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Dec 2014
the sky, budding, looking on us with all its glory
how its shades change with the hour
I grow older and older
its knocking by the door now, reminding me that my skin is not the same it was
My fingers still reminiscent of when anything seemed imaginable
get up and move, youth is everlasting
fantasy whithers without light
if my body resembled the ripples of the lake from my childhood, maybe reality would change
energy does not dissapear, but where has ours gone?
to the trees, the leaves falling, can we catch them before gravity takes them as it has taken my confidence?
sweet mandarin trees, and houses covered in spider nests after long departures
do you remember those nights where the air was filled with stories rather than regrets?
the reeds hiding the lakes secrets, do not swim there, something may ****** you
drought, cheekbones, harvest, hips
relativity of simultainity is predator
Nina May
Written by
Nina May  Miami
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