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Let’s me see things clearer

Than what my bare eyes would let me  

Brings far off images nearer

Makes it easier to understand what there be

Does away with haze in my vision, as well my ‘thinker’

Accompanies me as a guide I see

as a friend who’s dear

brings fulfillment and glee.

To help figure

Life's mystery

I put it on thee

look at the mirror

Start my day with cuppa tea

Tryna be positive hereafter  

I call myself me
Your dreams are no lesser

Your dreams are never too unworthy

Neither too crazy

Nor too trivial

Your dreams for you are as real

As the divine force prevail

Don’t look down on it as people do so

Don’t let go of it as it’s hard to get

Don’t let go of it to live someone else’s dream

Don’t let go of it as it seems to starry up there

The very place you dream to be

Don’t you let go of it even if you come from a humble place

Don’t let go even if challenges seem bigger than opportunity

Don’t let it get pass you

Believe in it and go follow it

Chase the faint light that constantly calls upon you

Chase it till it has no way out but to come to you

That’s when you realize your dreams were never too less
And to let you know

Your words are talking to me now

You are not there

But your feel is

I talk idiotically

I answer the questions you posed

I was too busy then

I couldn’t answer to them

I was not with you

Not there with you when needed

Not there when it drizzled

Not there under a clear blue sky

Not on the path we trod once

Held hands

Stole kisses

I was not there when I had to be

You did well

You left your memories behind

Only to be reawakened

Each time I go through it

Every time I pay a visit to your ‘world of words’

I  understand this

All over again

You are away to the stars

Not with me anymore

It’s hard, Ohh, it is!

To believe you are gone

Left with I am, your writings

Keeping you alive through it

Still talking me

I keep coming back to it

And yes call me selfish

I only read about wonderful times

And not about the hard times you wrote of

It is even harder as I try

To close my eyes

To believe you are still here

In this realm

Prized possessions

As it yours

The only thing that takes me to you

Only thing I am left with
I be an observer

I am a story teller

I am a story weaver

A keen lover

And my core, a ball of tales

Diverse in all aspects

My life indeed is a story,

Waiting to be told

Waiting to be known.

A glimmer of hope

A speck of light in the dark

That emanates from within

No genre confines me

No style defines me

I allow myself to grow

I allow myself that time

I just drift along

And carry with me the

Wisdom I acquire
(About Love)

Spring fills her heart

When she hears from him

Mail or even a mere glance.

Patiently she waits

Doesn’t nag or question

Desires only togetherness.

She wonders what love is

People give it fancy names

To the four lettered word

Just a mere feeling

love not like the air to breath

Yet so persistent.

(Random Royal Thimphu College Haiku)

Smiley faces greet

Eager to learn. Renewed hopes

Everyday new college lessons

The taste of coffee

The lessons that go on and

Day smoothly turns to dusk

Lights along the road

Move further into the night

Road darkens till the dawn.

Dreams Haiku

Make room for dreams

They come true if you believe

Nurture them with care.
Here I am being wishful again,

Wising for it hard

Bearing in mind, also the odds.

Yearning for it

Sometimes almost reaching out to it

To all that I aspire

Almost feeling it

A moment surreal

And then

Snatched back to the instance

By a blink

A snap

A blow yet of the softest touch

Create waves inside the head

It rises

It descends


It soothes


Into the nothing.
I should be like an Owl

Using nightfall appropriately

Should be scribbling

Painting my words

My fingers should be in a hustle to finish a page

And page after page

The walls if it runs out

Further the air around, as a medium to write and to share

Discovering myself

Finding myself amidst words

Taming myself the way I want

Grammars are paid less heed

Expressing myself  in a free verse

Leaving my traces

Leaving a legacy

Leaving a part of me

Through what I scribble
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