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Dec 2020 · 236
Alone, no.
One is never truly alone and neglected
if the sun kisses your face,
the wind creeps into your pores,
the moon shines her light on you,
and if the stars follow you wherever you go.
For you see, if even these things notice you,
then you're not truly alone now, are you?
You might be alone, but not lonely.
Lonely, but not alone.
Dec 2020 · 147
5:27 in the Morning
The best time of thoughts
is when you bite your tongue
in your sleep and wake up realizing
it was in response
to the pain
you didn't want to
endure even in subconsciousness
I can't sleep at night anymore. I've realized that I've betrayed writing, my long lost companion.
All is still,
with the water so cold.
Gravity pulls down and ***** us in.
Our bodies lacking the response to push right back.
The darkness surrounds our closed vision as we get pulled down.
Both of us remembering our relationship with the water that brings us calm.
My close friend and I resonate with how the water brings us both an mysterious calmness when all seems lost. <3
Jun 2020 · 94
I'm Trying to Understand
kept secrets.
As did I.
Difference is, yours broke
*Elfchen: 1+2+3+4+1 = 11 words total*

Yes, you were honest with me, but it hurt. And these words are slowly softening the blow.
There's a fly on my window.
Stuck between the glass and the blinds.

I yell to it,
"Why do you trap yourself! Just get out!"

But I realize there's no fly on my window.

It's just the buzzing in my head,
the one that traumatizes me

to let go of my anger and my demons.
The pain and anger of reading your message last night were the last emotions I felt before falling asleep.
You sat next to me.
You were on your sixth slice of pizza.

I was seated next to you.
Pretending to read my book.

We both smiled...
Not knowing what would happen next.
It was the day we first met, not knowing it was just the beginning of our crazy journey.
Jun 2020 · 188
losing strives to win
Even the most patient lose their perseverance,
Even the most faithful lose their fidelity,
Even the most loved lose their devotion.
Even the most human lose their humanity.
Don't get yourself caught up in this type of game.
Preserve yourself.
You be you; nothing less and nothing more.
May 2020 · 127
That hug could have lasted longer if dreams weren't what they are...
an envision of the imagination;
the complex mechanics that distinguishes
the real from what the mind and heart separately want.
Don't you love it when Dreams offer what you cannot have?
Mar 2020 · 918
You were my ever-after,
but I failed to exist to you.
When you have someone in your heart, but rather not say anything to avoid ruining the kind of relationship you already have.
Mar 2020 · 68
there are times
in which the screams
can no longer help
break the deafening silence.
You feel the hot blood pumping rapidly through your veins, of which your anger causes.
Jan 2020 · 44
I stole a glance,
looked at you from afar,
realized I didn't have a chance...
a chance for you to see the scars.

I stole your words,
tasted your voice,
it was all I ever heard,
realizing it was always my choice.

I stole your attention,
provided you with the spotlight,
gave you everything you mentioned,
Just wished I could have been the one to give you a kiss goodnight.
To the one that gently convinced me to come out of my turtle shell...
Jan 2020 · 71
You = Me
I was asked to describe myself,
to use words that define who I am.
but how could I say anything without thinking of you?
Besides one acrostic, this is my very first official poem. Any guidance would help :D
Jan 2020 · 150
Is it
Sound, but
Emotion too...

— The End —