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Jul 2021 · 105
a jobless lad sited waiting for a meal,
loud he thinks
''what a living is this;
sort of a disgrace i am,
my grades and past life expectations were these?''
seriously he studied ,hoping a future,
he  struggled and went without meals at times,
but to his disbelief in the future he saw as bright,
there was no meal!
he is still seated waiting for his dream to come pass,
perhaps his dish,
and something for the child!
life is a lie
May 2021 · 336
only the heavens knows why
Heavens know who I was to be!
And I am
May 2021 · 95
Money is important.
        But is like nothing
               To happiness. ...
I love you poets
May 2021 · 155
You loved me!
You loved me...
Your love was the shortest,
Though my longest this far!
4 years 1 kiss,
One se3
I haven't belived to today.
Yvne my most loved queen!
I valued your love!
I cannot denied but I loved you!
Come to this once before you die!
I won't die till you read!
Real story!
Jun 2020 · 32
i know
Hate it or like it I know you hate my lines,
So beautifully penned but your hatred can't allow you to read 'em
Meaningful and worthy but you can't stop to read 'em,
I know you secretly admire them,but your bragging can't allow you express yourself,
So wise ,you think?
You already read this.
Thank you
Apr 2020 · 213
Ain't writing for money yet jobless !
Writing for free then people eat from the thought,
Listening to musing rooted to the writing that paid no cent!
Apr 2020 · 139
time and tide
they said,
like they have said...
and the word shall stay ,
time and tide wait for no man!
should I die of hunger?
as I age ,
and the poverty strikes;as not to me the lone walker
,the stalled thinker,
should I?
should I for real?!
no I should do something ,
soothing like a mama's lullaby,
not as to sleep but to awake my dead emotions,
to castrate the vast and angry disease should die!
it should die!
Mar 2020 · 91
stop and move!
When your guts hold no more ,
When it holds no more,
When tired of the change,
Accept the situation and stop the agitation!
Feb 2020 · 214
a drunk man
A drunk man who is sane,
Like insane talks,
Truth as bitter herbs...
More when the concerned cries,
In all futile efforts,
Can't stop him ,but in appreciation,
Better bitter truth!
Saw it happen....
Feb 2020 · 213
one line
All that live shall die.
Nov 2019 · 278
Silence is not absence
I am not absent,
But I am silent.
I say this because silence is not absence.
Nov 2019 · 115
This that day I needed.
Lazy but must win
Big money I need!
Just to fill the loopholes ,
That kinda debt
Which has for days
Aggitated my living !
I need money for real.
Oct 2019 · 99
Got !
I was got playing with her ****,
Sure;he was her husband!
I wanted to run,but I was held still ,by forces untold!
She kept smiling,but fear was all over and I could see!
He said calmly,
Like a mad man I progressed...
He stroke my head with some cutting tool,
And my shirt turned red,
The shouting I did awoke everybody in our estate !
It was a very bad dream indeed !
Oct 2019 · 264
I dreamt of a branch
That bore a lot of fruits,
Yellow they were!
As the growing young played under the fruit;
It dropped it's juicy fruits !
They ate and played and laughed !
Then came to me
I saw their innocence ,eating the poison can be the later case,
The tree knew itself ...
But God had to feed His own?
Oct 2019 · 99
No matter how much we struggle ,we shall survive by eating grains.
Just to confirm to somebody  !
Oct 2019 · 143
Why did you chose me,
I curse you .
For in all,you are worst!
Your friends,stress,strain and worst of all your brother regrets;deprive us of hope,faith and happiness!
I curse you!
Don't strike me again,
Not my children...not my relatives
Yes not even my friends or country men .
You go die,
Die forever .
Sep 2019 · 104
A short break,
I'll be back strong,
I'll be back wealthy
I'll be back healthy,
A short time,
I'll be back okey!
Sure I'm telling you.
So just wait,
Don't get tired,
I'm making a promise
I'll fulfill!
Sep 2019 · 125
Best time
If in life one has a best time,
I've not seen it to be sincere;
I hope I'm yet to see.
It's my prayer that it comes tommoro!
Yes tommoro...
Sep 2019 · 79
The most poisonous part of the body;dangerous and divisive ;
The tongue .
Can cheat and teach ,
Can construct and destruct .
I call it poison .
Sep 2019 · 155
when you cease to see me!
The day you stop seeing me posting,
Don't keep quiet,ask my whereabouts,
Perhaps I'm dead silent;under depression
You will save me!
The day you miss my posting,
Don't keep quiet, ask about my whereabouts,
Perhaps I'm roting in my grave;
Worms on my decaying coarpse,
You will save my spirits !
Not a emotions
Sep 2019 · 96
It eats my skin,
Every time my pocket is empty,
Especially when hunger strikes!
Like right now ,I'm broke and nobody is near to warm me!
Aug 2019 · 166
my last bottle
As I sip my last sip..
Tusker is my favourite,
It takes me everywhere!
I start dreaming big!
May my dreams come true!
Tusker forever.
Aug 2019 · 131
serve God
Of all serving God is the best gift.
He is the only that can Lift,
For gods are meant to drift,
And creat rifts!
Myself I deport the all of my life to serve the highest of all God.
A prayer tonight
Aug 2019 · 254
If money is not everything;
Then why is life hard without money?
I'm asking!
Jul 2019 · 158
My eye
I doubt my eye,
Or my heart,
Or the two!
Coz when i see
I start to feel,
When i feel,
Again i start to see.
I'm confused sort of!
What love do i follow!
Eye and heart!
Jul 2019 · 320
The dreams i just dream
Are enough to change everybody in the world.
Just now i had a funny one,
I luckily won 1000000 dollars in a casino,
And i am busy buying and selling,
No wonder i havent wrote today.
Day dreaming has become my habbit of late.
Jul 2019 · 148
I should buy your idea,
All of my own have failed me.
Kindly accept my plea.
Save me,think for me!
This is true....not just a writing!
Jul 2019 · 247
The wise use their wits to solve their issues,
For this reason they excell.
They never mistake!
Please try to be wise!
Jul 2019 · 106
Hope has power.
It revives dying goals!
That is why I rose to write again!
Jul 2019 · 146
Take it.
If it's love you need,
Have it.
If it's my life,
You won't!
If it's money,
I haven't got.
Heed my advice girl,
Take it all,
But never giggle at me for a joke!!
Jul 2019 · 182
True is true,
Never false!
I'm always true
Jun 2019 · 72
A thousand words may mean a single thing,
Or it's otherwise!
Jun 2019 · 281
When am playing pool,
Please keep the likes!
The angles,
May mess with my stick,
Yet it will be another loose!
My favorite game....
Jun 2019 · 105
As he played i watched,
All of a sudden, the game changed,
Fear crept,
"daddy, this thing! "
Hahahaaa i laughed!
My son, saw his shadow,,,
"this animal dadyy! It follows me everywhere! "
He explained,
I thought of it, hahaa i laughed once more,
Perhaps his young soul was threatened!
It was awesome though!
'don't worry dad,thats your shadow, protecting you'
It was a good lie,
Comic but saved.
My son, still lives the myth!
Young is age, lessons and wisdom come by fate.
Jun 2019 · 343
My child,
I can't speak wisdom to you,
You won't understand,
Just my smiles,
You know!
Let them make you know,
I love you!
To my two kids.
Jun 2019 · 94
In life,
Man has no better Place to live,
Than within oneselves' soul.
That's the only place where peace and harmony is assured!
No other place.
Weakness has hindered mankind
Jun 2019 · 139
Chun kyu chan
As they say, 'practise makes perfect',
I'm out speaking to birds in Chinese!
Maybe one day, i will know what i was doing!
"** kin t yaaah....
Shen zi! "
Allow me practice
Jun 2019 · 143
The agressive have power,
To fall all the walls of impossibilities!
I'm one of them.
Jun 2019 · 267
Your image
Do the unexpected,
Sit Patiently and wait,
People's answers you mark.
Now you know who you are to them.
What's the image the world have about you?
Jun 2019 · 170
My anger is out of my control,
I just can get angry with my own actions.
Jun 2019 · 94
Straining my cells, this stress
Trailing thoughts, this dress
Restricting my judgments,it press
Evolving my face, what a duress
Succumbing to its threats,gress
Solutions inhibited, this stress.
I'm  so stressed up,
No ability to think,
To recall 21*6*2019
Jun 2019 · 207
Burning kick
The kick of a poor waking man is stunning,
It shocks the rich men,who would like their workers to remain poor forever.
The rise of a poor man is painful,
Contrary to his expectations!
Truly, burning dry grass, burns even the green leaves!
No good name describe a poor waking man, it's ******* and satanic.
To get a worker, why suppress the poor?  
Don't they have rights to lead better lives?
Don't they have next generations?
Don't they have guts for better food and clothing?
Why are you always paying them peanuts?
You want them to always lead a hand to mouth life?
What does pain you, for the succes of poor a chap?
Or you want to" assist "for always,
To ironically "care" for always?
You are comfortable "feeding" them, as the sweat to dine?
What's this pain?
When they wear rags and work under unknown pressure, it's your happiness?
I'm sorry, i will sue you.
In a court of no mercy,
Where justice don't prevail,
I will make sure you loose,
I will not feel your pain,
I will **** your ill fated spirits!!!!
Because your paing, releaves the poor man!
Poor man must have a chance.
To wage and turn things around!
Jun 2019 · 94
Sweet time
It's not me to say,
But when said, attention i pay,
The sweetest time human feel,
Is the time they ***,
The sweetest time human feel,
Is that at *******.
You heard me say?
Come for a pay!
Sweetest moments of human beings.
Jun 2019 · 186
Love hurts
Those who say love hurts,
Have never Loved,
Love is coexistence in a positive bond that grows.
Its rejection that hurts, sure?
Please, it's loss that hurts not love!
For sure, comparing oneself with friends hurt no guesses!!!
It's failure that hurt, not love,
Love should be mutual never partial, don't be loved, love,
O'wise it will pain.
Love don't hurt, it's pain that hurt!
Love hurts
Jun 2019 · 125
Thanks to God
As i go to bed, i bow,
To give thanks to the almighty,
The provider, the caretaker,
The alfa and the omega.
Thanks God for today.
I hope and need you again uptill
Give me health and nice sleep,
Remember my children and my readers  too.
I pray shortly in your name.
Jun 2019 · 202
You always have a finger to point,
That ill Fated finger will be cut short.
For you are using it for a wrong purpose.
Jun 2019 · 81
For always short is Sweet,
Time consuming and boredom,has For long hid nice Phrases .
For now, allow me Share only That!
Jun 2019 · 188
Never call yourself a corpse while you still have a chance to live however bad your situations are,
Never refer yoursel a carcass fed by worms while you still got a chance to breathe,
Never lie to yourself that your dying even when a single centimeter to the grave, while you stil can live,
Never see yourself poor while you stil have a big chance to gather wealth,
Never accept that you are useless and helpless while a million chances of bouncing back are waiting for for you to pick and move along strong,
Never say things are done when still you got some points to rectify and perfect,
Never give up feeding a cow that give no milk while still waiting for her own fruits to mature,
Never change a positive coarse, just because it has taken long time, while still can make to its optimal maturity,
Never ever give up, while still have a think about an issue,
Perception has killed many dreams that would have changed the world,
Shortcuts have killed the most infuential and suggestive successes people had,
God had a purpose for problems, gender parity, living classes, age difference and so forth.
Delayed success is still success,
Being dutiful and mindful can change everything.
#never ever give up.
I'm charged to inspire,
The low in spirit can be the most waited transformers of this worled,
The least can be the most,
So help me inspire my poem!
Jun 2019 · 92
All is fine when life is hard,
When my head is bald
Yet my wallet read like bank
My accounts balance at 0.00
No creditors, no debtors
It's fine anyway,
My unhealthy state proofs me wrong
My vision is blurred,
My mission is blocked...
With all the signs necessary,
I pleadge for a breakthrough
Though my voice is fainting,
My urge is astounding,
The driving force within my chest,
Can burst open my future,
Wild as it may sound,
Truth shall always stand,
My life, short as it maybe,
Hard it may look,
Sad as of now,
My future shall define my fate!
I should break all the walls,
No hindrance shall never stand.
Huddles will paint my life,
Steps they will be,
My success has just began.
That is why,
Optimistic i am to say,
All is fine behind all odds.
Optimists have along journey.
Jun 2019 · 270
Next time
Next time is always there!
A phrase well known,
My worries,
When will this next time come,
For us, the poor, to wake?
When will this "tomorrow " come?!
I've been patient enough!
I'm sort of tired... If life should hail its journey let it be today
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