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neth jones Aug 12
switched from suns to clocks -
an opportune breeze
neth jones Aug 4
with a throated frog
  i re-digest
    my sickness' exhume

(a thing i did
  when piloting
   a conversation
    most polite)
neth jones Jul 28
my moat wet eyes
focus free
   with the manner of a poisoned animal
those feedy gemini apertures
    fidget inward
      upon an open wounded view
       unclothing a filmy slick
      so very faithful to the dead

      ripples cross my bed of sails
    i set pale
   in my atrophy
  each signal blunted
i am greatly wilted
sat planted
lazily hazed
a vehicle scuppered

riddles prate at my bed of veils
i set sail
in atrophy
each signal bloated
  fully unloaded
   a barrow at your feet
    i truly wither
     what power may you beam my form ?

      i'm frail in heart
     between stars and the sea
   a failed flicker of no pity curses
a matrimony
   all signals mar
and spar out blotting

  a missile
misguided ?
         ; it preys on my trail
misdeeds played a trophy
   a lit penalty
i am most deletable

        i pray for the guff
to raise my head
filled to the tax of my atrophy
oh mother of pigment
      lovingly wigged murderer of woes
  why can't we abstain from human directive ?
        forever foaming something criminal
    flunked corrective of the species rudder
               idle by into an atrophy
      a perishing menace

                              - fade out
[unclothing a filmy slick
      operation of a darkly mooded spyglass
churning on ! ;
       the search-syphon
inhaling of an unfiltered rough draught
a cyclic experience
revisits prying for a satisfying result :]
neth jones Jul 26
night drums                
          spousing heat distorts

in tall grasses              
          insects chirr and fling

in moonlight              
a fertile field
neth jones Jul 26
the sun seems to be          
          taking its time setting
does it wish to know          
          what we all get up to
in its absence ?
neth jones Jul 25
humans sunbathing
spread like dying starfish
stranded drying
for the attention of tourists and vendors

the tide rises
the sunbathers retreat
to a controlled poolside setting
neth jones Jul 19
i waited for you a long time
a long time is a lot of weather
i am gnawed upon
sol bleached
sculpted by high wind
and scraped by glacial passes

i plan to persuade others to join me
in patience arranged
a rough arrow like travelling birds
we'll stand planted
seeing the sun zip over and disappear in neat flips
the stars streak bright the glimpses of night
whittling away the time


we'll become fashioned as smooth pins
for descendants to play at skittles
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