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Manish Anne May 24
Spit out thunder,
Fortress of emotions,
Buried deep under

With every beat that drops,
Pounding in my heart,
Dancing with me

Moonlight drives, crimson
Red painted sky,
I sense drama everywhere
Draws me to the truth

And when Nature,
Holds your hand
And says, darling
The founder is you,
This is your race
Manish Anne May 24
Of where the red, blue light meet:
Children found a place to stay.
Safe in the universal land,
Awake, to the mystic sounds of silver sand.

A radiant joy houses the godly Nature,
Trees shine the glory,
Upon artists of conscience
Of will, veiled in storm shrill sails
Of consciousness, a sagacious mast of gilded pearls.

A gold-smug rain of dust,
And a jewel moon,
Songs in the attic;
Choose your sign
In the divinity, of day and night.

Of any door you choose,
The pact remains same
Fly it on the reverie stage,
A Utopian shaman dances in a blues station!
It took some time to craft substance in it,
Pls do have a read, have a delight!!

— The End —