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Yesterday's tomorrow
Exist everyday
May not adore it
Yet reject the alternative
Time slips away
Rejoice in the heart♡
Of every second
Blessed here to
Pain grounds me to reality
I can feel it while watching TV
Pokes and prods
Will you please
Figure out
  What's ill'in me...
Take some blood
Figure out what will not die
Blame it all on yesterday's
Disruption is the final stage
Traveler Tim
If "Yesterday" accepted the blame
Wouldn't yesterday own it?
It would become Yesterday's blame!

That's why it's good to keep it simple.
grey dusk
blue tomorrow
fade to black
back to sorrow
take my heart
but never borrow
this love is all but spent
Standing here looking
Into the blue sky
Reminiscing about my childhood years
Teardrops on my cheeks
I would trade everything
To live it once more
I was the son of a mother
Who was bellow the poverty line
Father was a rolling stone
was nowhere to be found
The strangest thing is
I don’t remember being poor
I didn’t know a beans and cornbread
dinner was because we didn’t have money
And that my mom roasted peanuts
in the oven and cinnamon toast
was because we couldn’t afford
more expensive options
I only knew that they were delicious
and that my mom provided
was diligent with what she brought home
I remember my mom worked so hard to make things special
She made our birthday cakes and the Christmas
she pinched every penny to buy our toys and clothes
She would bring comfort where
there is hurt and unforeseen pain
She is what others view
as what’s right in this world
She is a breath of fresh air
Being poor didn’t stopped us from enjoying our-youths
Because love kept us
and gratitude
Turned little
into everything
Mother you’re the light of my world. The closest to perfection I’ve experienced in life........ A Mother!
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