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Nina May Jan 2015
When I think of you I think of vines
When I think of you I think of spikes
When I think of you I think of blood
When I think of you I think of god
When I think of you I think of mud
When I think of you I think of dust
When I think of you I think of aches
When I think of you I think of cherries and razor blades
When I think of you I think of a gun
When I think of you I think of souls
When I think of you I think I'm free
When I think of you I think of butterfly's, did you know some species have very short lives.
Nina May Jan 2015
I just woke up on a train I shouldn't be on
I'm stuck in this seat,
To the left there is no one
To the right, there is just my shadow

How peculiar to have a shadow when there is no sun shining through the train
The windows are tinted and the sky outside is murky
I can see the land around me is barren with no greenery

My legs are starting to ache from sitting so long and I feel a fiery rash spreading on my chest
the pattern is floral, like carnations in bloom
My chest is swelling up to my throat
Something is expanding in my chest, stretching and burning

Something familiar but foreign
And just like that a carnation bursts through me completely disintegrated.  In my lap I try to put the pieces together
Stuck in this seat I take out my mirror and look at the hole where the carnation lived

Deep inside, something the size of a petite ruby, little and plump was beating.
Louder and louder I could hear it in my ears,
the swelling is subsiding around my neck but I don't think I'll be free of this chair for a long while
Nina May Dec 2014
the sky, budding, looking on us with all its glory
how its shades change with the hour
I grow older and older
its knocking by the door now, reminding me that my skin is not the same it was
My fingers still reminiscent of when anything seemed imaginable
get up and move, youth is everlasting
fantasy whithers without light
if my body resembled the ripples of the lake from my childhood, maybe reality would change
energy does not dissapear, but where has ours gone?
to the trees, the leaves falling, can we catch them before gravity takes them as it has taken my confidence?
sweet mandarin trees, and houses covered in spider nests after long departures
do you remember those nights where the air was filled with stories rather than regrets?
the reeds hiding the lakes secrets, do not swim there, something may ****** you
drought, cheekbones, harvest, hips
relativity of simultainity is predator
Nina May Nov 2014
You've made the waves move
and time too
Replacing the rivers with springs
Where sweetness flows through evergreen
Not perfect no, but just close
Trees with shade, and shadows
I think of the life in the water around me
Not the danger of drowning
Diving into what was once murky
Not crystal clear, but just close
Blunt, abrupt, your waves surround me
But I can still resurface
Diving into what was once murky,
I can see the life around me.
There may be times when swimming is trivial
But with calm waters I may float
And if I sink, I’ll swim a little farther down
To feel the life around me, and to look up at the surface
If this freedom does not last, and the rivers turn to ebony
I will have the memory, of all your waves,
And the timeless shades and shadows of the three springs.

— The End —