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I'm a puzzle
But half of my pieces
were thrown away
So I keep adding pieces
From different puzzles
I guess I'd rather be whole
Than be right
I send you this apology because
I see no point.
We both think we're in the right..
And I just
see no point.
So I'll be the first to say I'm sorry.
Winning this fight isn't worth losing you.
 Jun 2015 Melanie Walsh
Apparently, we were there
holding each other,
Inside, trying our best
to keep it together.  

But, honestly we both knew
Our bodies were there
But, love had left.
Have you ever drowned in your own thoughts of overthinking and contemplating?
Trying to breathe but your anxiety won't let you stop shaking

You said you no matter what you'd always be here
So how come when I'm reaching out you're never there

Why make promises to only abandoned me?
I'm speaking more literally than figuratively

This overwhelming feeling of loneliness is too much to bare
Did I not do enough for you to leave me in despair?

All I ever wanted was someone to listen and wipe away the tears
Someone to talk me down from the ledge and talk away the fears

But I've just got stuck with a voicemail and no response
Except the operator and the pain exploding in the ambiance
Every time
I think I've
learned something
about myself,
I find out
the opposite
may be
just as true
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