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# is just#
I don't know what you expected.
It's rare a case
Do I find myself at this time
Awake and busy
Waiting patiently over my bed
Praying that sleep a little delay
That for once a late write
Short but weighty
I post!
This is what I call fanatism
Love poem fanatic I am
Turning page after page
And sure enough
Poetry makes my day
Or my night tonight.
Just keep writing I read them!
Friends keep writing.  
I am reading around the clock.
B4 I go 2 bed
B4 I sleep 2day
B4 I dream 2night
I have 2 ask God
2 bless you b4 2moro
2 guard you 4rom you enemies
2 give you the wishes of your heart.
Blessed nyt
Sometimes I feel like avoiding being too wordy.
How jovial,
How lovely ,
How fantastic ....

How enjoyable that I danced right above the pass mark,
How happy,
How mummy,
How yummy good,
My student danced .
I felt it was good,
And I bet I was!
"I love you too,"was a verse that made my heart lept
It now makes me regret
For had it been the otherwise ,
I would have moved on.
And moved far,
Further than my eye could see
like an item of value
Gold of heart ,that I treasured
Something I valued,more than money
Someone who could hurt me
But still I felt great for her,
Who could make me forget myself
In whatever small she had
Now I miss her wholly
She vanished and disappeared for good
No message ,
No call
Not even a flash back
I miss her seriously
My heart needs her
And it aches
I call it  ,"ache in love"
A drunk man who is sane,
Like insane talks,
Truth as bitter herbs...
More when the concerned cries,
In all futile efforts,
Can't stop him ,but in appreciation,
Better bitter truth!
Saw it happen....
Help me learn on how to earn money,
I need money to help me go back to school,
I dropped my coarse....pure and applied maths
I want to join a medical school....
Channel me a business plan via...
Love like real
Doves who act real
Together like one
For truth you are one
Behaving lovebirds
Innocent like two lovely birds
Wasting time together
Because each is for the other
For you love each other
And you only 'know' each other .
Call it affectionate
For really it is affectionate.
I wrote four years ago,in my form three.I still see the sense in the wordings.
For I have known for years
That with money I can own ears
I can get the criminals bow
Whatever things I do,earns automatic show
Everybody show respect, for money is great
This is what people think is grate
But alas!
The money do not make water flow against the gravity in a stream
So for money is like steam
Hot and burning
But still cunning
Everything fake is money,
not true and sweet as honey!
Money has made everything fake
When you shall shine bright
Like light glows within you
Like your skin is a bulb
And your eyes
Prove delight
True love not hidden
that is the time you will say
‘Thanks  God, today’s my day’
A day that will be  unique
Your  best moment
within the
shall be rewarded
you shall be delighted
you shall sing the best song
best dancers shall participate
the secret is only one sentence
press on, keep work alive,
Meaningless stories
kindly forget
for time
and others
you may wish for.
I hold my cup
My trophy is
Awarded for success
This far I came,
Wasn’t simple at all
I cracked even harder walls,
People were surprised and asked for the secrets I had
Ofcourse I had none,
The faith within me
The driving force   that kept me going
The patience and perserverance
All, I kept that were so painful
All I fogave, for the unforgivable they did to disappoint me
For the mocking and the spiting they did behind me,
All were meant to be like they war
I cracked through them,in no big blows,
I never fought to win
I kept love,
I kept patience,which was so hard to
And like a termite,
I picked one soil at a time, to achice a very big anthill
Man can spent time,only t be defeated…
That was my secrets
And they handed me this cup
This throphy to be specific.
Wrote in school
Living turning hard,
Maybe life has given you a bright gem
The gem I work for day and night
The story that would turn oil
And make it soil
That never a day spoil
But smear the skin soft
And life turned a smooth
In it a problem smothers
I call it a gem,
Precious and important!
A poem I sent to someone whose reply has made my day
My anger is out of my control,
I just can get angry with my own actions.

He could wake in the middle of the night
To flow his trumpet of life
He called it success
He ate dirt
He sang a dirge
He had forgotten himself
He wore rags and smeared **** on his face
He was too emotional too
He could cry a lot
There were times,
He sat down, sick and helpless
He could open his mouth to speak but
No word he could utter
Bitter tears
He felt pain
He was a human being
He had emotions to share to somebody
People feared him so much
They ran away from him
He suffered
Occasionally he recovered
He could call me, to visit him
I felt uneasy and pity could strike my heart
I felt a lot of pain in myself
Tears rolled down my cheeks
I was young and helpless
Hands very rough
He used them to wipe my small cheeks
I felt love then
He was a caring father
Who felt and worked for his greatness
But one day on a fateful afternoon
He was fencing his garden
He ran mad
And his life
Took another dimension
He was forced to lead a rough life
To live like animals,
No rest
No shades
No comfort ability of mind
He enjoyed being rained on, because he forgot himself
He contracted cold, he needed no medics
He was out of mind
He suffered
He made no mistake
He worked to earn, and out sweat he ate
He had no sin or dirt
He will have a second live, to revenge.
He was my lovely father honorable Kosgei.
Who led a miserable life so long
Died a painful death indescribable
This is what happened in brief
I am asleap but at least i can think...
Inside this world we have alot of collours,
Bright and dark,
In different denominations,
Those in light colours hate the dark,
They stay together and are of similar thought,
Very different from the dark,
And they hate the dark......
The dark love and respect the light,
Who disrespect the honor and obedience, as of observed by the later.
I mean you don't  understand this.
The world is being reduced to emptiness
Two or less
Shall miss a breathe a day
And the world
Shall go empty
The virus
Is not practically tested
It is a wonder!
To save people
Be a role model
The virus
Is "****!"
I got my pen to write,
After long hours of thoughts,imagination and inspiration,
All I could write was,
"Oh my God,I got nothing better to write"
I ended my day there,feeling satisfied and okay.
Because of love,
Living poet's.
great time to just wish you a lovely note ;
as you go to bed.
I've heard,and it seems true: the silence of a friend is
worth more than the rebuke of an enemy!
so to say,I just have a lovely wish for you,
that is ,
"go to bed,and sleep wonderful,
dream a promise worth for your success ,
turn to see all the goodies God placed next to you
tonight .
that you wake strong and powerful in spirit .
that hope and enthusiasm fill your tomorrow more
than ever.
your dream contain all you will call for as you awake
in the morning.
to say,you will have a powerful motion of self
drivenness, that will head directly to your destiny.
I say ,and I repeat as may times as you would wish to
your night will be a different one!"
I have but just a great wish of a blessed night for
you,my best friends.
good night.
Do not forget
To share this story
Entitled bedtime story
Do it in your style
Don't let anyone know your story
The reason is best known to you
You alone.
Just wished to share a story
But I lack words to
I think I am smart
I am good for art
I should go before a mirror!

Many times look
Turning and turning
Around and once again

I am content
I must be a spice
To make it a day!

I thought !
One,two ....thousand ,million

Is it the call I received?!
The cite I visited?!
I was worried.

"Hey son,
Fear not,
It is the science of reflection ,
The mirror before you
Is broken!

My day was ruined!
The fear that creep
Is unknown,
From your absentmindedness
Kindly consult
A single drop of rain
Make a flower glitter

A single tear drop
Heal the heart

A single positive word a day
Make your life a good future

A constructive attitude
Each single day's success

Be inspired.
Like human are made
To believe in much
Less can prove more important
Leading life a single day
Is prosperity!
If in life one has a best time,
I've not seen it to be sincere;
I hope I'm yet to see.
It's my prayer that it comes tommoro!
Yes tommoro...
In sort of a tale,
Is a story told,
Not to have passed,
But yet to pass.

I see people running up and down,
Celebrating or sort of,
I see only one crying bitterly,
And that is my mother,
She say,
"My son is lost!"
My sisters are in sort of amusement,
Confused of what to do,
My brothers see me and hope I was not born to fall,
I was their hope I understand...

I feel the urge to confirm to them,
I am not a rash ...
I am not lost....
I am full of force,
It is just that my struggles haven't bore fruits.
My vibrating legs and limbs,
Have stopped my lips from opening,
My hungry stomach ,is not giving me any peace,
My racing brain,
Is closing my eyes,
My ears too,they no longer hear.
I am reduced to pieces.
Perhaps my dream was not valid.

If all never go well,
Please God,heal the scars I leave.
Heal the hearts of my lovely kids
Heal the heart of my dear wife,
Heal the hearts of my children,
Please heal them.
As the stream of thoughts pour endless,
God see my remaining journey .
Let me try one more thing,
To live the way you need.
To be humble,
To be of dignity,
To be of love,
To be of repentance,
To be who you need .

As I approach the grave
Let me be somebody ,
So that ,I may see the change I hear.
Flaming love(With Blythe)
All I need is love
But it is the true one that want to have
Let me feel thy sweetness
Make my heart be filled with happiness.
Conversing emotion
Keeping love in motion;
Vibrant hearts
Nothing hurts;
Clouds of love as huts
Without you, I'm going nuts.
If by any chance
To the rhythm of my heart, you cannot dance,
Please be true to me
And don't ever fool me,
Don't give my heart false hope
Give me some time to mope;
A piercing pain is what I'll feel
Hoping for the time when I will heal.
This is a unified work of two
Kirui and Blythe.
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A man like a man
But not a man,
Of thoughts similar to that of a man
But not those of a man
Broader and deeper,
Silly and flexible and less serious though
Not an analyst,
But alike and analyses lines and verses
Is here,
Hearing the call of his heart
Talking alone
But not insane,
Is a poet.
An example of an extra man.
Talks with emotion
Possessed by feelings of description
"Lost" but not lost.
Lost in thoughts
Is a poet,
If they like jokes and hate too much
If immediately the stop talking
Please bear with them
They hate real and like fantasy.
Boyon kipkolaj sambu
Old granny in hat
Boyot kipogeny
Old granny lived long ago
Kiam munyung ab ngwony
He ate salts of the earth
Kisigunen tengekto nyin
He was saved from his sins
Ak koyan kiplelajek
He believed the whites
Konyon somanet
He accepted education
Koit ngomnotet
Knowledge came
Krbagach tumotet
He left tobacco plantations
Boyondoni kogingom
This granny was clever
Kiisib tiendo
He kept the song
Mometo bitenyin
He never dropped his culture
Bitet neanyin kot
A sweet culture
Kingom boyondoni
This granny was clever
Kongoi oboyon!
Thank you granny!
My culture ,Bitenyun
I dreamt of a branch
That bore a lot of fruits,
Yellow they were!
As the growing young played under the fruit;
It dropped it's juicy fruits !
They ate and played and laughed !
Then came to me
I saw their innocence ,eating the poison can be the later case,
The tree knew itself ...
But God had to feed His own?
I'm in class
Attending lessons
And today
Unique like other days,
I've learned,
"Best is less"
"Brief is complete"
I like my lessons
Best is less
that which is perfectly fine is always short and precise.
Time of consumption is a factor in the current world.
Brief is complete
Being brief isn't being incomplete!
I'm just wondering if other houses burn
I've been pondering for quite a length
Please help me over this ...

The world is against me
It cannot see how I struggle day and night
In this my windows are on fire .
And preventing my exploration

My head is full of smoke
Ain't sure either ,I feel my brain has dead cells
Because I cannot remember like before
I fail mathematics, yet I was a high school master of the subject
My set lights are on fire,rescue please

My emotion is the center of massacre
I hate all I loved,I just pump it love
No peace
No security,an atomic bomb,yet to burst
And my heart is on fire,where can the brigade be?

My stomachache is worsen ,
Turning porridge, and hot
Perhaps I ate hot food,that never went cool
Noises it produces,enough to awake my pal,
I tell you,my house is on fire
Immediately inform the fire fighters.
My system turned a burning house and cannot keep quiet like to die alone
The kick of a poor waking man is stunning,
It shocks the rich men,who would like their workers to remain poor forever.
The rise of a poor man is painful,
Contrary to his expectations!
Truly, burning dry grass, burns even the green leaves!
No good name describe a poor waking man, it's ******* and satanic.
To get a worker, why suppress the poor?  
Don't they have rights to lead better lives?
Don't they have next generations?
Don't they have guts for better food and clothing?
Why are you always paying them peanuts?
You want them to always lead a hand to mouth life?
What does pain you, for the succes of poor a chap?
Or you want to" assist "for always,
To ironically "care" for always?
You are comfortable "feeding" them, as the sweat to dine?
What's this pain?
When they wear rags and work under unknown pressure, it's your happiness?
I'm sorry, i will sue you.
In a court of no mercy,
Where justice don't prevail,
I will make sure you loose,
I will not feel your pain,
I will **** your ill fated spirits!!!!
Because your paing, releaves the poor man!
Poor man must have a chance.
To wage and turn things around!
I should buy your idea,
All of my own have failed me.
Kindly accept my plea.
Save me,think for me!
This is true....not just a writing!
let me just say bye,
it's been a long journey together,but I'm sort of occupied somehow for now,

so let me just say bye.
By the grace of His Mighty
Him who raised me from grass
I will die,
My dead shall describe the lines
He was a world class poet
As an artist he touched the world
By His grace and mercies
He made someone somewhere
somewhat get a reason to live.
My eulogy precise
As such
I will be burried
But happy in spirits,
my work shall live for eternity .
Shall touch for eternity
Many shall live my life
They shall see what I saw
Feel what I felt
And talk what I talked
Some will visit my graveyard
To commemorate this great friend
Who lived centuries ago...
Then I will no more exist
My spirits shall be pleased wherever
And maybe
My hot springs
Shall erupt
And many shall be of me
Shall be by me
And still for me!
For this is a call
A wish maybe,
Him the great God
Grants calls of heart.
For now call me my name.
You are a poet
Just like me
Your mark is everlasting
"Influence of generations that come,are in the making,in you is greatness.make the next generation a good place to be."
Kirui Cheruiyot
Mr nice can be my name
Cool and conducive to learn
Smart and neat
My sweat heal plants
It can heal human wounds
But living things avoid me
Save for plants
They know me as cold
Biting the skin
Killing the chicks
And slowing germination
The choose to waste my cool and good nature
And at times I get angry
I go off and my brother takes duty
And they call me better
They cry again
I pity them anyway
But I think they should avoid confusion
And work even harder when on duty
The mans brain work best in a morning,scientific reports confirm
Let's come together against CANCER!
Let there be a stand still
The world be rendered silent for a moment
Three second to fill
For a short kind benevolent
Because we really have to feel
Our fallen heroes to comment
Cancer brought this world a threat
That which is a not one man fight
It came in all filth
Pain untold
Torture and suffering
This ailment is poison
Whose antidote we fight to get
Let's join HANDS
Let's go firm together
We need a global unity
To aid Forster for one hidden secret
The secret to **** this enemy
This sole enemy we call it cancer
It has won over us for long
Enough is enough we say today
We are fed up
We are tired,aren't we?
We won't stand any lose again
We won't settle for less this time
We are up to fight
And we are fighting together as one
For in our might, we gonna defeat cancer
Whatever the kind or type
Known to us or unknown
Cancer's territories this time down we bring
And burning it to ashes a must.

Kirui Frank junior
Kenya,I am fighting cancer in my all might!
Join me please!
Let's be felt
This is our belt
Like one
Let's act one
And present
The world this my present
It belongs to you all
A poets hole,if you fall
if you love God you say Amen
you will pass all huddles and never hurt,
you will succeed and never struggle,
you will achieve yet never stole,
a big amen guarantees all that
I am selling my poems
These ones over here
Plus a hundred others
Interested buyers?
Talk to me!
Hey hey come one come all
Like my great grandfather lived
A Century ago
Still I am coiled
Inside a rocket,grass thatched roof,
Aged like my community
Yet I hold a degree in Pure maths
We call it norms
And respect them ,
Yet we think we embrace change!
Cultural believes have caves in human borns
          ­                                           We
I am about to complete research
On love matters
And for the little I got now
love affairs are not cheap
They are more complicate
Than human know.
The best love,
Is known by the birds.
Human can get tired loving
True love shall still last forever.
Hate is also love.
I am inside a room
It is so wonderful
Seated on a complaining bed
"Kiki kaka kiki kaka"
The bed is complaining
On it is a three inch mattress
It is shrinked to one inch
Before me is a table
Full of complaining books
Others lack hard cover
Others pages were used as tissue
Others pages were used  as insulators
On top of one is a Brocken pig pen
It ran short of ink
And it is complaining
Working under unfavourable conditions
To my left is a stove
The rice it a sufuria are complaining
The gas is smelling
At the furthest corner is a radio
Complaining, shortage of power
Life cannot be such promising
Seated alone and talking with apparatus within
I am spending today
To renovate them all
That next time
They praise not complain !
Just imagine
This image
Did you saw?
Cherry oh cherry oh baby ,
Do you know I'm in love with you?
If you don't believe I do,
Then know that I love you madly....

O  ohhh ,oooo ohhhho,
Ohhh ohhh ohhh **;

Baby come sit by my side,
Then just turn to see my eyes,
So we see each other close,
Coz I really love you baibeee.

Yoh yoh yoh,yoh yo yoooh,
You'll keep me so cool ooo,
For I really love you baby,
Listen to me sing for you ahhhh.....

Time spilling so fast darling ,
Do not take long to come sweet heart ......
Yoh ohhh oh baby,
just come over my side.

Cherry cherry oh baby,
Cherry oh baby,
O oho ohhh baibeee.....
O oho ohhh baibeee!
Sweet love untold on top of love.
As they say, 'practise makes perfect',
I'm out speaking to birds in Chinese!
Maybe one day, i will know what i was doing!
"** kin t yaaah....
Shen zi! "
Allow me practice
He could speak fluently
He was eloquent
He proved an elite
So he came to my foolish sister
And poured enough English
She was lured enough
And she was won
I told her to wait.
She could not believe me.
Enough she was convinced
"I am in University
A pursuant of analytical chemistry"
My sister loved beyond love
I took her to the science laboratory
Like for love
She invited him
A handsome well knit guy
He had careful steps
His hair style was fitting
He was a "gentleman"
I could not believe him.
I gave them apparatus
I gave them papers
To do the naming
The results were surprising
The quy could not name any.
I told him
"Ok what name is this apparatus ?"
He replied,
"Ok ,its been some time since I used that one."
I smiled ...
"What is the use of a pippete?"
"It is used for pippeting !"
My friend was disturbed
I pitied him.
I pitied my sister,
She held a degree in political science
But was lured by a form two dropout
They were dead into each other
Inseparable and loving
I told them one word
"Be true to each other,
You are the best that be."
He was a clever mind
And duped my dear sister
And she died to his true love.
I found this laughable
But I congratulated him
He was a clever man
Got my sister's weak point.
They loved each other inseparable.
"Have a fabulous night"
This single sentence
Ruined my night
She sent me,
To please or to hurt
I don't know
But she knows
What I know is,
The single sentence
Gave me
A sleepless night !
We should avoid goodnight wishes.
It eats my skin,
Every time my pocket is empty,
Especially when hunger strikes!
Like right now ,I'm broke and nobody is near to warm me!
I can't talk, I just blink
I can't talk,I just point
I can't talk , I just whistle
I can't talk,because afteral ,you can't hear me.
But in all I do,
I think you get me right.
Today I have thought wonders
Miracles as said went with Christ
But no,
They exist.
I found two flowers chating:
Rose:sunflower I am worried my
         friend,valentines day is approaching so fast!
Sunflower:but why my friend?
                   The world is fine ,it rains
We got fertilised ,we blossom and many more goods.
You see....
Rose:No!first of all I hate what you call rain or fertilizer, I can choose to end my life before this Valentines...
Sunflower: (laughing,Hahahaaaa,do not be stressed my dear,lead a promising life,you are beautiful,lovable,girlish and whatever great terminology dear.
So why......?
Rose:stop it,that is my problem now...the pick me and give me to their so called lovers,
As if not enough,they uproot my sidlings ...just advice me.
Rose:I am sorry my friend but can  you talk with your customers they come for some this valentines?
I bet it sound nice to be loved like you!

The situations pressing hard
The same situations that make others happy
Be cool and accept your being
You are great!
Accept everything in your life
Take problem as challenges
Make success out of them
Testimonies that stand
Shall prove your winning!
Believe me
This is my piece one on the topic complaints
Other pieces are yet
Kindly correct them for me
I accept and I am happy for reviews.
I was conceived
when my parents recited a love poem together,
my mother then spent nine months when a poet was growing in her womb,
nowadays my mother ask me ,
"Son,where did you picked this bad character of description ?"
And my answer is one sentence
"Dear mother,you recited a poem the day I was cconceived"
"The bed and the talk made the hymn"
Smiling rather sad,
"Go out and don't come in again"
But my heart describes anything
The sun
The moon
Emotion and everything
To say,that come my sight
I call it
A poet character.
Poets complexity
I hate to learn that
For sure I jam your mind
But I love you
Your respect is paramount
For my case
You took all my feelings
And even if this night is long
It will end
In a crack of dawn.
You go to bed
To remain sleepless
Not that you are OK
But because someone
Is in your mind
And your heart sweats blood
Its painful and really painful
But not so long
Love is cultivated.
I just pop in
To drop a kiss
To halt all you do
To make your minute shine
And leave a hug
To make you miss me
Because I am leaving.
Good night
am depressed,
it's like I never dressed ....
something reminds me of a golden opportunity I lost .
just because I couldn't concentrate ,I am lamenting !
this happened because of ignorance ,I am on the paying end,no light beyond the tunnel.
should I go ahead and hope for the impossible ?
should I turn back and loose?
no I should do something ....even the illuminated can't block me now...
agh! my agitation is the disgrace!
when will I get out of this satanic lock?
poverty bonds that can't allow me plan,even to buy a snack,
deep rooted right from my great granny ....was it to end like this!
I will face it anyway ,I want my hands to swell or sweat blood,
I won't give up.
I will die holding my pen,
perhaps it will bring my dream to reality!
it's me,working to defeat this situation already outdoing my brainy shell.
let me see !
I want to see at my coffin.
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