share some words with me again, but I know it wont happen
and rightfully so. I said I wasn't good enough, and I believed it, now more than ever. And still, I
neglected that you were telling me otherwise. That you still wanted me around.
Distance was my problem. How I longed to turn our tangled words into reality.
I still can't step onto my porch without having my mind flood full of regret.
maybe I'll stop with all of this nonsense of 'what ifs' and 'have beens' but for now it seems
impossible. I know I
still haven't met a soul as beautiful as yours or
someone who could make me feel so full with only their words.
You were that only person.
Only you could have done that. And when I drifted out of fear that you too would drift and leave me
under the sea to drown in the misery of a broken heart, you promised you
I'm complicated. I'm afraid of heartbreak. I break hearts to save mine. Before anybody else can.
The pain of loneliness is truly unbearable. I know and feel how I'm going to be this way forever. If
**** is a place on earth, I must be living it, spending
all day going over the words you had so tenderly given. So wrongfully given. I remember when
love existed between us. How palpable and real it was. How I could
list all the ways you touched my heart. The only person who meant it. The only person who ever did.
My god how I miss you.
Your title, body, notes, and
Only I could be such an idiot.
Understand, I'm so complicated. I'm so sorry. I know you're not coming back, but I never got to say, "I
love you."
1.3k · Nov 2013
Wasting Time
Jay Nov 2013
I noticed the cuts
and I saw my name
and I felt you here
as our souls caressed
one another
and our hands did the
but I still can't
let you waste your
time on me.
1.3k · May 2017
Declarations 1: Loss
Jay May 2017
I love the way that you can still always manage to write perfect circles
around me.

My words feel so small. Insignificant. When I want to write you back.
Falling short out of my lips. Hanging disappointingly in the air.

Maybe this time will be different. Maybe if I shout it
like I want to. Maybe if I make a declaration-
my words can stand next to yours.

I feel the same way.

I want your answers. I want your intimate details. I want to trace your skin over, and over. I want to feel the curve of your spine
and the curve of your lips
and your fingers as they curve around mine.

I want to savor the feeling
of words pressed against you. Hot, lost, unobtainable desire.
My greatest vice is not ink on paper.
It's the canvass of your soul and skin.

That's what I've always loved about you. Poetry in motion.
Definitely a unique love. It is not like loving a poet. It's loving: living,
breathing, words. It's knowing them by heart. The way you dance through vibrations cast in the air. The way I know that you are a poem all yourself. The closest thing to religion I've ever felt. Reading you- cover to cover. Discovering your words.

Maybe that's the most disappointing part. I'm lying.
I haven't read you cover to cover. I know I barely got past the introduction. There's something deeper within you that I crave to know.
Something that I'm afraid I'll never know. The best thing I've ever read. Left unfinished.

I guess I don't deserve to know something so wonderful. Maybe that's the limitations of an earthly body. Where I don't get to know you because I was lost- a victim of distance and a ***** to circumstance. Taken by life. Taken by being busy. Taken away without really understanding why.

I'd give anything to sit down intimately with you
and devote all of my time
savoring all of your words,
counting all your pages,
loving each one,
until I could close the spine,
only to turn you over,
and start all over again.
Even if those words weren't mine...
1.2k · Jan 2014
Oh, Lonely Girl
Jay Jan 2014
Maybe I'm just a sucker for a pretty face,
but when I see your name, or at least, half of it,
my heart skips a beat.
I suppose it's only because I can imagine
being lost in your eyes forever.
I'm just a stranger, but when I know you feel so alone,
I really do wish that I could be with you.
Heal you.
Feel you.
Maybe I'm just sentimental.
1.2k · Dec 2013
Jay Dec 2013
I feel so alone.
And I wish you were here.
It's very cold and very dark
And all I really want
is to hold something warm
that will hold me in return
With stolen kisses and meaningful glances.
I can't help but feel like the older you get,
the less material you want, and you find that the
things you truly want for Christmas
cannot be bought in a store.
1.2k · May 2017
Jay May 2017
You're right. It wasn't yours.
They're just words
written on an idle Tuesday
and I need you
to leave me
We can never speak.
My heart belongs
to someone else.
I'm completely serious.
1.2k · Nov 2013
Jay Nov 2013
I often find
myself just waiting
for your words.
1.2k · May 2017
Learning to Love the Summer
Jay May 2017
Maybe this doesn't matter at all
Especially because the way I may have treated you,
and maybe you'll never even see this,
but if you do,
I think that you should know some things.
I beat myself up a lot.
Fully responsible for the pain that you endured.
I think about you
in the rain
in the gutter.
I notice you. Constantly.
In the back of my mind.
Something completely beautiful.
There's something gorgeous about the way the rain hides your tears.
About the way you look with wet hair.
I constantly want to go outside
and bring you in
and make you soup
and cocoa
and tea.
I want to help you get undressed
and dry you off,
changing into something,
soft and warm.
I'll wrap you in a towel
and wrap you in my arms.
Tracing your figure gently,
like the road going home.
We'll construct a blanket fort.
And it'll be our secret castle.
Away from the world.
I see you shrinking.
I know that you are.
But maybe we could shrink down together
and make our fort an entire estate;
where I can make a memory with you
in each achre.
And when it gets cold,
we can scrimp and save,
and rent a dollhouse
for our summer home.
You wont have to worry
about other people seeing you sweat.
We'll close the blinds and draw the curtains
and stay *****-
A place of our own creation.
You and me.
I think about the things we shared.
The late nights.
The secrets.
I always wonder how you are.
I long for you.
I crave your words like I crave
the nicotine, or the alchohol, or the abuse
that I need in order to
keep my thoughts off of you.
Sometimes I still think about it
because I'm crazy
and unfair-
jumping on a plane, I mean-
to expect you to be waiting for me on the other side.
I think about you all the time. Whether you believe me or not.
Or whatever you choose.
I dwell on you. I haven't stopped.
Like a near death experience.
The only thing that's ever really made me feel alive.
Completely whole.
******* I think about  you all the time.
Forbidden fruit. Something I shouldn't be reaching out for.
I want to dress your wounds.
Take care of you when you fall.
Douse you in antiseptic
wrap your bandages
and seal each cut with a kiss.
I haven't stopped thinking about you at all.
There is something about the way your heart makes my heart flutter.
And the way your soul speaks beautiful perfect poetry to mine.
I'd also be a liar if I said I didn't think about staring into your eyes, or the way you smell like lilacs and honey, or the peaches and cream of your skin.
My favorite dessert.
Something that I indulge in.
I want to taste you.
Every last drop.
Warm saltwater
lemon juice,
birthday cake
life giving nectar.
I've held my lips against a rose petal,
wishing it were you.
Dying for the real thing.
I miss your voice. A sweet song.
Deep lulliby.
The most humbling thing I've ever heard.
the roar of the ocean
harsh winds
butterfly wings
bubbling brooks
gentle rains.
I long for you with my whole being,
and whether it means anything to you or not,
I still thought that you should know.
I mean every word. You know who you are.
I'm so sorry for everything. Even if we never speak again, know that I am sorry.
1.2k · Nov 2013
Cloudy Thoughts
Jay Nov 2013
She loved the way he
smelled of
cigarettes and
broken dreams.
1.1k · Nov 2013
Instant Coffee
Jay Nov 2013
I knew you
in an instant
when I saw you
pass by
like I've known you
my entire life.

We lived out
each other's lives
in one another's eyes
making love with
awkward glances
and shying smiles.

We shared the simple
yet meaningful conversations
that one has at  2 o'clock AM
all without saying a word.

It was very easy to love you
and spend my life with you,
even if it was only for an instant.

You poured the coffee
and I left the tip.
My dear, if you are reading this, don't fret, for this is fiction.
1.1k · Dec 2013
Room Service
Jay Dec 2013
The tears rolled down your china doll face
as the dust drifted through a sliver of light
that came flickering from that old neon sign across the street.
The pastel wallpaper, peeling away from the walls
showing nothing but the rotting wood of a dilapidated building.
The smell of mildew wafting from the bathroom leaving you nothing to
look forward to except the next drip from the leaky faucet.
How had your life come to this?
All of those teenage dreams.
All those fantasies of love and adventurous living.
Those notions of being an artist and revolutionary.
Nothing but the taste of bitter coffee and broken cigarettes lingers
at every meal.
A love gone sour.
Your beauty far exceeding conventional standards.
That perfect 10.
Wasted here in a dingy motel.
Longing for that one last kiss.
Waiting for him to make you feel young again.
As you yourself become part of this place,
realizing that you are decaying just the same.
1.1k · Nov 2013
I Wonder A Lot
Jay Nov 2013
To be in love is my natural state
because it happens all the time
I can't help but become entangled
within a simple moment
such as being in an empty coffee house
during the middle of night
or falling for a girl who stares into my
eyes as she passes by me in the park
as I'm left to imagine how incredible and intricate
her story must be
or seeing some mystery ******* the internet
who writes the most beautiful poems
that pluck at my heartstrings so
strong and passionately
all while being so very

to be in love as a natural state
is an awful one to be in
because I can't think of a day that
goes by where my heart isn't broken.
1.1k · Oct 2013
The Anatomy of Distance
Jay Oct 2013
Pull me close.

1.1k · Nov 2013
Chalk Dust
Jay Nov 2013
Don't hold on anymore.
I've wasted enough of your time.
It's just
You deserve far better
than the likes of me.
All I could ever give you is my words.
And I still promise I meant every one that I ever said.
But the soul can't live on letters and syllables alone.
And actions
surely must
speak louder
than words.

Please find somebody who can make you happy.
1.0k · Nov 2013
Beautiful Values
Jay Nov 2013
How we value
the legs
and the hands
and the lips
of human design.
How we love
the tight clothes
and the items
that are cut way too
How we love the guilt
of watching something
attractive go by
as our eyes
navigate the curves
and patterns of
bipedal making.
How we want to be:
How we value
steel eyes
and button noses-
a sharp face.
How we try to
stay occupied with
hobbies and keeping up
with work but oh lord,
how we always go back
to chasing phantoms and
burning secrets and harsh desires.
How we fantasize the form
in every art humans embrace
How we let our minds
wander in the dark
along with our hands
and our hearts.
How we love to love
something o' so beautiful.
And how those mediums
enter our being
and make sweet, daring,
and perfect love
to our aging and aching souls;
because we love to love
something o' so beautiful.
How we love
the human nature,
the spirit,
that comes from another.
The one that makes us laugh
and cry and
lie restless at night-
filling us with questions
and animalistic returns.
How we value
1.0k · Mar 2015
Spring Sympathies
Jay Mar 2015
I'm so very sorry for all of the heartache you endure-
someday somebody will come along that can make you very happy.
With Spring quickly approaching, I hope the sunshine warms you up,
and I hope you receive all the messages the breeze tells you.
Remember, everyone sees the same moon and breathes the same air.

Touching someone is only a matter of knowing they exist.
Don't sell yourself short.
1.0k · Oct 2013
Electric Blanket
Jay Oct 2013
Kiss me like
It will be the last time
you'll ever see me
and make sure
that even when our lips
I can still feel
your heart racing.

Press your body
against mine
and whisper
those deep secrets of yours
soft and slow
and maybe tonight
we'll be a bit warmer.
995 · Nov 2013
Growing Up
Jay Nov 2013
Here Lies The Teenager:
Somewhere between awkward love making
and suicidal tendencies.
993 · Sep 2013
Jay Sep 2013
I was in love with the moment, nothing more than that
It was one of those moments where time seemed to stop as you just melted into it
I fell in love
Hearing her softly across the line as she hummed
Hearing the sounds of rustling as she moved
It was nice to know that in the world: somebody was there
There was nothing more to it
I just laid there in the dark wanting to say so much
Wanting to say how much I was in love
Wanting to say how much I cared and how nice it was
It was fantastic and calm and silent and incredible
It was nothing more than a simple conversation on the phone in the middle of the night about practically nothing
But it was so much more
It filled my soul with something that I didn't know was missing
She was there- a living breathing love, friend, and comfort

I wish I could say things when they mattered
I wish I could articulate exactly the way I felt
All I can say is it was something magic and simple
970 · Nov 2013
Jay Nov 2013
All I wanted
was to spend my time
with her,
in her eyes,
her time
958 · May 2014
Writer's Roots
Jay May 2014
I don't remember when the **** my poetry became about pleasing people or getting votes or views.
I don't remember when my writings were only created to be approved by a friend.
I don't know when things became about success or money.
I don't know why it turned into pleasing a lover.
But as soon as it did become about those things, I lost my spark, and suddenly writing was a chore.
I'm done with burning in my small spotlight with nothing flowing on paper,
I just want to be free.
It's time I get back to writing the way I used to.
For my emotion. For my passions. For myself.
Ranting to myself.
Don't mind me.
958 · Jan 2014
Jay Jan 2014
The two things I stand on
That get me through the day
are growing tired and weary.
Aching from their trek.
They have been carrying me aimlessly
in search of happiness. In search of you.
How much longer until they just give up?
I was dared to write this, so I just had to.
956 · Nov 2013
Hospital Visits
Jay Nov 2013
kiss me
on my scars
it's been a long
and cold day
of war
and all
I want
is something
warm and soft
against my skin
because healing
is a slow process.
Jay May 2017
Every poet needs a muse.

I have never forgotten.
Have you? Even once?

As I let you slip through the cracks? I wouldn't blame you if you did.
But I know that you haven't.

It's funny. Talking about distance.
because in spite of it all,
nobody has touched me like you.

Do you still feel it sometimes? Do you still feel like visiting me in my dreams? Or when I'm on top of the mountains, sipping in the beauty of the world? The need to inspire? Inspiration itself.

I do. Constantly.
It's everything I've ever wanted. The loveliest thing I've ever known.

The way you manage to make words come alive. Like air. The way you could make them dance into my lungs and rush into my bloodstream
always leaves me craving more. Addicted.

I'm at the mercy of your language.
Your fingers.
Your smile.

Your words are eternal. Taken as scripture. I bow to them every day. Praise them. Share them. Let them complete me. Give me purpose.
Reflected in pale moonlight and written in the stars.

As I look up, into the infinity of darkness,
and see the words you left there,
I am left speechless.

I mean it too. That I fell. Hard. Impossibly.

We ended quickly. Abruptly. A car accident. An exchange of information. Words hurt, but wounds heal.

I know you've continued on. Effortlessly. Gracefully as you do.
But every single night, I still go to bed, with the desire of making love with our words. Tasting your syllables. Drinking them in. I long for a touch I haven't felt since you. In every conceivable way.

I shouldn't have left. I should have begged you to stay. I would have loved a little more time with you.

I'd wait forever for it.

Maybe you shouldn't, but muses don't work that way.
There's nothing more heartbreaking than a poet without a muse.
A sky without stars.
A page without words.

I'm selfish in wanting your presence.
Your poetry.
It's cruel of me to desire something so deeply.

But nothing could be better
than knowing that
there was a little infinity
where I captured your heart
felt your soul
connected with you
and became a muse

A dream come true.
We could have blossomed into something breathtaking.

Would it be terrible if I said I think of you always?
This is still for you.
949 · Feb 2014
Jay Feb 2014
How desperately I want to get to know the taste of your lips.
938 · Dec 2015
25 Cent Pet
Jay Dec 2015
I feel helpless.
Like a very small fish
in a very small bowl.
But sometimes,
you make me feel
like an even smaller fish
in an infinitely vast ocean.

I am torn apart by the currents of your anger-
Tossed and shaken,
Until I am left confused and
in the depth of your problems,
which you choose not to share with me;
and watch in enjoyment
as I struggle to figure things out for myself.
But, at the end of the day, I know I will be captured yet again,
only to be placed back into my suffocating home-
where you tap on the glass,
until I turn
I think it's unfair that you choose when to be mad at me, without telling me why.
937 · Nov 2013
Jay Nov 2013
Hush, my love,
I'm here. Please,
don't worry.
I'm always with you
even when I'm far away
and in deep slumber.
Please inch closer.
I dare you.
I'm sure then
we'd both be blushing.
push into me
how I cry out for
your warmth and the
of your skin
brushing against mine.
I'll kiss you
and I'll hold you
and in the dark,
I will always make love to you.
Even if it's just with
one another's words.
So, Baby,
how about

I will always tell you goodnight with a kiss.
931 · Oct 2013
Thrift Shopping
Jay Oct 2013
I bought
her love from
the second hand shop
it was a little patched
and a little worn
but it fit me like
a glove
and never
have I been so comfortable.
928 · Nov 2013
Sky's the Limit
Jay Nov 2013
How about
you and me
and a romantic
With a single candle
and a violin
at a small table
so we can be close
as we play with one
another's legs beneath the cloth.
Let's share dessert and
stare into one another's
eyes so we can drift off
intimately in one another's soul.
When we leave
I'll give you my jacket
in case it's cold outside
and as we kiss
we'll both wonder
why we ordered dessert
for this is much sweeter.
923 · Oct 2013
Window Shopping
Jay Oct 2013
I saw some
love that
was shiny
and expensive
but knew it would only unravel
until I would be left
with the threads of something
that was only beautiful
in the window.
898 · Jan 2014
Spring Fever
Jay Jan 2014
Kiss me tender.
Plant seeds under my skin.
Show me the budding beauty
that only you can see.
Bring gentle showers
to nurture growth,
and maybe then
I'll have a garden
all my own.
896 · Mar 2014
You Never Called
Jay Mar 2014
I never thought I could fall in love with somebody
the way I have with her.
I thought I knew what love was, but I never really did.
If you would have asked me what I thought love was three months ago, I would have said that it was hurting all the time.
That it was something that you burned up in-
Something that you find in the romance of hazy coffee houses and broken cigarettes.
Something that was unobtainable.
Now, she's made me realize, love is acceptance.
Love is making somebody love who they are.
Love is staying up until 5 o' clock in the morning just to talk.
Love is waiting.
Love is awkward.
Love is worrying about somebody, even when you know they'll be alright.
Love is a shared song that you both can cry to.
Love is a comfortable silence.
Love is wanting to be everything for somebody.
Love is a kiss that can't be felt.
Love is shirts on the floor and butterflies in our stomachs.
Love is her.
I'm still on hiatus, but I thought I should try writing again.
Not, a good time to decide that, because it's still not what it was.
Maybe I'll come back again later.
Jay Dec 2013
She came in
out of the green
Because any other entrance
would be far too common and simple.
She came in at the perfect moment,
when I believed the world was dark,
to shine a little light for me
and keep a beacon on that distant horizon.
Keep it shining,
Guide me to you,
And someday we'll meet face to face,
And share that cup of tea,
where we can see the other's eyes
and know that it
simply has to be-
Jay Dec 2013
I hope you know
that I always manage to burn the popcorn
And that I always have trouble falling asleep because
I'm thinking of how things could be
I hope you know that sometimes I have
a patch of hair that can't be tamed
I hope you know that I sometimes get frustrated
when I'm trying to work on something
and I keep getting interrupted
I hope you know that I don't really drink coffee
but prefer Coca and Tea
I hope you know that I don't eat cereal
and most days I don't eat breakfast at all
I hope you know I can take things to heart
and tend to wear it on my sleeve
I hope you know I'm not all that lean
I hope you know that I sometimes clam up
for no reason at all
I hope you know that despite all of these flaws
I'm still trying my best to be a good person
and I'm still just not good enough
889 · Jun 2014
Jay Jun 2014
I miss you.
I miss you a lot.
Dear friend,
There’s so much I still don’t know- that I won’t know.

Remember? We laughed and sang and cried and learned and loved.
I do.
Remember when we talked?
We talked for hours about everything. About nothing.
I do.
Remember late nights with a high moon and loud music?
Dancing and sharing dreams.
I do.

I will always remember you. How cool we thought we were. How close we became.

Where are you now?
Why did you fade away without even saying goodbye?

Remember when you said we’d be friends forever?
I do.

I miss you.
888 · Aug 2017
Jay Aug 2017
I need words that don't reflect myself.

Words that aren't empty.

Words that make you feel something.
879 · Oct 2014
My Favorite Season
Jay Oct 2014
Although it seems ancient now,
and although it may mean nothing to you,
with the changing season,
and the cold settling in,
I am reminded heavily
of you
and the time that
we never spent together
and how my porch remains as empty
as it ever was,
even though it sure felt like
it was all reality.
I hope life is treating you well.
Even if I'm nothing; you often cross my mind.
865 · Sep 2014
Hole in the Boat
Jay Sep 2014
Everyday I have to swallow my heart
back down to where it belongs.
When it feels so broken,
and it seems like it's trying to
escape your body,
and it feels like it just wants out
to get away from the pain,
only for a moment-
I pour the biggest glass of water I can,
hands shaking,
and force my bleeding heart back down inside myself,
as the cold rushes past my lips and
down my throat,
I finish it hastily,
gasping for air,
wishing that I would just drown instead.
850 · Feb 2016
Favorite Poem
Jay Feb 2016
Oh, hello lovely thing.
I want you to know that every time I close my eyes
I think of you
and I imagine your words are whispered to me
through each gentle breeze.
I can picture your gorgeous face,
and deep, sad eyes,
and I can see you're the most beautiful poem
ever written.
And every time I read your lines,
I linger on every word,
for I am truly overwhelmed by you.
There's never been a poem like you
and I suppose that's why
I cannot get you
off my mind.
I really admire the poetry that you are. The way you radiate it is beautiful.
Your hair, your eyes, a jawline to die for, soft curves, a perfect nose, are all written elegantly. The way you're so deep, wise, caring, sweet, and simply wonderful are some of the most fantastic lines I have ever read.
846 · Jan 2014
Short Story
Jay Jan 2014
I once loved a girl that didn't love me back.
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