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my way to say,
present, in Wonderland.

present in your life when least expected,
no qualifying reassurance reason,
and best!
dessert-deserved more than the rest of the days

prefer to have a postman ring twice,
imagining the look on your confused face,
the genuine life velocity wholeheartedly surprised,
the tickling happiest angst of wondering why...

the present of presence is selfish, me-gleeful,
good for the soul, and the surprise message,
for my presence is all the greater by my absence,
well, it tickles that warm spot you almost forgot about
that no rowed columnar calendar manager can pretend provide

that’s what is all about...
(and stop grinning already)
the unexpected, the ******* jack wondering,
the whys grows lesser,  
the message très simple:
the no reason season of surprise,
starts with a daily sunrise..  

C'est la vie au pays des merveilles

(Holiday and Birthday wishes/presents are now de rigeur, obligatory,
forgetting unacceptable, even as a date’s meaning grow less significant,
now that we’re on Facebook to be advised by AI that controls it & destroys simultaneously,
the reduction of the remembering quality of life)
Ffimax Nov 2018
Unexpectedly, it's me
Who brought the big hole in the galaxy
With knife in my right and gun in my left
My path will change in just a step

Needless to say, all I wanted to do is to run
Escape the darkness and see the sun
Comets dance gracefully
Asteroids walked glaringly

My life was quite frustrating
Till I saw a glimpse of light
Shining hope, fate slithering
Shimmering stars at the night

I walked towards the light
Because if I don't try, I will never know
I have nothing to lose
I just need some trust and faith to use

But everything is different from what I am expecting
Outside universe is the same with what's I'm in
****** asters are floating,
I'm not the only one who's dying

— The End —