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  May 2020 Fidem-Faith
Austin Barker
This life is filled with worry
people always ask me what's so great about your story
What makes you different
Start with the mental finger print
People only see whats on the skin
Hey even I'm guilty of this simple sin
We all judge and judgement isnt bad
Yes judgment can hurt but it doesn't always make you sad
My Life of many ups an downs
60 billion twists an turn arounds
But I won I'm still living
Fighting an owning this love an beat I've been given
Welcome to my life, my world, an my mind
I'm glad to be unique, one an only, one of a kind
I'm back after being gone for over a year I'm back to stay
Fidem-Faith Mar 2020
There are people  who call them selves friends.
Yet they never were around because they liked you as a person but because they needed you for their benefit.
Something I learned in the past 2 years about life
Fidem-Faith Sep 2019
I thought I was blessed having good friends, people I can relay on, create memories with, study together and live our own adventures...

Then little by little the atmosphere changed...
It felt as if they are annoyed and troubled by me.
I denied that feelings and thought that I'm thinking too much about it. But slowly they started to have their own secrets, chat room, inside jokes, and then they started to hang out together without me..

I gave them million excuses for their actions, blamed my self for having a strict personality, got angry on my circumstances for not being able to hangout with them to certain places, and tried my best to fix my bad habits. Never did I realize the fact that I have never blamed them.

I got so gloomy, depressed, and sensitive at that time.
I still remembers how lonely I was despite being around them, how I acted dumbly as if I don't know anything, and that painful fake smile I had on my face.

For years I stayed...
Even when I knew what is best for me, I couldn't just leave and throw all the good things that we had together!!
There were times where I was happy with them.. times where I smiled genuinely and laughed so hard (I miss those times).. and times where I was thankful to them...

But things happen and we learn the difference between true friends that can be trusted and those who are only there to hangout with. After that incident I realize what I meant to them and finally decided to stop hanging out with them after long nights of crying..

It was hard at the begging to stop going with the people who you used to hangout with usually. It kind of felt lonely that the time we had together is no longer there.

But I did what I believe is the right thing for myself.
Even when it gets lonely sometimes, it is better than living a fake life.
Time will pass and hopefully I learn from this experience and meet better friends.

Although I'm not ready to have any honest contact with anyone for the time being..
Fidem-Faith Nov 2018
We are so different in our thoughts and interests..
I know that they get exhausted when they are around me sometimes..
I myself admit that I’m tired too, but I’ll keep at our friendship as long as they’ll see me as one.
Although I’m not sure if they’ll do the same in return..
Fidem-Faith Oct 2018
Sometimes, we feel as if we’re lost
wondering in space with no direction
We try to hold on to anything that may lead us or even give us a slight push
but again nothing change
Despite all of that, we keep on walking and searching
until we find our destination
Fidem-Faith Oct 2018
I kept myself busy till I got exhausted, and now that I’m taking a break to rest I remembered why I did that.. it was to keep my mind busy so I won’t have the time to think about it...
Fidem-Faith Sep 2018
I hate nightmares..
especially those painful once that are hard to escape..
those that when you wake up from you realize that it wasn’t a dream but a tragic memory that you couldn’t forget..

— The End —