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Korina Mar 7
He came over...
We spoke...
One of the few
Blasts from my past
Red wine
Poured out in a glass
In substitution
Of how I poured
My heart out
To potential
Which did not last...
At last...
We spoke.
And what I thought
For a split second
Could be some kind of
Re-ignition to my fine
Cashmere woods scented
Candle wax...
Instead became an unsteady flame
Over a firmly molded
Candle frame
Of a woman...
Who has had enough.
We spoke...
About what he saw as a memory
I saw as trauma
And there was no more tears
To be cried
Over his baby mama drama
And that his words
Fell on deaf ears
When he said he can lend an ear
Because a promise is that to a fool
And a fool...
I no longer bared...
I am in love...
And although that love
Had not come alive
And although that love
Is what I will seek
Till the day I die...
And that love is the only love
Worth years of tear drops
From my eyes...
I am in love...
We spoke...
I never meant to end up so cold
I never meant to make your ego
Feel like a joke
I didn’t even mean
To invite you to my home...
But at last...
We spoke
No longer my Prince Charming
This princess was now
Anointed as Queen
And this Queen awaits a true King
And it takes more than a hug
And a kiss on the cheek
To make me weak
It takes more than
You telling me of my beauty
Which took me your absence to seek
... your assurance my darling...
I **** sure don’t need...
I am in love...
With a man
Whose actions
Speak louder than his words
Who pushed me
Through my darkness
Who struck chords of movement
Who got me to love...
And actually mean it...
Who saw my poems...
We spoke...
And in that moment
I realized...
I don’t need a title...
I just need to exist.
Don’t say it...
Feel it...
We have spoken. .
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Afiqah Dec 2018
there was love
there will be more
these clouds
of almosts
will finally someday
be made lucidly certain
with all of its
heartful intentions

Afiqah Dec 2018
you hand-sealed
my heart
with such clarity  
making me relentlessly
write all of these
out of you

Afiqah Oct 2018
I’ll meet you there,
I’ll meet you in your fragility
and all of your breakthroughs
you do not have to charm up so much
of your life to me
let me meet you there
and watch how I’ll let our scars
fall in love and rewilds itself
through all of our midnight escapades

Afiqah Sep 2018
I’m naming things like
hope and okay
and meeting courage
at its very edge
and that
every shade my scars
are being curtained and held through
each waking, purposeful day,
courts me to selflessly favor
every single
of my ******* pulse

Afiqah Jul 2017
what if this almost heart
don’t just need such salvation
in someone else’s
but instead
she insists on wanting to seek
in the one that only knows
her scars vividly
like how God has His own ways
of creating
the most delicate glow,
between soft little piles of
every fallen stardust
into a beautiful parade of sparkles

I think that's the kind of saving
she could trustingly
settle for

Afiqah Jun 2017
in our past lives
we have already held hands
watched the same stars
as our almost hearts
spoke with the same gentle voice
our demons fell in love with
we probably did
deserve one another’s love, anyway
but I guess,
in the here and now,
something had to hide away our love somewhere
I can still bet
nothing else could be that
other than a human heart

Afiqah Dec 2016
I've love myself thin
I've love myself until I'm empty
'fore the fissure starts to take its root inside me
and become an **** thing
you have dressed me with rain,
not long
named me after the storm
and it felt as if we knew each other
for every of our yesterday's
it was lovely to be able to love you

Afiqah Sep 2016
He created this soul
who probably has a heart of a withering stalk
I stand tall but the level of my gut's weak

they tell me
to let loose and put down all my chains to let them in
once they do,
they left me with bruises and burn marks
and hid away with the latch

and today,
I asked Him, why

He'll probably say,
'I love you enough for me to carry you through this hurdles
  so you'll think of me
  while you fight these monsters out of you'

Afiqah Jun 2016
keep my little cloud safe
beneath your cape wherever you are
I promise
this very heart
will keep you sheltered
and accompany you forever

— The End —