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One is never truly alone and neglected
if the sun kisses your face,
the wind creeps into your pores,
the moon shines her light on you,
and if the stars follow you wherever you go.
For you see, if even these things notice you,
then you're not truly alone now, are you?
You might be alone, but not lonely.
Lonely, but not alone.
 Dec 2020 Mikaela L
 Dec 2020 Mikaela L
trying to sleep
but waking up
and never been able to sleep
 Dec 2020 Mikaela L
Alana Jones
I think I have writer’s block.
Please, make this stop!
My brain feels like it’s on lock.
I can’t find the exact words to say;
This is torture and pain.
This is probably the result of veering out of my lane.
God, please make this stop!
Writer’s block isn’t for me,
for it limits my liberated, poetic being.
to all my fellow poet's .
On hello poetry ☺️
Hope next year improves for us all .
And we all get through this madness.
 Dec 2020 Mikaela L
 Dec 2020 Mikaela L
its a curious thing;
that now even at it’s end
and through it all,
the sheer ecstasy
and complete heartache
my mind will only
and always remember you
in your most perfect form.
the heart wants;
what the heart wants.
 Dec 2020 Mikaela L
 Dec 2020 Mikaela L
and when you said
laughter is like a foreign language
i imagined that i was
teaching you how to
speak it
jcl. you said you don’t laugh much just in general, but i sat with you for two and a half hours and that’s all we did. i’ve missed this. i’ve missed you.
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