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32x Nov 5
i frantically search for your hand in the darkness
but when i make it to the other side
i know ill be able to hold on forever
32x Oct 13
you say youre sorry
over and over
but now
sorry means nothing
and i still dont know
if you actually mean it

were you ever sorry
32x Aug 5
meeting you was like learning a new dance
uncertain and unsteady at first
but eventually learning the steps, and keeping to the beat

as time went on however
the dance became muscle memory
no more passion, no more muse
just an empty, mechanical response, series of ups and downs

our love was a dance
slowly losing its soul

it leaves me feeling empty
as we are just two skeletons dancing to an mechanical, automatic rhythm
32x Jun 16
I handed you the scissors
And expected you to cut holes into my battered wings
Instead you took the napkin from the table
And carefully cut holes
Unfolding slowly
The snowflake that hid in the folds

Snowflakes over tattered wings
32x May 12
you are now a memory to me
and i dont know
if the thought of that

makes me or breaks me
32x May 4
I hate writing
Because what is on paper can be seen
What if they don’t like
When they see the real me
32x Apr 20
i am mine
before i can be
anyone elses
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