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In a hand
Soft and small
A deadly band
To rule them all

My Master calls
Please don't let go
From hand I fall
Must this be so?

Down I go
Through dark and deep
Towards fire
And never ending sleep

The fire, it melts
My soul destroyed
My hope is gone
Here comes the void

For ever and after
Thus we remain
My Master and I
No longer twain
This is a poem about the ending of the Ring in The Lord of the Rings, from the Ring's point of view.
For those of you who are not familiar with the word, twain is an old term that means 'two'.
The poem is a careless word that's thrown upon the page,

While feelings and emotions, they take the center stage.

The words, they seem important - but at the end of day,

'Tis not the words themselves but the meaning they convey.
Never will anyone read what her heart wrote,

Nor people tell of the Dragons that were slain.

But stories they were written....

And stories they remain.

And even if in this ravaged world all hint of them is lost,

They will never truly fade.....

For they bloomed within a young girl's heart,

And there they shall remain.
The Words you've never spoken

The tears you've never cried

The hopes and fears of all those years

Have finally run dry

How far away you seem now

How vacant is your face

Your body's here beside me

Of you there's not a trace

How long will you keep hiding

Your secret self from me

If only you would let go

And drop yourself on me

— The End —