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Carnation-faced child
A curling wave of youth
Do tell me of sea breaking, moon fishing, star milking and dream weaving
Carpaccio's knight
Let me sink into you
Handle me thy sword and armour
You may go pick a flower
Shalott's lady
Lit me your candles
Row me to the shore
The river's barley-scented song will slumber you away and wake me nay
On Carnation, lily, lily, rose ; Young Knight in a Landscape & The Lady of Shalott
Like Atlas in alabaster dresses
With high collars you girls,
Hold up the almost dark.
Lanterns full of gold,
Carnation, Lily, Lily, rose.
As the sun sets eternal
You stand and will stand,
Seven and lost
In light and fragrant dew.
Your sisters nape exposed,
The same colour
As pale paper.
Juxtaposed by
Black stocking-ed feet,
In meadow grass.
Attempt at an Ekphrastic poem, inspired by John Singer Sargent 1885-6 'Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose'
Hansel Feb 2019
As I strolled through the public garden
Something caught my busy eye
It was one different bud among the clutch of carnations
Why was it there, I wondered
Blue were its young petals
So surely it won't grow and develop into a carnation
Did someone threw its seed by accident?
Turning my gaze to somewhere else
I left the area along with what I pondered upon
Not knowing, you were there with the same questions
Staring at the same anemone
Nina May Jan 2015
I just woke up on a train I shouldn't be on
I'm stuck in this seat,
To the left there is no one
To the right, there is just my shadow

How peculiar to have a shadow when there is no sun shining through the train
The windows are tinted and the sky outside is murky
I can see the land around me is barren with no greenery

My legs are starting to ache from sitting so long and I feel a fiery rash spreading on my chest
the pattern is floral, like carnations in bloom
My chest is swelling up to my throat
Something is expanding in my chest, stretching and burning

Something familiar but foreign
And just like that a carnation bursts through me completely disintegrated.  In my lap I try to put the pieces together
Stuck in this seat I take out my mirror and look at the hole where the carnation lived

Deep inside, something the size of a petite ruby, little and plump was beating.
Louder and louder I could hear it in my ears,
the swelling is subsiding around my neck but I don't think I'll be free of this chair for a long while

— The End —