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"Cut my shadow from me. Free me from the torment[...] Why was I born among mirrors? The daylight revolves around me. And the night herself ...
Mikaela L
21/F/Anywhere, really    I'm an accidental poet in a heavily planned world.
18/Agender/Fortunate Isles, Spain    I have always tried to soften those hard words I see imprinted everywhere.
Domino Black
A new way to express myself. A new name. A new start. I am Domino Black, I am not real. I am theater.
22/M/Philippines    I want to share my poetry. Some poems have been published before under the name Stanley Overdrive and Lev Rosario
13/M    Note:I wright these poems not because I'm depressed but others are there voices need to heard
23/F/Korea    it’s not about you.
Monicarmen Carrera
15/F/The universe    I'm not interesting.

— The End —