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yasaman johari
24/F/Persian Jasmine    The alley still blossoming Jasmines, Still carrying my childhood aroma عطر کودکی هایم را می دهد کوچه ای که هنوز گل یاس می دهد
Shawn B
Calgary AB Canada    I think art is fun, including poetry, I used poetry to sort my thoughts and sleepless nights out when I was a kid trying to ...
23/F/Philadelphia    honey, poems are for your play. i want to see you sticky with sweat, arms deep in it. dont pay attention to the rulebook, have ...
Ravindra gora
18/M/jaipur    an ocassional poet, trying to figure out life!!!
Chantell Wild
south africa    life is a song and we are the words - i am, that i am. abracadabra.
vienna bombardieri
F/Canada    I have been writing poetry since the age of twelve. Writing is my therapy . I love to share ideas with other poets.
F/Laughlin, Nevada    Wrote my first lines at age 10. Never stopped. I write because I can't not write. Every word is ©, protected by barbed wire, quicksand ...
SA Szumloz
F/New Jersey    Hello! I hope you enjoy reading my poetry and I can't wait to read yours too! Follow me on I write a combination of ...
100/U.S    William Shakespeare quote Life is as tedious as a TWICE -TOLD TALE Vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man
Marshal Gebbie
76/M/"Foxglove",Taranaki, NZ    Australian native who has adopted New Zealanders..Wonderful people ! Wonderful country! Have been writing everyday poetry for everyday people for over 50 years. Love Janet ...
Toreinss Pinwinkel III
68/M/California    Poet, guitarist, singer, artist, philosopher, martial artist, and glad to be part of this community!
Robert C Howard
Estes Park CO    I am a musician by trade. I compose music and teach and play flute. I strive to include poetry in my music and music in ...
Joel M Frye
Jurassic Park, FL    Remember me through poetry: These words and those I wrote before. Remember not the man, for he's Much less, and certainly no more. "Always the ...
amanda cooper
29/F/charleston, sc    this is the only place where i don't wear glasses in my pictures
21/F/India    “Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn” - Thomas Gray
Glenn Currier
M/DeSoto, TX    I love poetry. It has been a major source of enjoyment and inspiration for me throughout my life. Many of my poems proceed from my ...
John Wiley
81/M/Australia    I have dabbled with poetry for most of my life but more seriously in the last ten years or so. I have lived for many ...
18/F/where parallel ends meet    i loved u. there, i admit it.
28/F/Wisconsin    i liked you best
29/M/Ottawa    ig: pa.trickking
boston    the spirit of uselessness embodied in a human woman
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