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 May 12 Mikaela L
is what saves me from


 Feb 11 Mikaela L
 Feb 11 Mikaela L
she doesn't like flowers
at least not as romantic gestures
she'd rather
watch them
 Feb 11 Mikaela L
im "the happy friend"

the "happy friend" isnt supposed to rely on drugs for happiness

the "happy friend" isnt supposed to wake up everyday, and wish they still were dreaming

the "happy friend" isnt supposed to be the mediator of family fights

the "happy friend" isnt supposed to avoid looking at themselves at certain angles

the "happy friend" isnt supposed to constantly **** in their tummy- making sure they're still paper thin

the "happy friend" isnt supposed to lay in bed- tears welling in their eyes

the "happy friend" isnt supposed to feel the constant weight of the universe resting on their chest

why would i feel that

after all

i am the "happy friend"
 Feb 11 Mikaela L
Happiness is like an ice cream truck.

In our most innocent stages, it's a moment of exhilarating bliss. As the smooth ice cream bar danced across your taste buds, you knew everything would be okay.

But we're older now.

Ice cream trucks become ****** vans and anxiety.
We never had a chance.
 Feb 11 Mikaela L
I am too emotional.
I am overbearing.
I am too reliant.
I am simply too much.

That's what you say.
And that's alright.

I love you,
but sometimes I wish I didn't.
Sometimes I wish to escape,
but that's the part I keep to myself.
 Feb 11 Mikaela L
Si algún día me escapo
espero perderme en el viento.
Y con el pasar de años macabros
convertirme en un cuento;
secreto para los infantes,
de terror para adultos.
De esos que todos saben, de murmullo en murmullo.
Y si algún día aparezco
en la puerta de tu casa,
espero te quedes blanco
inmovilizado de miedo.
Porque traigo conmigo la ira,
a través de ojos ya muertos,
emanando un poder desconocido
que te quita el aliento,
porque vas a ser consciente
de que el cuento era cierto.
 Feb 11 Mikaela L
So I wipe my tears
and dispose of my fears.
One more step forward,
the dome has disappeared.
 Feb 11 Mikaela L
I would break my heart in two
to take you out of there.
I would cut my brain up
just to forget.
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