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The tiny town's talented tailor
swiftly sews silken suits,
in his shop he plays the Wailers,
Bob Marley fills his boots.
Beside his shop
sits Susie's Sushi,
she serves him lunch
every Tuesday.
He leaves a tip because
she treats him well,
He's got a crush and
she can tell.
After lunch
it's back to work,
measuring here
and stitching there,
everthing is done
just savoirfaire.
All the town folk
say he is the master.
He smiles at this
and works all the faster.
Then on the corner
the clock strikes five,
with the last suit hung
he says enough of this jive.
He shuts the light
and locks the door.
Nine bells tomorrow
and he'll be back for more.
I should be at the top of the make it ******' stop list
but as usual
they have forgotten me until they want to call on me,
then they remember me.

I can't go out and it's Friday night
worked all week and I feel like *****,
going to take a pill or a bottle of ***
get myself kaylied and wait for the
Kingdom to come

we know that Jesus saves
but I hope he doesn't drink.

everything is so ****** endless
except for the bottle, we see our dreams in.

I'm tiring but still tied into the brickwork
We human animals
are born into this
world steeped in
ignorance and must
endeavor for a life
time to overcome
that inherited flaw.
Sadly, many of us do not
succeed in this endeavor.
One need not look long
or hard to see the results
of our failure.
( for Linda )

Her first puddle
"There's rain lying dead
in a hole!"

She's only ever
seen rain fall
not trapped in a *** hole.

"Why doesn't it
crawl out
and fall up?"

I see it happen
in thought if not in deed.

I have to admit
I'd never thought of it

Now she's all
grown up and
doesn't even remember it.

We meet a modern
day puddle and
she's puzzled...when I say:

"Why doesn't it
crawl out
and fall up?"

"Oh Da...!" she sighs
"How do you ever
think of such...things?"


Henri Nouwen once said:

"Our humanity comes to its fullest bloom in giving.
We become beautiful people when we give whatever we can give: a smile, a handshake, a kiss, an embrace, a word of love, a present, a part of our life...all of our life."

Or a way of seeing her world as only she could and letting you enter into her state of mind so that a mere puddle became a wondrous thing to child was always teaching me ways to see and to treat the world seriously as the sacred thing it is.

She had love for everyone and everything....I did my best to learn from her....she was my mentor.
Everyone I know
Seems to be broken
One way or another
Broken bodies
Broken hearts
Broken minds
Broken souls
In this broken world
And you know what
I am broken too
But if we can wait to heal
Our broken parts and not be tired of waiting.
If we can keep our heads up when all else comes apart
If we can watch the things we gave our life to, broken,
If we can trust ourselves
When all men doubt us
But make allowance for their
Doubting too,
    And stoop and repairing our cracks with dust of gold and hold on
Like a Kintsugi art
Indeed, my brothers and sisters
We can become more beautiful
More stronger than all of the doubters
In this broken world

Exactly because
We have been broken
 Aug 30 Ken Pepiton
I'd set fire to the air you breathe
so you can burn with every
"Memory is more indelible than ink."
—Anita Loos

Europe, after the rain,
the sun lending warmth and comfort.
fringes come into focus.
shadow journal,
fiscal dreams,
becoming ****** lines on a page;
procession bells
for young brides,
veiled in lace.
a touch from her
outstretched hands,
this honeymoon phase
running up the thigh,
the holding quite still until
she smiles for pendulum.
at first light, breakfast in bed,
granting pastel wishes on
boxing night,
then a letting go of the kite string.

new fingers in the medicine bottle,
tiny geometries
inside a house of reciprocal numbers.
paradise in mnemonic children:
cartwheels and handstands,
coloring books of
neglected spaces,
future ruins.
one hundred violins
play to isles of ignorance,
stray embers settle
along the solemn Chemin De Fer (railway).
a catalogue of afternoons
on the bike path
thru propeller seeds and dragonflies.

arriving in the haloed flesh:
skin dive,
the place of couloir descent;
**** beach,
the place of odd glances;
gun chamber,
the room of secondary light;
all horizon variations.
an algebra of darkness,
this dense Roman twilight,
their exiles unreflected
in blind lanterns.
our brightness will become
refracting silhouettes,
a broken yolk in the incendiary sky.

An autistic boy,
In search of his existence,
Fighting life alone...
Autism is a mental disorder. A person suffering with this disorder finds it hard to interact with society or individuals. It's very hard for them to communicate with others...
They repeat theirselves again and again in the state of panic and anxiety... But a study suggests that autistic persons are extraordinary and super intelligent...

This haiku is inspired by a Turkish Drama Series "MUCIZE DOKTOR"... will soon be writing a full length poem on AUTISM...
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