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Max Jun 2016
Day ONE:
She smiles at me
Day TWO:
He wants to be set free
My reflection stares back at me
Unsure how to feel
About who I am
The body I have
Am I a girl (pink)
Am I boy (blue)
Some combination (purple)
Maybe neither (green)
I wish I knew
Then maybe
My reflection
Wouldn't look so sad.
Max Jun 2016
Two mugs
One holds coffee
The other tea
They are different
As they should be
But they are still
As perfect
As you and me
Max Jun 2016
I come and go

But like clockwork,
Every time,

It is bookended
By three words

And a smile.
Max Jun 2016
I'm waiting
For the feeling
That will bring relief
Hoping it will come
For the feeling
I'm hoping
Please come soon
Max Jun 2016
Many times I don't know why
I feel like crying
But I know
That I would be lying
If I were to give
All the blame to words unspoken
Because reason says
That there will always be
That never make it to you
And this I suppose
Is what is heartbreaking
Everyday that goes by
Time keeps flying
Infront of my eyes
Taunting me
Telling me that seconds
Fly by
Without you
So I sit here
Pen in hand
Writing the words
That I cannot say
So that one day
You will see everything
One day I'll be able to tell you everything that I could every want to say, but unfortunately that day is not today.
Max Jun 2016
Why does it hurt
I want to be mad
At something
But I'm not
It just hurts
Max Jun 2016
What is this feeling.
Why is it back.
Why does it come with such
I would say that I feel nothing
But that wouldn't be true
Because I miss you
And there is a lump in my throat
Because I can't say
All of the things that I long to tell you.
I know there are tears hiding  behind my eyes.
That hold every emotion I have for you.
Why I feel this way today
I don't know.
It happens every now and then
On varying levels
But why today
Of all days
Is one of the worst
I don't know.
I suppose
my body
my mind
All of me
Feels incomplete
without you
i miss you
i love you
I suppose the feeling will never leave until we are together again.
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