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Ffimax Nov 2018
I'm so scared that you love me more than I love you
My heart, soul and eyes are aching
I'm all busted up too
How can I say this without breaking?

In the ember of love, you're my light
Where the darkness is in me, I want you by my side
Even though you're lighting other candle
I'm still the one who's ready to cuddle

But my room is a wrong place to think about you
I know that I love you so
If this is the right thing to do
I love you enough to let you go

I've been strong enough to fight for us
Strong enough or just enough
And after all this years,
I finally said my goodbye.
Ffimax Nov 2018
I dream of a place that's not like this
I dream of a paradise
I dream of a little light, at least
And a room where no one cries

My soul is burning inside
Where words cut every bite
I've changed, denying that they were right.
Please, I need you tonight.

I can feel you moving through my body
I can feel you expanding and engulfing everything inside of me
Please, let me go and live a normal life
Without something who'll soon or later stub me with a knife

I am brave but I'm not strong to fight
Dear depression, leave at my sight
Just let me back to where I suppose to be
Ffimax Nov 2018
Tonight words couldn't rhyme anymore
Phrase cut to the deepest sore
Since my cup of coffee left, oh mi amore
I lost someone that I really adore

I tried chasing her cometh prompt enough
That I forget she's also a fragile stuff
To win her heart the poet tries
Engrave letters through her shining eyes

Unexpectedly she's into stalactite cover
That came with the thought, "how to encrust her over"
I'm just a one of the star lover
That only brag respect and undying manner

In the end, I realized our differences
Became a hindrance and torn of roses
While I'm just a stone rocky sepulchre
Who shameless love her
Ffimax Nov 2018
I've been to east, i've been to west
To look for something I can call as best
I conquered every minute for a quest
But flying is not for chicken with a nest

Oh Angela, where to find you?
Are you as broken as I do?
Do you bleed or pale as blue?
Are you also inlove with someone too?

Time seems to bother me
Because my love for you takes endlessly
This is not a metaphor or simile
It's something you can feel but you can't see

If destiny knocks on your heart
Please remember I'm here for you from the start
Graciously you are an art
My angela, you are beautiful and smart
Ffimax Nov 2018
Unexpectedly, it's me
Who brought the big hole in the galaxy
With knife in my right and gun in my left
My path will change in just a step

Needless to say, all I wanted to do is to run
Escape the darkness and see the sun
Comets dance gracefully
Asteroids walked glaringly

My life was quite frustrating
Till I saw a glimpse of light
Shining hope, fate slithering
Shimmering stars at the night

I walked towards the light
Because if I don't try, I will never know
I have nothing to lose
I just need some trust and faith to use

But everything is different from what I am expecting
Outside universe is the same with what's I'm in
****** asters are floating,
I'm not the only one who's dying
Ffimax Nov 2018
Does the northern star shines on west?
Does the range of walks and run are quest?
Every change of the wind scattered on mountain top
If everything will disappear with just a snap.

Their are some vivid language that makes everything seems so real
Yet, valorous deeds are more than a deal
No courage to have some Olialleberry
Only those who have faith can seek the truth and carry

Peregrinating around Hades' teritory
Maybe like giving up your own story
Can the sun rays pass through its wall
Or will it be bound by a metal core

My thought of the east are inferior depths of the dawn crate
As the bridge from south is falling will it sore every mate?
Old jalopy can drive you home
Or just have the thickest tome.

— The End —