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21.5k · Jan 2015
what a kind of Friendship?
Are you a friend?
A wolf
A ****** sucker?
Your aim my money,
Your happiness,
When you get me well off
You kiss me tight
When everything is right
You say honey
When in my wallet is money
You say hi
When you think I'm high
Just get to know
That my heart is No
More a joke!
My mind You choke
You always leave it bleeding
I now go weeding,
All the suckers
All the parasites
All the untrue friends
The cheats
The liars
Are up rooted
I am now new
I am genuine
Faithful to myself
In need
Of a true
Self coexisting
And a mutual benefiting friendship!
Defined by true love,
Love unconditional
Who,who can still lead a tiresome life?
For my case,enough is enough
11.0k · Feb 2015
why KENYA?
K….Kenya my beautiful country
E ….earn honors and respect
N …none is like you my country
Y …you shine brighter compared to any other
A …across the world, you light brighter that the sun

The beauty sceneries of the green vegetation
The dark color of the people of Kenya
The arable land in Kenya
The mines
The animals and tourist centers in Kenya
The presidency
The politics
The hot springs
The digitality in Kenya
The economic growth in Kenya
The agricultural sector,
The flag of Kenya
The education sector in Kenya
All make me feel proud of Kenya….
And I feel so good to be Kenyan.
I love Kenya
I am a proud Kenyan.
4.6k · Feb 2015
Why Kenya?
K….Kenya my beautiful country
E ….earn honors and respect
N …none is like you my country
Y …you shine brighter compared to any other
A …across the world, you light brighter that the sun

The beauty sceneries of the green vegetation
The dark color of the people of Kenya
The arable land in Kenya
The mines
The animals and tourist centers in Kenya
The presidency
The politics
The hot springs
The digitality in Kenya
The economic growth in Kenya
The agricultural sector,
The flag of Kenya
The education sector in Kenya
All make me feel proud of Kenya….
And I feel so good to be Kenyan.
I love Kenya
I am a proud Kenyan.
4.3k · Jan 2015
Love like real
Doves who act real
Together like one
For truth you are one
Behaving lovebirds
Innocent like two lovely birds
Wasting time together
Because each is for the other
For you love each other
And you only 'know' each other .
Call it affectionate
For really it is affectionate.
I wrote four years ago,in my form three.I still see the sense in the wordings.
4.3k · Jan 2015
flame of love
Love is a flame
Consuming two souls,And
Melting them to one
Only when it is real and true

Fake love is *****
Dusty and rusty
Boring and tiring
It is lengthy
That hours don't elapse
Days are months and months are years

True love is nice
Sweet and short
Everyday ends early
And every night is short
Years are months and months are days...days elapse like hours

I hate fake love

I love true love

But I do?
I do follow my heart

"dear my heart lead me to whoever has true love"
Because to quench my thirst,
Clean is paramount.
Love is like a bunsen burner flame,burning and very hot.
2.8k · Jan 2015
Force of Love.
For love,he puts on a forced gait
So he moves into her beautiful gate
Sure to him to have their first date
He peddled hard but arrived late
Hoping for the best,He never knew his fate
Sure enough,she had to wait
For she died to see her new mate
Who happened to place the wrong bait
Therefore all molested into a big hate.
Cool everything defines success.
2.4k · Jan 2015
grow Kirui grow
Early before the **** crows
I woke up to sing,"grow"
Grow grow grow
Grow Kirui grow
Grow and be a doctor grow
Grow grow grow.
And my mother could spent time
Gazing at me..
Could it be spirits ?
She could ask but never did she!
I was tuned and steared
I knew nothing but my song
Grow grow grow.
The world has constantly made me go back sing.
Grow grow grow.
I sing to restore hope
To enrich my faith ..
Grow grow grow!
2.1k · May 2015
If my devotion to work will bring me success,
I will not sleep until I see it coming my way.
I am obsessed,
Only if my hard work will pay.
2.0k · Jan 2015
sincerely... answer me
What is poetry ?
I am defeated please!
Kindly answer me
Poets give me a definition this is a challenge please please .
1.6k · Jan 2015
a virus
The world is being reduced to emptiness
Two or less
Shall miss a breathe a day
And the world
Shall go empty
The virus
Is not practically tested
It is a wonder!
To save people
Be a role model
The virus
Is "****!"
1.5k · Jan 2015
Two wisdoms fighting
Two great minds
On each other they land
Each never knew the other
But they fought each other
The secret was kept
Not to let unconscious conscious
So there were two men
One a poacher
The other trader.

Trader:my friend, make me a sword,
My honey I give in return.
Poacher:ok,let us meet tomorrow.
(They part)
The trader was a liar
The poacher was a cheat
The day came
Each sent a boy to pick the items
Trader:(sent soil,smeared by honey,)
Received a wood carefully
Chopped and a sword
It looked.
Caught amazed
Just laughed at himself
Pocher:(sent the "sword")
Received the "honey"
Caught amused
Laugh at the haux
The poacher invite the trader
They go poach
The day was set
And it came,off they set
The bush rough,
Grass wet,
Poach on the lead!
Poach:(seeing an angry beast,)
My friend,the coarse has
Turned rough,come lead this
Shrubby path!
Trader:is it ***** or thorny?
Poach: *****!
Trader:I lead we go back home,turn
And follow me!
They went back home
The danger was evaded.
The liar and the cheat were clever.
The trader invited the poach
Come for this honey
we got to harvest
And he came
Trader:(climbs the tree,he realises
that there was a big snake
My friend,the bees are fierce
Come help me.
Pocher:is it smooth or sticky?
Trader:smooth my friend!
Poacher: come we go,we have to set
another day then
The clever men went home save
The liar lost,the cheat lost
They were clever.
The cheat invited the liar,
Come home for a meal!
That day he drank a cow!
And the friend arrived
A heavy lunch then,
Poacher:I have a problem,for years
This my cow has been sick!
What kind of sickness
This can be?
Trader:(taking his time,'staggering?')
If cows could take alcohol
I can say this one is drank!
The men laughed jointly
And the wisdom minds
Got them by surprise.

The liar and the cheater
Were the best wisdom
Of the time
Gratitude my culture a story
A song from a recognised kalenjin
Phrases added!
1.4k · May 2015
Sometimes I wish
To live the eagle's life.
Full of light and sharp eyesight,
Upward over 600 meters
But still,sharp to locate a mole underground.
With speed and swifty,
Lightening as it strikes .
Devotion to risking,
Can pass trough a metal and die
Just aiming at the mole,
Powerful and strong,
Can cause currents,to storm stumbling blocks,
Moving them out of its way,
Success to pick grasses
If at all to miss the mole.

I am growing the eagle
And crazy i am,
I will pick a stone
If at all i miss Gold,
But i am aggressive
I will finally pick myself GOLD.

be the next eagle,
Sharp eyesight you employ
See the opportunities, and try
If you miss them don't cry
If you get them don't die,
Grow stronger and fight harder
Pass through metal if you miss focus
Employ swift motion
Calculate more than a computer ,
Be risking,
One day,
I tell you.
1.4k · Jan 2015
My Coat that was a goat.
I had a coat
Made from skin
That was a goat.
My coat made me thin
I was a skeleton
and my friends
Thought I was torn
They worried of my trends.
I was born to poor
They mocked me of poverty
Tears,I could pour.
In me was genuine liberty
I summoned my few kids
And I told them about courage ,
For Holes in life had lids
And we had not to be discouraged
"we have to face it courageous
This life is ours to live
We,being gorgeous
This life is our beautiful leaf
We have to remain hawk eyed
And clever like non
To always live today
And hope for tomorrow
Our past to control we can't
Today,our future we can ruin
So my kids,
Let us work to our best of ability !"
That day,
I threw away my coat
I focused on life
In less than a year I had what I called mine
I grew better
Wiser and
Today,I see the change.
Hope is my song
Change is my rhythm
Determination is my guitar
Devotion is my soloist
And my dancer is perseverance.
I am on my way to my destiny
Further away from my coat
That was a goat!
Life has shown me fruits
Fruits I never saw before
The only problem now
I don't reach them
But because I am  growing
Tall I be,and reach them
I thank God for prosperity !

You can have my story too
Believe in yourself.
1.3k · Jan 2015
Stop it!
Kindly stop it!
Let me be Sincere
Headache you cause me severe
I am a child of God
And I believe in God
I am bound by ten commandments
And I keep them in my apartments
So please get it right
The way I am,I am alright
The ****,your snaps
My whatsup,give me hot slaps
Sensation cutting across
I swallow in your miasma,
Like I will carry my cross
Stop injecting me poison
You are soon making me sin!
Dear girl,
I'm writing to you wherever
Stop tempting him in whatever
Long nails that paint
Round mouth that curl
Tight ******* that play
Short skirt that stretch
A short shirt that expose
Are all fake!

Be natural girl
Tidy is mighty
Clean is godly
Smart is original
Patience is a virtue
Mr Right can be him
You keep him off
By fake!
1.3k · Jan 2015
one sentence
I was conceived
when my parents recited a love poem together,
my mother then spent nine months when a poet was growing in her womb,
nowadays my mother ask me ,
"Son,where did you picked this bad character of description ?"
And my answer is one sentence
"Dear mother,you recited a poem the day I was cconceived"
"The bed and the talk made the hymn"
Smiling rather sad,
"Go out and don't come in again"
But my heart describes anything
The sun
The moon
Emotion and everything
To say,that come my sight
I call it
A poet character.
Poets complexity
1.2k · Jan 2015
Tell me
How my morning could be
If I wake up
To miss my daily poem from hello poetry
To miss my cool rnb music selection
Or to find my phone off
Or stolen
When I miss my daily poem,
I will have a late break first
If I miss my music
I will sing alone at work
If my phone is off
I will remain stressed.
My joy,my daily food
Vybes  ,lines and verses
Obsessed .
My call of heart to brighten up my day.
1.2k · Jan 2015
share my story!!!
I am here a poet
And like I do,
Someone messaged me
Like a friend ,I replied
She gave me her mail
That she had an important story to share
Like a man,I gave her mine
She was thankful
But soon she turned a refugee
Under refuge in Senegal
And desperate for help
She asked my occupation
She asked my account details
She asked for my support to transact
I refused all of them
Now she needs money
To come and meet me on Kenya.
I went ahead
To check her account in here
And she had a one COPY PASTED POEM,
And she was got,
If you are the one,
Kindly try when I am drank
I will pour out all my secrets
I will transfer half of my money to you,
The only problem is
I love Christ
And I don't go near a pub
Leave alone getting drunk.
I will disclose your details!
If you are this one,Kindly Cut your story short!
stephanibaby  7 days ago

I am Miss stephani, I have go through your profile, Well according to your profile,on this site I think I've taken an interest in it. We can get to know each other better through this way, my email is (
WRITE DIRECT TO MY EMAIL ID I have something important to tell you.i hope to hear from you. Thanks yours ,

Kirui frank junior  7 days ago
I have just written to your email.
1.2k · Feb 2015
Flaming love(With Blythe)
All I need is love
But it is the true one that want to have
Let me feel thy sweetness
Make my heart be filled with happiness.
Conversing emotion
Keeping love in motion;
Vibrant hearts
Nothing hurts;
Clouds of love as huts
Without you, I'm going nuts.
If by any chance
To the rhythm of my heart, you cannot dance,
Please be true to me
And don't ever fool me,
Don't give my heart false hope
Give me some time to mope;
A piercing pain is what I'll feel
Hoping for the time when I will heal.
This is a unified work of two
Kirui and Blythe.
1.2k · Jan 2015
dangerous pitfalls
I call it pitfalls
Because in,people fall
Engineers, doctors and lawyers
Have fallen and covered by the layers
The poor and the rich alike
Fallen and choked by spikes

We call it recreation
Which has caused fallen creation .
***** mark to leave
In how precious we live
Pitfall of drugs
In pleasure we get in a drag
Alcohols and bhang
****** and madrax
Cigarette and ****
All were traps
My worry is how they strap
And make people their prey
I fear going astray
And make a choice to pray
Calling ***** a *****
Thus pithfalls I evade.
My drunken brothers ,poor in the wealth they posses.
The dragging power of drugs
Left them confused and in full time hungovers
1.1k · Jan 2015
the gem of life
Maybe life has given you a bright gem
The gem I work for day and night
The one that would turn soil
And make of it an oil
The oil that never a day spoil
Never spoil but smear the skin soft
Soft and your life turned a smooth
A smooth that in it a problem smothers
That which builds confidence
I call it a gem of life
Precious and important!
                  gem of life
Precious and important!
Gem .a precious stone ...
1.1k · Mar 2017
I am going to die soon
I know my days on earth are few,
I will die soon,

I have no heart issues,
I have no canser ,
Not even any terminal disease,
But I will die soon,

I know I am indebted to all of the people,
All my friends,
All my enemies,
But I am sorry that I am going to die soon.

It will not be suicide,
I will not be accident ,
It will not be poisoning ,
I just know I will die soon.

For I know in a count of three,
Or two
Or one thousands of years lies my coarpse ,
I will die soon.

But not before I see my son marry,
Not before my wife see our last born girl get a husband,
Not before my hair lost,
All will come then when bonus come I will celebrate and die.

I know I will soon die,
I am sorry  but soon I am going to die
1.0k · Apr 2015
fake medals
Uncountable MEDALS I met in the past
Friends I thought were valuable
Were just to make a super thinking brain of my then mind
Now i am happy for them
They made me MEDALS that are real,
Only to be replaced.
Fake friends! """"""!!!
998 · Jan 2015
Check this Image
I am inside a room
It is so wonderful
Seated on a complaining bed
"Kiki kaka kiki kaka"
The bed is complaining
On it is a three inch mattress
It is shrinked to one inch
Before me is a table
Full of complaining books
Others lack hard cover
Others pages were used as tissue
Others pages were used  as insulators
On top of one is a Brocken pig pen
It ran short of ink
And it is complaining
Working under unfavourable conditions
To my left is a stove
The rice it a sufuria are complaining
The gas is smelling
At the furthest corner is a radio
Complaining, shortage of power
Life cannot be such promising
Seated alone and talking with apparatus within
I am spending today
To renovate them all
That next time
They praise not complain !
Just imagine
This image
Did you saw?
993 · Apr 2015
Sometimes, times that count and are rare
I think,thoughts that are funny
Perhaps, and I always find it true
In my past i had more gold medals, but were useless
For in them,and I have proved,was vanity .
I used, and it was a strain,
All I had to plan a future that I saw
Lucrative though,had a survival sense,
Today,happy enough , all the bad gold gave room to my real MEDALS.
Fake friends die the smooth way
do i look expired?
i think am inspired!
for my friends who mistook me for a stressed guy
they should know i am blessed
i am not pressed either
my everything fits okay
right from hairstyle
to my toes
my trousers aren't torn
my pockets aren't empty
if i could have a chance to host you for lunch
i surely won't hesitate
to let you know who really i am
because for sure you don't know me....
you just wander around
asking about me
you call my friends asking about me
you text alot questioning me
you are wrong ,i can't wait to inform you that
never worry about my life
never question how i take it
never show mercy to me
never pity me.......
i am okay
i am happy
i am prosperous and never stagnating
i was born a hero
and i will die one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you should know
less than you think you should about me.
i sent this to all my secretaries wherever!
These kind of people make me laugh at them!
940 · Jan 2015
wink wink
Like I call it
A sign of a tired soul
The eyelids turn heavy,
And unable to function
Muscle does not contract
But do relax
And the head turns heavy still
You fall off the chair
Or your pen fall off your hand
And wakes you up
You ignite it up
Once again
But fails and fall again!
I call you ,
Wink wink
Go to bed and share your story
The next day!
Rest is worth a day full of concentration ,so if you mind your tommoro ,have enough rest.
930 · Mar 2015
qwan iman*
Life has gone too fast
It made me a big tortoise
I am a tourist attraction point
But still I believe
All will be OK.
Qwan imam
* qwan iman is a kalenjin word meaning truly painful.
898 · Feb 2015
Let's come together against CANCER!
Let there be a stand still
The world be rendered silent for a moment
Three second to fill
For a short kind benevolent
Because we really have to feel
Our fallen heroes to comment
Cancer brought this world a threat
That which is a not one man fight
It came in all filth
Pain untold
Torture and suffering
This ailment is poison
Whose antidote we fight to get
Let's join HANDS
Let's go firm together
We need a global unity
To aid Forster for one hidden secret
The secret to **** this enemy
This sole enemy we call it cancer
It has won over us for long
Enough is enough we say today
We are fed up
We are tired,aren't we?
We won't stand any lose again
We won't settle for less this time
We are up to fight
And we are fighting together as one
For in our might, we gonna defeat cancer
Whatever the kind or type
Known to us or unknown
Cancer's territories this time down we bring
And burning it to ashes a must.

Kirui Frank junior
Kenya,I am fighting cancer in my all might!
Join me please!
Let's be felt
This is our belt
Like one
Let's act one
And present
The world this my present
It belongs to you all
A poets hole,if you fall
895 · Jan 2015
Boyon kipkolaj sambu
Old granny in hat
Boyot kipogeny
Old granny lived long ago
Kiam munyung ab ngwony
He ate salts of the earth
Kisigunen tengekto nyin
He was saved from his sins
Ak koyan kiplelajek
He believed the whites
Konyon somanet
He accepted education
Koit ngomnotet
Knowledge came
Krbagach tumotet
He left tobacco plantations
Boyondoni kogingom
This granny was clever
Kiisib tiendo
He kept the song
Mometo bitenyin
He never dropped his culture
Bitet neanyin kot
A sweet culture
Kingom boyondoni
This granny was clever
Kongoi oboyon!
Thank you granny!
My culture ,Bitenyun
877 · Jan 2015
I am a butterfly
am a butterfly
Only that I don't fly
I undergo metamorphosis
Under constant change and transformation
I grow day in day out
I was an egg
Then a boy,
Crawling like a caterpillar
I turned a butterfly
And beautified with lines
And phrases of poetry
I am a butterfly that can't fly.
Change inevitable
823 · Feb 2015
cultivating love
I hate to learn that
For sure I jam your mind
But I love you
Your respect is paramount
For my case
You took all my feelings
And even if this night is long
It will end
In a crack of dawn.
You go to bed
To remain sleepless
Not that you are OK
But because someone
Is in your mind
And your heart sweats blood
Its painful and really painful
But not so long
Love is cultivated.
806 · Mar 2015
my prayer today
This is for the most supreme
The almighty Jehova
The creator and mover of earth.

I have sin and not once have i insulted you
Not by word of mouth but through my actions.
I humble myself to seek for forgiveness.

I have trespassed dear almighty
I have used my body sinfully
I haven't been good at all,
I followed the worldly desires out ot my consent
God,I need a chance of reciprocating
I need change and be clean once more
No one,shall confirm me apart from you

My inequities are far much worse
I'm no longer fit for your house at all
Lord Jesus,take me I wipe your floors,
Because it is my only time I will be save
It is my single chance of life that remains
I now have known life though by chance
Thank you God for your eye opening.

I supplicate my prayer to my friends
Save their souls from danger Jehova
God,Father of us
See those in hospitals and heal them
See those in planes,cars,motorbikes ,bikes and pedestrians
Give them save journeys
You know the orphans father ,
Guide them and lead them to prosperity .
The old too Father ,grand them peace.

Lord give me power ,that I curse the demons away
Those that bring confusion I rebuke you in Jesus name
You have no power to thriumph over us
I chase you away in the mighty name of God
You have no power to stand near the people of God
Go to where you belong .

Lord ,Jesus we thank you
We bring praise and honor
All belong to you
I pray this short prayer
Believing and trusting in your name
I dedicate my morning and life to serve Christ Jesus .
798 · Jan 2015
New year!
Happy new year everyone
May I hear a response?
my skeleton of the new year
hangovers of last year
Debts carried forward
To begin from borrowing
Just to have a chapati
In last  year's clothes....
What will good be made of this year?
Just in ***** thoughts of last year
Just weak in spirit of motivation
Weak body
Weak joints
But strong desire to make good of today
Will I?
I just go near death
My poems ink are rotting over paper
Waiting to be published
Oh no no no no!
Like I call it my new year.
Strain and stress
745 · Jan 2018
Maybe someday
As i flip the pages
like i did for ages
one day
it will pay
i mean i wil find something new
which i knew
that i will find a million
for my pages will be read by a battalion
my senses will be right
and i will pay whoever will write
i know it will happen
that my readers will have pens
to write what they know
and i will read 'em come snow
far and wide
i will,as i walk and hear my strides
i will always remain devoted to my friends
even if they never trend
i will read 'em always
until they ask themselves how i make it in all the ways
i will read in the rains
even when my shirt stains
i will read in the sun
even when my head burn
i will read read and read
until i forget to see my breeds
my people will wonder why
but i will hold my answer to buy.
maybe it will happen someday!
Please correct my poem where you can.
736 · Jan 2015
what if...?
It is crazy
To think like me...
I am laughing at my thoughts
I think of these things:
What if ?, Is the question ...

What if life had a pause,
Would you press it?
Would you get tired and bravely enough pause your life then later press it on?
I am wondering how many times I would pause mine

What if life has a refreshing button
Would you press it?
Would you mess and just refresh life and golden you turn again?
I am wondering how many times I would refresh mine

What if life had reverse gear
Would you reverse it?
Would you grow that when white hair grows you just reverse to your teenage?
I am wondering how many times I would reverse mine

What if life had a replay button
Would you press it?
That you liked an incident so much that you replay it daily!
I am just wondering how many times I would replay mine

What if life had an ending button
Would you press it?
That the problem you undergo is too big,and life is too tiresome,boring and you just end it.
I am just wondering if I would ever take my hand near that button!!!

Life is spiral ...
we rotate as we climb
same as we deteriorate
We miss steps and stumble
And pour blood
And hurt because we are human!

Life is a ladder
We need to lean it fast on a wall before we climb
Hands,eyes and legss
Should be proper to use.

Life is an equation
We need a rule
To solve it!

Life is perishable
We need a greenhouse
To mould it,
For its optimum performance
Is above the threshold of might
A man can.
Sweet life....

I am a teenager!
725 · Aug 2015
Tailored Life
Always fighting to please my boss in cheers,
My eyelids were flaccid
Having poured tears for long
My only shirt was tasty
Salty for my tears,
My weak posture betrayed me,
Where third parties were,
He could force threads of concern,
"Are you okay?"
Not just uttering but in a soothing caring language,
It wasn't concern but to please guests,
"No,I contracted malaria."
I had to save his good nature,
And imagine in all my honesty,
He overworked me,
His tummy needed my food
His fields needed my weeding,
His cows needed my milking,
But worst,
HIS **** NEEDED MY *****
Yet in all these,
He had a wife,
He chased his shamba boy,to add mine salary
Which was a top up of my day's meals.
In all,I stood against poverty,
And tailored my life.
723 · Jun 2017
dear wife,
love our *******,
children our blessings,
i feel happy for you,
you gave me very good children,
i loved you much for that,
keep to me,
to my last breathe i mean,
sure enough,
you are the mother of my family,
i am surprised for what happinness you give me,
God be with you always,
it was a short letter,
which i can write endless,
my deep appreciation come to you,
kindly read this always,
i will write everyday in blue ink,
to show you that i love you and no one else.
Good morning beb.
to lorna,my wife
708 · Mar 2017
What is short,
I mean what short is short,
I can't tell whatever is short ,
Can you tell me what is short ?
Can short be short?
Because everything can be short.

I hear people say life is short,
Other say problems live short,
Lies can be uncovered short,
But I don't think short is short ,
Long can be short?
Can long be short?
670 · Jan 2015
clever minds.
He could speak fluently
He was eloquent
He proved an elite
So he came to my foolish sister
And poured enough English
She was lured enough
And she was won
I told her to wait.
She could not believe me.
Enough she was convinced
"I am in University
A pursuant of analytical chemistry"
My sister loved beyond love
I took her to the science laboratory
Like for love
She invited him
A handsome well knit guy
He had careful steps
His hair style was fitting
He was a "gentleman"
I could not believe him.
I gave them apparatus
I gave them papers
To do the naming
The results were surprising
The quy could not name any.
I told him
"Ok what name is this apparatus ?"
He replied,
"Ok ,its been some time since I used that one."
I smiled ...
"What is the use of a pippete?"
"It is used for pippeting !"
My friend was disturbed
I pitied him.
I pitied my sister,
She held a degree in political science
But was lured by a form two dropout
They were dead into each other
Inseparable and loving
I told them one word
"Be true to each other,
You are the best that be."
He was a clever mind
And duped my dear sister
And she died to his true love.
I found this laughable
But I congratulated him
He was a clever man
Got my sister's weak point.
They loved each other inseparable.
646 · Jul 2015
i have lost enough
I bet I have lost enough ,
having worked a day to list ,
all the losses I already kissed ,
I believe I have lost enough .

the list is long,
I wonder how me it belongs ,
right from my willingness to risk,
I bet I have lost enough .

making myself courageous ,
to accepting the every single loss,
consoling myself to try one more ,
to losing again and again ,
I must be feeling discourouged...
636 · Aug 2015
Tailored Life
Always fighting to please my boss in cheers,
My eyelids were flaccid
Having poured tears for long
My only shirt was tasty
Salty for my tears,
My weak posture betrayed me,
Where third parties were,
He could force threads of concern,
"Are you okay?"
Not just uttering but in a soothing caring language,
It wasn't concern but to please guests,
"No,I contracted malaria."
I had to save his good nature,
And imagine in all my honesty,
He overworked me,
His tummy needed my food
His fields needed my weeding,
His cows needed my milking,
But worst,
HIS **** NEEDED MY *****
Yet in all these,
He had a wife,
He chased his shamba boy,to add mine salary
Which was a top up of my day's meals.
In all,I stood against poverty,
And tailored my life.
626 · Jan 2015
check it out!
Like my great grandfather lived
A Century ago
Still I am coiled
Inside a rocket,grass thatched roof,
Aged like my community
Yet I hold a degree in Pure maths
We call it norms
And respect them ,
Yet we think we embrace change!
Cultural believes have caves in human borns
603 · Mar 2015
a moment in the sun
When you shall shine bright
Like light glows within you
Like your skin is a bulb
And your eyes
Prove delight
True love not hidden
that is the time you will say
‘Thanks  God, today’s my day’
A day that will be  unique
Your  best moment
within the
shall be rewarded
you shall be delighted
you shall sing the best song
best dancers shall participate
the secret is only one sentence
press on, keep work alive,
Meaningless stories
kindly forget
for time
and others
you may wish for.
I hold my cup
My trophy is
Awarded for success
This far I came,
Wasn’t simple at all
I cracked even harder walls,
People were surprised and asked for the secrets I had
Ofcourse I had none,
The faith within me
The driving force   that kept me going
The patience and perserverance
All, I kept that were so painful
All I fogave, for the unforgivable they did to disappoint me
For the mocking and the spiting they did behind me,
All were meant to be like they war
I cracked through them,in no big blows,
I never fought to win
I kept love,
I kept patience,which was so hard to
And like a termite,
I picked one soil at a time, to achice a very big anthill
Man can spent time,only t be defeated…
That was my secrets
And they handed me this cup
This throphy to be specific.
Wrote in school
603 · May 2015
i am a...
I am air,invisible but in existence
I am a flower,nice but perishable
I am water ,colorless but important
I am a poet,many lines but mean
I am a frog,noisy but deep under water.
I am a...
I am a...
602 · Apr 2015
seven lines
In seven days of the week
My mind got weak
Tired of dancing with the coin,
learning a lot that seemed vain
Monday to Sunday was the count
That made what i called my week
Full of stressing probability math .
My short poem on a week's experience
602 · Jan 2015
Read my picture
Palm on the cheek
Wondering over my next week
Will my body remain weak?

Skin complexion turned yellow
Especially near my elbow
Will I get medicine in Moscow?

Brain full of questions
Rhetoric kind of questions
Will problems come to completion?

To sum it all I am alone
Pondering all over my bone
Will supper be made of this scone?
When it comes to difficult situation consulting is not an option,it is the only choice .
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598 · Jul 2015
severally i died before,
born at the cracking grounds,
where food is smoke in absence of fire,
rain is like the donkey's horns,
and clothes like the pig's skin,
i was hardened!

my innocence got lost at one,
i knew problems from the scorching crust,
i fought with ants who chose to feest on me ,
my peace was interrupted daily,
it made me hard ,
for that i will not die soon.

i cracked through stones,
right i feel alright,i sit on a soft chair,
before a flat screen television,
trying to figure out the far i came,
the steep mountains i climbed,
it all ends in a smile. it has not been easy at all.

as i chew the soft marrow,
sweet and mouthwatering,
i find it funny,
to recal how i crashed the bones,
to survive i tried,
now i will live longer,to enjoy the fruits of my perseverance.
this is an imaginative poem,it helps me  feel good and think that my endurance and patience will one day pay me good....that day i will feel like living in eternity.
596 · Aug 2015
i am a butterfly
Body I am a butterfly
Only that I don't fly
I undergo metamorphosis
Under constant change and transformation
I grow day in day out
I was an egg
Then a boy,
Crawling like a caterpillar
I turned a butterfly
And beautified with lines
And phrases of poetry
I am a butterfly that can't fly.
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I am a fly
589 · Mar 2017
Cherry oh baby
Cherry oh cherry oh baby ,
Do you know I'm in love with you?
If you don't believe I do,
Then know that I love you madly....

O  ohhh ,oooo ohhhho,
Ohhh ohhh ohhh **;

Baby come sit by my side,
Then just turn to see my eyes,
So we see each other close,
Coz I really love you baibeee.

Yoh yoh yoh,yoh yo yoooh,
You'll keep me so cool ooo,
For I really love you baby,
Listen to me sing for you ahhhh.....

Time spilling so fast darling ,
Do not take long to come sweet heart ......
Yoh ohhh oh baby,
just come over my side.

Cherry cherry oh baby,
Cherry oh baby,
O oho ohhh baibeee.....
O oho ohhh baibeee!
Sweet love untold on top of love.
My cigar awakes my sanity ...
I take a puff and I start to see,
I begin to think ,
I start to smile alone,
I regain my subconscious being .

The irony of talking to people not with me start,
I write to the dead,
They almost immediately reply,
And I begin  to own what I lack,
This makes me feel so good.

When my packet is left with two,
I begin to stress,
I see a hard time,
I regret my inabilities,
I call for more,just because i cannot live without.
I am addicted to cigarettes.
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