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DAF Nov 4
mutiny has run amok
the pen now takes the reigns
striking paperback with fury
ink pours like blood spills out of vain
too many days to count
the poets bidding has been done
capitalize on opportunity
turned page has now begun
DAF Oct 10
just a shower

bound to pass

though it’s been raining quite a while now.
  Sep 21 DAF
Qualyxian Quest
I'm not gonna get it perfect
But I just might get it wound
Bide my time and placements
San Francisco soon

The battle might be over
The battle might begin
Battle in Seattle
Thomas means the Twin

I'm up; it's 2:37
I wait for late October
Halloween Chicago
Play the Irish Rover

Halloween Chicago
Jersey Devil too
I ride the Tucson Train
I pray for him. I do.

DAF Sep 21
certain there's no remedy
this sickness knows no cure
  Sep 20 DAF
Be gentle with me
I am water dressed up as fire

Be gentle with me
I say that I am a rock when air best suits me

Be gentle with me
Some days I may feel cool when inside I'm burning hot

Be gentle with me
Most times I look like I'm up but I've never been more down

Be gentle with me
Because I'm never truly as I seem.

I'll be gentle with you
Because I don't truly know what you're going through
  Sep 20 DAF
I ventured into the depths of my unruly heart to find the words that tasted like honey at sunrise.
DAF Sep 20
tell myself that i should smile more
but it seems i've tuned me out
think that i have lost my mind a bit
better times are rumors now
a grin of course may cross my lips
a momentary gift
only seconds though of sweet relief
still so far from fixed
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