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DAF 1d
The words
Must have had a prior engagement
Much more pressing than being at my fingertips
DAF 1d
It's 3:00am again
My head has not yet hit the pillow
I am unable to sleep as of late
Not quite sure why that is
Though my eyes
Plead to shut
My mind zig-zags
Across a thousand thoughts
Most of which include you
Most of which are make believe
Day dreams
That do not end when the sun sets
DAF 2d
Just because the tides are rising
Does not mean that I will drown

I need to remind myself of this.

Because there are times I am but ankle deep
And I can feel my lungs filling up with water
DAF 2d
Where do the words come from?
Before they pop up in my mind

Where do the words go?
When it seems I've run out of sentences to scribble
DAF 7d
i am now lost
though not the way one is
when they take a wrong turn
for at least they were moving with intention

i am lost
in the sense
of having no direction
no destination to step towards
and this troubles me greatly

i am lost and in trouble
not the fun kind
i am not breaking any rules
but i can feel my soul breaking
becoming smaller with each passing day
for it knows i am not where i belong
though knows not
where to go
DAF 7d
i have
always hated loud noises
the refrigerator dispensing ice into glass
the sound tubs make as water boils down
the treble in voices rising in opposition
all make me tremble
my heart jump
eyes dart for possible escape
DAF 7d
if you only write
what others want to hear
you will never know your words
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