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Quinn Revire Jun 2020
The wind blows through the night
While I try to find the light
The darkness blocks my path
To where the wind goes.
I try to follow the wind
But it seems endless
The path I’m taking seems pretty far
Hopefully the distance isn't war
The wind cools me off when I get to hot
So hopefully the path I follow will be cool.
Quinn Revire Mar 2020
I sit there waiting
In the rain
It’s starts to hail
I have no where to go
Maybe a shelter
But wait? I don’t have one
Life is sad
So just be glad
You have one
People don’t see
Other people’s life
You may start to think twice
I then find a shelter
I try to take cover
While lighting a fire
That goes out on its own
I curl up into a ball
Then I see light
Well my time is up
I’m in heaven now
No need to cry
I can fly now
Don’t be shy.
This is just a poem so it’s not true. I wanted it to be sad.
Quinn Revire Mar 2020
Fires can be beautiful
Fires can be harmful
Fires destroy forests
But sometimes it’s not our fault
Fire is an element
Like water
Water puts out the flame
Fire is orange and yellow and can be red
Fire can be blue to
Fire kills animals
Fire kills us
Don’t start a fire
The air starts fire to sometimes
So please be kind
And not like the fire
Hello no hate comments please
Quinn Revire Mar 2020
Air is good
Pollution is bad
They can lie to us
We need fresh air
Factory’s cause gas to go everywhere depending where you go
Smoking can cause cancer
It’s bad for the air
Protect us all
And make things right
Quinn Revire Mar 2020
The river is fast
The river can be slow
The river has trash
Like the ocean as shown
The trash kills water animals
So keep the water clean
Animals die everyday
So make the most of it
Take care of our planet before the days goes away
Please make this true
Quinn Revire Mar 2020
Bob is happy
Bob is sad
Bob is angry
Bob is mad
Bob has emotions you see
Bob likes the fog
Bob likes frogs
Please be kind to bob
And he’ll do the same
Be nice to bob please
Quinn Revire Mar 2020
Life is good
Life is bad
Life can be tough
Life can be hard
Why do you question about life?
We all should know
Because you have a lot to learn still
So be strong.
Hello people please I joy
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