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Menasria hafid Sep 2019
There is no shame
in fame
s** started
the flame
made me no longer
... just a name
that's a one i wrote for the relief i got after stopping anti-psychotic drugs :)
Menasria hafid Nov 2016
A million reasons to hate
A single reason to be au fait
You're always late
But remember ...
Someone needs you there
To be his fate.
Acceptance is the key
Menasria hafid Oct 2016
Jumping in, jumping out
Shaking chin, a sudden drought
Demons win, angels shout
My ******* life.
Menasria hafid Oct 2016

            my courage to break the chain
             is your chance to smile again
Who cares? If it's my life??
Menasria hafid Oct 2016
She who's in my sight,
         always turns left and right
                     hoping I fight,
                   make a smile or
              just to impress both of
The play goes on.
Menasria hafid Dec 2015
One like you
does not mind
neither I, friend
but without you
new life, but few
things to do

— The End —