Dec 3 DAF
I miss being friends
Were we ever friends?
I miss being in love
Did I ever love?
I miss the fighting
I miss the passion
I miss the heat
The pain
The healing
The art
The late nights
The wondering

The writing

Was any of it ever really there?

  Dec 3 DAF
The scariest thing about you is that you might even sin
Yet i will still forgive and smile
Im scared to love them....
  Dec 3 DAF
I probably don't excite you anymore
Not that interestingly
The same words i say,
The lame anger and passion i have..

Maybe you will reply,
Pitying for the relation we had...
But, i know the truth
You don't want to talk to me anymore
DAF Dec 3
don’t you worry bout the distance
babe i'll keep you near my heart
i was certain we could work it
had no need for fear to start
you weren’t right here and there were miles in-between us
always knew that we were worth it and your smile made it seem less
seamless transition from goodbye i'll see you soon
there was something i was missing i had spoke those words to soon

don’t you worry about the distance
and the time we’ll spend apart?
i mean i love you, but the way that i’ve been feeling breaks my heart.
of course i want this friendship and for us to stay in touch
but the futures looking murky and it gets to be too much.
i swear
don’t wanna lose you i just thought this would be easier
and lately i been thinking it’d be best for me to leave you dear

don’t you worry bout the distance.
now the silence fills the void.
wanna cherish what we had but in my mind it feels destroyed.
i can’t
explain to you all the hurt the inside my chest
so ill just write it out put this burden down to rest.
you were the one didn’t need a second look.
i'm defeated and i'm shook
what i needed i mistook
as somebody that needed me back
but when somethings torn its hard to keep it intact
Sometimes in long distance relationships someone ends up getting the short end of the stick even if it's not intentional. In this case I was on the wrong end of things. This is about how expectations and reality can be very different and the progression of the beginning of the end.
DAF Oct 1
i said nobodys gonna hurt you baby
as she stabbed my beating heart
DAF Oct 1
Waiting on Dopamine
Haven't heard from her in days
Last time we spoke her words to me
"I'm tired of your melancholy ways"
DAF Oct 1
Winking thru the greyness
Hoping Lady Luck is interested
As she passed I interjected
Asthma tacks my lungs arrested
Ha she took my breath away
Hooked my soul and left its frame
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