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Jan 2015 · 487
Judypatooote Jan 2015
Every summer at our cottage
We lived without a phone.
Why we didn't even have a TV.
Back in the '40's
Then when we returned home
For winter months
We had to share a 2 party line
With someone we never met.
Excuse me, would you
Please hang up.
Oh yes you or they could
Listen in to the conversation.
I never dreamt that we would
Go from a huge dial up phone
To a tiny digital phone
That would be wireless
And connect to your iPad
And your computer .
Share not only conversations
But pictures, video's and poems.
Now my computer is in the
Fix it shop
And I am left with only
iPhone and iPad
By Reading....
A Novel thought..

By judy
Lost without my computer...but I WILL SURVIVE..... Lol
Jan 2015 · 2.5k
Judypatooote Jan 2015

The tooth fairy knows
When you loose that tooth
When my granddaughter
Lost her tooth
It was at Barry Bagels
With her other grandma
In the bathroom.
Dropped it
Couldn't find it
Grandma panicked
Granddaughter panicked
So home without a tooth
Sad granddaughter, sad grandma...
Her mommy saved the day...
A note under the pillow
From the tooth fairy
Dear Jenson
My tooth fairy friend found your tooth
And ask me to deliver your $ reward
With a little fairy dust added
And everyone was happy.
Wink wink....

By judy
Jan 2015 · 623
Judypatooote Jan 2015
I'm having a memory...
It's hot out,
I'm young,
I have a good body,
(well better body)
I'm in a two piece bathing suit,
Covered with baby oil
Mixed with iodine,
Laying on my chaise lounge,
With the sprinkler misting me,
Drinking a cold ice tea,
Two sugars and lemon,
Listening to Al Green sing...
Oh dear,
I just woke up,
Al Green is still singing,
But I'm flopped in my lazy boy chair
With my memory pillow
In back for my back...
The two piece bathing suit
And good body are gone...
And it's white outside...
Where did the time go?

By Judy
It's cold out.....and I really do love listening to Al Green....
Back in the 50's I lived in the sun....sun is good for you I heard...
And yes we mixed baby oil together with iodine it was like a copper tone.
Little did we know what that sunshine could do to you...
I'm still safe, but several of my dear friends have skin cancer...
Jan 2015 · 1.1k
Judypatooote Jan 2015
The mattress...

We've come along way
Getting that mattress just right
Growing up with box springs
Bare metal in the box on the bottom
On top was mattress filled with something that felt lumpy
But once a month my mom would flip over that mattress


Everything was boxed in
Finally you couldn't see the springs
But they were added to the top mattress too,
I know that because I felt them start to work their way out.
But never fear there was always
A sheet of foam that looked like waffles
that you could throw on top
And getting flipped over, down to once a year.


Comfort began and they looked pretty
I should be able to sleep the whole night through
They must be Sealy....
But waiting for that comfort to begin CAME AGE
No more flipping that mattress over
now I'm just happy if I can flip out of bed

But I'm happy to say that I have a memory pillow
But I'm sad to say that I think my memory pillow
is absorbing my memory....

By judy
A middle of the night thought...
Judypatooote Dec 2014
When I was just a little girl
I'd wish with all my might...
That I might hear those jingle bells
Ringing in the night...
A stomping and a ** ** **
I'd know that he was real...
Oh yes, I do believe I heard
One of the reindeer squeal...

The room in which I spent the night
Was cold and filled with apples...
While hiding under the blankets so warm
I'd sneak a bite, well just to sample...
I finally fell a sleep that night
With dreams of what I'd find...
A bride doll, perhaps with brown hair
She was a beautiful sight...

Christmas morning I'd wake up at dawn
And creep on down the stairs...
The tree was lit with colored lights
And tinsel everywhere...
I'd hear a tinkling sound from bells
Bells hanging on the tree...
Oh I do believe in Santa Claus
For my bride doll was waiting for me...

by Judy
I know I posted this the first of Dec. but it's such a great memory, I'm posting again...along with a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all...PEACE be with you...
Dec 2014 · 353
Judypatooote Dec 2014
The beauty of Christmas
With all of those lights
So many colors
That shine really bright

As I drive down the street
It's hard not to stare
For there's snowmen
And Santa's setting everywhere

Pine trees are covered
With LED lights and snow
The LED shines brightly
And the snow makes it glow

Listen! Listen!
There's music in the air
The sweet sound of Carolers
Songs they will share

We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Dec 2014 · 477
Judypatooote Dec 2014
I watch my granddaughter
At her school musical
And then she comes out to take a bow...

My grandson broke his finger
Playing football,
And then he broke it again
Playing indoor soccer...
More Pain...

On television I hear,
This beautiful sad song
Please adopt me
It's this adorable
Sad looking dog

Every Christmas story
That I have watched
And I loved

And watching the news...
Seeing all the fighting, plus
Protesting...everywhere Protesting...

By Judy
This world and all sad things that should not be happening bring TEARS TO MY EYES..
Dec 2014 · 1.3k
Judypatooote Dec 2014
Growing up with
Tap dance, toe tap, singing lessons.
Even a year of modeling thrown in.
Did I appreciate them?
Probably not...
But my mom did...
She had to, otherwise she wouldn't
Have taken me on the bus,
Each week to each class.
Made me all my costumes
And repeated the phrase
"Did you practice yet?"
Why does it take the
Age of a grandma
Who is watching her daughters
Dragging their daughters
To dance, singing, play practice,
And wondering do they
Appreciate what their
Mother is doing?
Probably not...
Just went to a play that my granddaughter was in and it made me think about what my mom did for me ... For all the work that my daughter put into this play, helping her daughter. It takes the grandma to appreciate....
Judypatooote Dec 2014
When I was just a little girl
I'd wish with all my might...
That I might hear those jingle bells
Ringing in the night...
A stomping and a ** ** **
I'd know that he was real...
Oh yes, I do believe I heard
One of the reindeer squeal...

The room in which I spent the night
Was cold and filled with apples...
While hiding under the blankets so warm
I'd sneak a bite, well just to sample...
I finally fell a sleep that night
With dreams of what I'd find...
A bride doll, perhaps with brown hair
She was a beautiful sight...

Christmas morning I'd wake up at dawn
And creep on down the stairs...
The tree was lit with colored lights
And tinsel everywhere...
I'd hear a tinkling sound from bells
Bells hanging on the tree...
Oh I do believe in Santa Claus
For my bride doll was waiting for me...

by Judy
This is one of my favorite bride doll had my hair on it. When I got my long hair cut, mom had it put on my bride doll...Still have her, but she is showing her age...more so than I am....:)
Nov 2014 · 1.4k
Judypatooote Nov 2014

A granddaughter whose life was taken too soon.
She was 17
A granddaughter whose had a heart of gold.
She could never be mean.
She suffered 2 years with cancer.
But didn't let that stop her.
On her way home from chemo
She had to stop for taco's.
She got her drivers license at 16
And was always lost.
She'd call her i'm lost...
Where are you mom would ask.
Down by 7-11
Your right around the corner.
She loved her STARBUCKS...
She loved life.
She made people laugh
In a very innocent way.
Yesterday was her birthday.
She would have been 27...
Hopefully HEAVEN is as beautiful as you imagined.
A Tropical paradise.
Sending you a hug and a Starbucks...
Love, granny
It!s been 10 years. I miss seeing this adorable face. It's so hard to understand why she was taken from us.
Nov 2014 · 426
Judypatooote Nov 2014
A morning in my jammies
Drinking a cup of tea
The tea was Strawberry Ginger
And it was made just for me.
I added a teaspoon of sugar
So it would be a little sweet
On this Sunday morning
It was a relaxing treat.
Nov 2014 · 754
Judypatooote Nov 2014
The cookie jar
Came from grandpa T
It was empty
He left that up to me
It looked like
An old time phone
Some times i'd bake
And sometimes i'd buy
But it was always filled
With cookies inside
My kids grew up
And no one checked
They'd be surprised
To see that dog bones
Were there instead...

By judy
Judypatooote Oct 2014
As I walk down the street
with my dog at my feet
he sniffs every blade of grass

The leaves are falling down
Falling down on the ground
Making a carpet for us to walk on

The sun is shining bright
But soon it will be night
And the moon and stars will grab our attention

But wait....

Its halloween night
Look theres  a child dressed like a dog
With the blade of grass falling out of his  mouth
and there's the Little girl
with a bag of leaves And a rake,
She is tossing those leaves like Rose petals
no sunshine but the moon is shining bright
A scary night of fright
a night to grab our attention
Just me babbling again....
Oct 2014 · 906
Carving that pumpkin
Judypatooote Oct 2014
Carving a pumpkin
It's that time of year
Should it look happy
Or should it show fear

Years ago my pumpkin
Had smiling eyes
A nose shaped like
A diamond
And a mouth filled
With carved teeth
A candle inside
Shining to show his smile

Years later the pumpkin
Turned into a creative jack o lantern
Made by my kids, for there kids.
A contest
Mom and son against
Dad and daughter
Once They made THE BEATLES
singing there songs
It was quite a creation
They couldn't go wrong
and once they made KISS
with there tongue's hanging out
They used there imagination
It made me want to shout
And each year was a different look
Shhhhh!   Don't tell the other
It was a surprise.....
I have seen the most creative pumpkins ever posted on pinterest or facebook...they brought back memories of some of my kids creations. The one thing i miss is roasting those pumpkin seeds...would they taste as good as i remember
Oct 2014 · 635
Halloween is almost here
Judypatooote Oct 2014
Halloween is almost here
What are you going to be this year?
I think i want to be a Witch..
I ask her mom, she said she switched.
Now she wants to paint her face
And be a Vampire, well that's just great.
Little girl, don't look so mean...
your meant to be a beauty queen.
Halloween time...yesterday a witch tomorrow a vampire, but to me she will always be a beauty granddaughter Zola...shes 5.  
Oct 2014 · 725
Judypatooote Oct 2014
The memories that were made around
My husband had a great idea
I'll build a FIREPIT
It will be like camping.
So with the help of my dad
They dug the hole,
Added built in benches
It was grand...
We had breakfast, hotdogs, chili
Oh yes, Marys chili
She made it on our FIREPIT
We  added neighbors, and all our kids.
Of course samores were a big hit.
One night we hauled the little
Black and white TV out there
And watched THE BLOB....
With our just popped popcorn.
Back then SCARY.......
The stories that were told
Around that FIREPIT
Solving the worlds problems
Which seemed pretty simple back then.
The neighborhood was like a family.
The FIREPIT was a gathering place
for laughing, sharing stories,
And eating....
By judy
Fall was pretty special when my kids were growing evenings required a fire in the FIREPIT, with family and friends.
Oct 2014 · 586
Judypatooote Oct 2014
Finding an old friend
from years ago
when we were young
and not so slow...


We would pass in the hallway
on our way to class
saying "hi" with a smile
as we walked past..


It's Friday night
are you going to the game?
Of course lets meet
on the corner of Starr and Main


We would meet our classmates
in the stadium to cheer
Warm in our mouton coats
The 50's were good years...


The game would be over
we'd walk home in the dark
back to the corner
where we would then part...


Now to the stadium
we still go
but now our grandkids
are putting on the show...

by judy
Oh what a difference years make. When we could walk by our self and never fear that danger was near. If I could bring back anything from the olden days it would be that feeling of never having to look behind you, or whats around the corner, and who to trust....
Sep 2014 · 742
Can you imagine?
Judypatooote Sep 2014
Can you imagine?
The time when being ask
To stay after school
To clean the chalkboards
And erasers was fun.

Can you imagine?
Waiting for the teacher
To pick you to
Take papers to the principle.
Yes, that was special.
And i never thought to peek.

Can you imagine?
Learning to do the waltz
And the foxtrot in gym?
Boys on one side of gym
And girls on the other.
Pick a partner...
No, no, boys are yucky.
That was grade school
When they really were.

I can't imagine not growing up
In the 40/50's
With kick the can,
Home made circuses
And running down to a friends house
And calling,
Can you come out to play?

I can't imagine not having a memory.

By judy
Sep 2014 · 380
Judypatooote Sep 2014
There is nothing more beautiful
to me than Autumn...

The big old Harvest Moon
Shining brightly...

The colors of red, orange and yellow
falling from the trees...

Squirrels racing around looking for nuts
too bury for their next meal...

The kids raking the leaves in piles
Ready, Set, Jump...

The trip to the pumpkin patch
for pumpkins and donuts...

And the smell of apples
at the apple orchard...

The memory of colors, smells and tastes
and time with family, makes this season

by judy
Aug 2014 · 496
Judypatooote Aug 2014
The first day of school
was a special time.
The kids would be happy
and the mother would cry.
We would start the day
with a prayer and the pledge.
And sing the Star Spangle Banner
With our hand on our heart..
We would learn reading
and writing and arithmetic.
Make projects into a beautiful
gift for mom or dad.
Out for recess, playing dodge ball
and then a race.
Everything went well
until you get a ball in the face.
At lunch time I would walk
home a mile each way.
Mac and cheese
then back for the day.
Everyday we did the same thing.
we'd listen to teacher
or visit the principal.
He would smack you with a ruler
on the back end.
and when we got home,
we'd get smacked again.
The first day of school
in the simpler time.
When they would teach
you the ABC's
And read you a nursery rhyme.
You learned from the first day of school.
By the teacher who knew the golden rule.

By judy
In simpler times...
Judypatooote Aug 2014
Getting ready to go fishing,
Started the day before.
Dad would hook up the water hose
To a pump that pumped water
Out of the creek in front of our cottage.
He would water the lawn
So the earthworms would
Show there heads
Or can you tell?
As soon as it got dark,
My dad would say grab your Flashlight..
So out we would go
To find those earth worms.
Or as a fisherman would call them
I loved catching those worms
Almost as much as i loved fishing.
And i usually went out barefooted.
It was like finding a treasure
When my flashlight would spot one.
And i could snap that worm up
Faster than they could hide.
We would each have a can
To put our worms in.
When we had a few dozen
My dad would put them in a bait box
With moss.
Those worms had it made.
Until the next day.
We would get up at day break
And head on out on Lake Erie.
With my fishing pole, my snacks,
My book (in case fishing was slow)
And our worms...
Gone fishing...
Who would admit to a favorite memory of catching worms, but me.
Aug 2014 · 483
The Beach ~ Then and Now...
Judypatooote Aug 2014
Lake Erie THEN and NOW
as a child
summers were spent
at our cottage
on  the beach of
Lake Erie.
Clear water i could see the bottom.
as a child
i would take a bar of soap
into the clear water
and wash up,
shampoo my hair,
then take a swim.
i lived in the clear clean water.
collecting sea shells,
colored glass which washed up
on the sand.
when a storm popped up
we would have white foam
wash up along with a dead fish or two.
but the white foam came from
the angry waves.
the foam never lasted long,
and mom picked up the dead fish.
water was back to being clear and clean.
now we never drank that water,
or bathed in it when it was angry.
But it was a beautiful beach.

Sad to say it is green slime.
i went out and took pictures of the water.
the beach is now Maumee State Park
and thanks to the stuff than
runs off into Lake Erie
it is green, and angry again.
Can't find a clean spot anywhere.
Warning signs are posted.
Seagulls still are walking the beach,
hoping for a crumb.
Then and Now...
Aug 2014 · 1.3k
The Dining Room Table
Judypatooote Aug 2014
What ever happened to that dining room table?
As a child
The dining room table
Was my play house.
It was a big table
With legs on all four corners.
My dog Trixie and I
Would spend a lot of time
Under that table.
Mom was making drapes
On top of the table..
The radio was on with all the old shows.
But I was busy dressing
Trixie up in old baby clothes.
I even had room to pull
The little doll buggy under this table.
I had a dog that was
Quite content being lazy in the buggy.

What ever happened to that dining room table?
We always had that dining room table
Filled with family on holidays.
Lots of food on the top...
Mom was a great cook.
Her specialities were
Pork roast, tomato pudding
And plum cake...
Dad would have German music
Playing in the background.

What ever happened to that dining room table?
It was old, and traded in for a new model.
Which also had four legs on each corner.
Was blond oak, and very modern.
My memory of that one,
Is of my kids, playing games,
Eating snacks and also
Holidays filled with family,
Eating moms pork roast,
Tomato pudding, and plum cake.
And I added Pink Stuff.  

What ever happened to that dining room table?
House sold...
Left, only the memories...

By Judy
The one thing I regret is not inheriting my moms great cooking skills....but the good news is, my daughter did....
Judypatooote Jul 2014
Are we ever happy with
Mother Nature?

The Autumn leaves
So many
just fell off the tree,
With No color...
Color is what Autumn is all about
Mother Nature...
What! It's 90 degrees out, this is fall,
When the weather should start to turn cold.
And you start a fire in the fire pit
Smell the Autumn leaves burning?
But no we are sitting here in shorts
Mother Nature...

Are we ever Happy with
Mother Nature?

Winter, oh my what a winter.
Beautiful Crystals of sparkly snow..
Lots of sparkly snow..
Schools closed..
Level three...
So cold...
Snow so deep...
What a warm winter,
Please Mother Nature,
Send us some snow...
This is winter Mother Nature,
I want to make
Snow angels...

Are we ever happy with
Mother Nature?

Sunshine, thanks Mother Nature.
The buds on the trees
Are starting to pop.
The smell of the lilacs
Drifting through the air.
Spring has sprung...
It was a bad winter,
Lost my rose bush.
The trees are late to bloom...
Spring, Mother Nature
Where is spring...

Are we ever happy with
Mother Nature ?

It's Summer time,
When the living is easy.
So Hot....
So much rain...
Scorched flowers
To Hot...


It's The
Lazy, Hazy, crazy
Days of summer.
But it been so cold,
No rain,
Dried up brown grass.
Water bill goes up.

Are we ever happy with
Mother Nature?
To hot, to cold...
But that's Nature
I'm told...
Mother has nothing to do with it.
For years we complain about the weather. But the storms that have been going around the World, make me grateful for what I hot, to what.
Jul 2014 · 798
Judypatooote Jul 2014
Time passes...
While sitting on the steps
Waiting for the water company
To come and turn off the water.
My old home.
The one I grew up in...
Mom and Dads place,
Then my sons place.
Now sold..
Everything removed
But the memories...
Hard to turn off the tears.
I look at the iron railing
My dad made,
With marks pounded in it .
A curled end, with little rings
Between every other rail.
At Christmas I would tip toe down
And peek through the rails
To see if Santa arrived yet.
Dad made a bar in the basement.
On the front of it still
Are My initials JK
He cut them out for me.
I can't remove them now,
Because he used wood glue
To fasten them to the bar.
There is a shelf to devide
The dining room and front room.
Growing up we had a large fish bowl
On two of the shelves.
Angel fish,
And guppies...
Now shelves are bare.
A lot of stories to be told,
Created in this old house.
Giving me a lot of great memories.
Leaving this house
Is like leaving my mom and dad
But I know they are
With me in my heart.
Thanks mom and dad
For giving me a great childhood.
Life changes,
As does the place to live...
Good bye
To my childhood home..
Jul 2014 · 1.3k
Storybook dolls
Judypatooote Jul 2014
I was A little girl
Who loved dolls
I had a collection
Of storybook dolls
Some with beautiful dresses.
Also a cowgirl,
Whose name was Irma.
Whenever my grandma
Went on a trip,
She would return
With a special doll,
Just for me.
One time my dad
Stopped at a bar
On his way home from work,
And the bartender
Was a lady
Who made a doll
With a beautiful crochet dress.
Yellow, and full.
I was so excited
To think that my daddy
Would buy me a doll
At a bar....
Mom not so happy...
My collection grew.
The only disadvantage
Every Saturday morning
Before noon
I had to take them off my large shelf
And dust them...
But the advantage
I listened to Buster Brown,
Fibber Magee and Molly,
And many other radio shows.
But I still hate dusting...
Jul 2014 · 1.2k
Judypatooote Jul 2014
Do those words still apply?
It seems that the words now are,
Children are so amazing
With there knowledge.
They have baby computers,
To learn there A,B,C's
A Kindle to play learning games
Or to read a book...
Dora the Explorer
To learn a foreign language.
There is T-Ball, baseball, soccer
For exercise.
Will they know how to sign their name?
And now there is on line education....
What some and I say some
Children lack is IMAGINATION...
RESPECT....and the freedom to give a HUG...
Nothing is,
Anymore at least to
Some and I say some grandmas...
Because we grandmas lost the freedom
To give a  SHY ~ BASHFUL child
A HUG...
Just saying...
Jul 2014 · 450
Judypatooote Jul 2014
A child is born
First words
Mama or Papa
A smile, A giggle
patty cake, patty cake
the start of getting into everything.
then first steps
and into everything

A child grows into a TEEN
they think they know it all
can I borrow the car
do you know how to drive?
Of course....
Do you have insurance?
Don't you?
Can I borrow a few bucks?
Did you pick up your clothes?
Duh! yeah, (they were under the bed)
Along with a empty dish or two...

Then they grow into an adult.
find their mate
don't need the car
don't need the bucks (from you)
have children
and it starts all over...

But now, it's grandchildren...
and so worth the worry...

P>S>  My granddaughter Megan is having her second brain surgery. The good news is it's not cancer, but very dangerous. Her sister Ali passed away 9 years ago with cancer, she was 17. I think about the worry I talk about, but how does my daughter manage to survive.
I was just listening to a song, LIFE AIEN'T ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL, BUT IT'S A BEAUTIFUL faith and prayer are needed, and I would appreciate a prayer for Megan, for she is 28 and wants a BEAUTIFUL LIFE....THANKS, judy
Jul 2014 · 671
Judypatooote Jul 2014
Today while walking my dog Buddy
Back by the little creek are Poplar trees...
This brought back memories
For as a child, and a little bit of a dreamer,
I would lay in bed and listen.
What a peaceful sound.
We were surrounded by Poplar trees
And with so many blowing in the wind
It sounded like rain,
A peaceful rain...
And in my dream
I would be running, and splashing
Hands in the air,
Letting those raindrops splash on my face
And in this dream
I knew only GOD could
Send me the beautiful Poplar tree
With such a peaceful sound...
I listened today and being older,
I just knew it was true..
It still sounds like rain
It is still peaceful
To GOD I say
Thank you for the Memory
The Poplar Trees
This memory is from my days out to the cottage
Judypatooote Jun 2014
You look at a violet
in a field growing free
the color of purple
is a sight to see.
But that violet creeps closer
and jumps in your grass,
and you can't seem to **** them
they just last and last...

You look at Queen Annes lace
my favorite ****, for it's white and lacey
and reminds me of Edelweiss.
Mix it with a field of violets
and what a sight to be seen.
But as a ****, it just won't leave
they pop up everywhere,
just like the sweet violets...

You look at a field of dandelions
bright yellow everywhere.
It's really quite beautiful
as I sit and stare.
I think how can this beauty
be called a ****?
but when the fuzz flies
and up pops a single dandelion
I then know it's a ****.

by judy
I always called my weeds my wildflowers, for really that is what they are...
Jun 2014 · 563
Judypatooote Jun 2014
When your an only child
and have a dog,
that dog becomes your best friend.
My dogs name was Trixie
a little fox terrier
who was as gentle
as a best friend could be.
We would sit underneath
the dining room table
while mom sewed, and
I would dress Trixie up
in baby clothes
and push her around
in my doll buggy.
As a best friend
Trixie just layed there
like she knew she should.
Why should she,
because I talked her into it.
Dogs understand things
more than we realize.
One Christmas Eve
Trixie ate a whole bowl of
chocolate German *** Candy.
Imported from Germany
She lived to wag her tail for us.
that candy had real *** in it.
She wagged her tail, and staggered
as she walked.
Trixie never chewed up things,
or bothered anything,
it was Christmas Eve
and I think that the devil
told her to do it....
My best friend Trixie
lived for many, many years
and they say chocolate can
**** a dog, and certainly
*** didn't seem like it
was made for a dog.
Having Trixie as my best friend
made my childhood days
really fun.
When your a child a dog is a best friend, and as a senior citizen they again become ones best my best friend is called Budy.
Jun 2014 · 646
Judypatooote Jun 2014
Back in the 40's
We had an icebox at our cottage,
to keep our food cold.
It was an empty insulated box,
with shelves for the food,
and on the bottom sat the block of ice.
Once a week the iceman
would deliver a large block of ice.
I would always race on over our
little bridge to meet him.
It was like seeing the ice cream truck arrive.
The iceman would always ask me
if I wanted a chunk of ice...
I suppose it was standing there
in the heat with those
big puppy dog eyes that got him.
There was nothing that tasted as
good as a cold chunk of ice
on a hot summer day...
it was a cold bottle
of chocolate cow pop...
Something as simple as a chunk of ice...was like the biggest treat ever.
Jun 2014 · 355
Judypatooote Jun 2014
As I walk along the water front,
in my own little world...

I would sometimes count the footprints,
and then I'd turn with a quick swirl...

Picking up colored glass,
for mom to put in her plants...

and somtimes I'd find a perfect shell,
that wasn't covered with ants...

Dead fish, here and there,
they washed up on the shore...

You'd think you saw the last one,
and ooops there would be many more...

On my way back, in the field I would go,
to pick mom some flowers, for that's where they grow...

Summers at the cottege, when I was very young,
I had to use my imagination for making my fun...
As an only child, I would create castles in the sand, make mud pies with the clay, and that would help pass a very long I would be in my own little world.
Judypatooote Jun 2014
My dad lost his arm to cancer.
He was 61 years old,
did he let that get him down?
Heck NO...
The day he came home from the hospital
minus one shoulder and arm,
he jumped on his bike and rode
it down to our house,
which was a long block away.
balance, how did he do it?

Dad was always included in
all our neighborhood parties.
if he was sitting in my backyard,
he would be drinking a cup of coffee
with Jim, my husband.
If he was sitting in my neighbor Dennys backyard
he would be drinking a beer
with Denny.

Dad worked as a machine repairman
with out his arm for two more years.
Because he was good.
Dad bowled two times a week with one arm,
and he walked out at the Park
the days he didn't bowl.

My amazing dad, with one arm and no shoulder,
built my kitchen cupboards,
put up a ceiling in the basement,
build doll houses for my daughter
and the neighbor girl,
and also one for a church raffle.

My dad went to church every Sunday,
and when he was so ill,
the nun would visit dad and mom,
mom would play the *****,
beer barrel polka,
while the nun and my dad danced.

He was known by many, taught kids
how to bowl, including my son.

This is a tribute to my daddy
named Fritz....

by ~ judy
Jun 2014 · 333
Judypatooote Jun 2014
Somedays you wonder will it ever end...
Somedays it flies by...
So much to do, and not enough time...
But then you stop, and say,
Slow down, there will be another day...
If your lucky, there will be another day...
Only TIME will tell...

by judy
My back has been hurting, and when you can't do things, that is when you want to do them....but, there will be another day...)
May 2014 · 460
Judypatooote May 2014
A little boy who was so sweet
I'd ask him, would you like a treat?
Ice cream, candy or bubble gum
You know that granny will give you some...


But Granny, you know I just had a treat.
One is all that I should eat...


If you put it in a bag,
I'll carry it home to share with dad...

by ~ granny judy
Two of my grandsons have grown into fine young men,
who practiced honesty from day one...High School, and College.
Who could ask for proud of them...
May 2014 · 336
Judypatooote May 2014
As a child I knew no fear.
But to mother fear was always near.
Now my children they show no fear.
But to me it's always near.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.
I am my mother after all...

May 2014 · 834
Judypatooote May 2014
I'm telling you I love you,
and thank you for all the
loving things you did for me...

You were a mom who always
put me first.
I didn't realize it them...

I want to call you and say
go to the basement,
a storm is coming...

What is that recipe
for plum cake?
Oh and also the tomato pudding...

Thank you for being such
a wonderful grandma to
my children...

I miss you oh so much...

by ~ judy
To my mama who was always there for me...
May 2014 · 540
Judypatooote May 2014

At first sight I see a thistle
all brown and blowing in the wind.
Looking very lonely,
like wondering where I've been...


I see much beauty as I look around
with blossoms on the trees
showing pink, white and purple
and knowing I would be pleased.


I find Lilac buds on the lilac tree
Small little buds, waiting to bloom
A smell that will be heavenly
and will fill every room.


The trees there were many,
some large and some small.
Some bearing leaves
and some none at all.


The trees were different shades of green
and the pine trees were oh so tall.
Tulips and daffodils were showing there color
I truly love them all.


Nature had a way of making me happy
with the sound of the creeks running stream
And birds who were singing a beautiful song
It seemed  like they were singing to me.


A peaceful morning, it was indeed.
A walk through beauty, just my dog and me
I will take home this beauty
to open up in my night time dreams.

by ~ judy
Natures beauty is the most natural, comforting beauty to be seen.
Judypatooote May 2014
Do you want to play cards?
I ask my friends.
We meet on down
around the bend.

Some bring snacks,
I'm on a diet,
but then I get there
and have to try it...

Sometimes I bring a glass of wine..
I get really silly,
but they say that is fine....

Friends are the greatest
gift in this world.
I try to treat them
like a very fine pearl...

by ~ judy
I'm getting ready for our game night. It is so true how special friends can be....It seems as one moves on to different places, you think you can't live without your old friends, but as the saying goes,
"Make new friends, but keep the old. Some are Silver and others Gold."
Judypatooote May 2014
Growing up way back
when life was simple.
There were wringer wash machines.
On Monday morning I remember my mom
fill the wash machine with hot water.
Add soap powder, but watch or it will clump.
Then she added fels naptha soap
Which was a bar, and you sliced off
pieces for the extra ***** clothes.


Now she added the clothes
While they are agitating
You wait...
You have a second tub filled with hot water.
to transfer those clothes into, for rinsing.
You always used the same water over.
You started with white clothes,
then eventually by the time the
dark clothes  came around
the water looked pretty gross..


After rinsing you use that magical wringer.
Which is two rollers that sqeeze all the water out. all takes time..
Then into the wash basket.

Laundry back when life was simple...

By then your basket if full of wet heavy clothes.
Out to the clothes line.
But first you had to run a dry cloth to wipe
the dirt off the clothes line.
Hanging up all that laundry
with those cute wooden clothes pins.
Not even clip ones were invented back then.
But the bag which held all the clothes pins
was real cute, it looked like a dress...


Socks, ******, shirts, slacks, towels,
oh those heavy towels
and my favorite the sheets.
Time, it takes time to dry those clothes.

Laundry back when life was simple.

Back then everything was ironed.
Starched and there was no spray starch,
or steam iron.
Mom would dip the collars of the shirts
into a bowl of starch,
and roll it up,
it was ready to be ironed.

Laundry back when life was simple...
How can that be a simple time.
I watched my mom and grandma
do this every Monday.
Starting early and it would be evening
when she would finally have
the clothes folded and put away...
The next day was for ironing.

We have the simple life
for now we can throw in a load, have it washed,
thrown in the dryer, and hung up
in a couple of hours.
Taking a coffee break in between
the washing and drying...

by ~ judy
Do our kids know how easy they have it...this was not
my experience, but I watched my mom and grandma
do this every week...never giving it a second thought.
God Bless you moms and grandmas whose work
was never done....
May 2014 · 1.2k
Judypatooote May 2014

A ~ one of a kind

C ~ CRAZY Clown
L ~ LAZY Clown

A Clown can make one happy
A Clown can look very sad
A Clown can be called Apple Annie
And wear an Apple on her head.

A Clown comes with many names
It depends on who they are.
There was a Hobo Clown named Emmett Kelly, Jr.
Who always made me sad,
for he wore old rags, and walked real slow,
But he wasn't very scary, for that I was real glad.

And then there was BOZO the clown
Whose horn he beeped, and beeped and beeped
At least he was a funny Clown,
He never wore a frown.

The scary one was Penneywise the dancing Clown
From the movie IT...
He was the scariest Clown I ever saw
Fingers real long, and he lived in a sewer.
Now since I love dancing, one would
think he was my favorite...for he was
called the dancing Clown.
But when he climbed out of the sewer,
and hid behind the doors,
Let me tell you folks,
I wasn't watching any more...

But let me add my favorite Clown
Her name is Polka Dot...
She's been my friend for 60 years
She keeps me laughing, even when
she's not in costume...
Polka Dot's real name is Ginney Jean
She IS A CLOWN my favorite kind of friend.

by ~ judy
Judypatooote Apr 2014
I remember one mothers day
when I was little, I wanted to
buy my mom a special present.
Since I was old enough
to cross the street by myself,
I walked down to a little variety store.
Oh what a fun place to go.
It carried everything.
Even penny candy.
But I had my mind set on something beautiful.
And it smell real good.
It was a beautiful blue bottle of
As a little girl I thought this was
the most beautiful bottle ever seen.
Cobalt blue, with a gold cap and gold label.
Oh I knew she'd feel like she
had an evening in Paris when she wore it.
For I felt it was magical.
I even threw in a few pieces
of penny candy.
Mom was surprised and happy with her gift.
And I got to share her candy.
Although years later, I remember seeing
that beautiful bottle of perfume
sitting on her shelf,
almost still full...
Smell, maybe it was all in my mind,
because of that beautiful magical bottle.
it was a special mother's day.
When mothers were mothers
and children were innocent.

by ~ judy
Dedicated to my mommy...she was special.
Apr 2014 · 2.0k
Fishy, Fishy...
Judypatooote Apr 2014
Fishy, fishy in the brook.
Daddy catch him on a hook.
Mommy fry him in a pan.
Baby eat him like a man.

Author unknown.
This is a little poem my mom always said to me.
Apr 2014 · 775
Judypatooote Apr 2014
Morning is my favorite time of the day.
I'm always up early, downing a *** of coffee.
Time to take my Buddy out to play.
The sun is just coming up.
Buddy grabs his stuffed animal.
Today it was a giraffe.
And off we go down the street.
Buddy and me with my coffee cup.
The birds are singing, it's music to my ears.
How can such a little creature sound so beautiful?
It's funny how while walking you can see
nature in action. Tree's poppin, birds singing,
squirrels racing around the tree, for one has that one
walnut that fell off the tree.
Oh look theres two, three, four Mallard ducks,
on the ground under an evergreen...yes
Walking by the creek I see a muskrat swimming,
and then dives into the hole on the side which would
be his home.
And Buddy look here comes another dog called Smokie
We meet and Buddy and Smokie wag tails and sniff
noses, and off we go in different directions.
By now I'm holding Buddys stuffed giraffe,
an empty coffee cup.
Home we go.
Now i'm ready to start my day.

by ~ judy
I love nature...
Apr 2014 · 1.2k
Judypatooote Apr 2014
I had a reading by a Medium
who talked to my husband.
What is a Medium, I ask...
For I was clueless.
Why they are a psychic
who see and talk to a spirit
of a loved one perhaps?
Sure they do...
This is crazy...
But OK, I'll have a reading.
Well he saw my husband.
Did your husband like to garden?
Why yes he did.
So after a few more
why yes he dids
he told me that my husband
said to look for
a dragonfly and know that it
will be him sending me his love.
OK, thank you.
I hadn't seen a dragonfly in years.
so I left the building
walked to my car
and there sitting on the drivers side
of my car on the mirror was
a dragonfly...he fluttered his wings
as I stood and stared at him.
Then off he flew...
That was just the beginning.
They were everywhere after that.
I was working in my craft room
and looked up as one landed on
the screen of my window.
Just looking in, for at least 15 minutes.
At the swimming pool, one would
zoom on down by me as I was
in the water swimming.
It seemed that everywhere I went
After that reading by the Medium
I saw a dragonfly.
A coincidence? Perhaps...
Because seeing a dragonfly
whether real or not, brought me comfort
and I could feel my husbands love...

by ~ judy
When you loose a family member to death, or even a friend,
sometimes something happens, whether real or not, to make you feel close to them...a silly old dragonfly worked for me last summer.
Apr 2014 · 927
A Storm is heading our way.
Judypatooote Apr 2014
Storms never bothered me as a child.
I use to love to put on my bathing suit,
barefoot, and jump in all those puddles...
Mom would ******* in if it was lightning.
But with lightning came thunder,
so I would run inside at the first crack.
My mom use to tell me that it was
the Angels bowling.
I'm sure every mother told there kid that.
I know I did...

I loved storms when we were out to our cottage.
Because the waves were raging, and I remember
standing outside with my dad and all the
neighbor guys, discussing this storm. With
a beer in there hand. I never had fear back then.

When my kids were little and a storm was a brewing.
We lived in a duplex, with no basement and
we would take the kids, and our bird down
to our neighbors basement.... I still wasn't
afraid of storms... the kids, and parents we all
played pool, some was like a fear...

Now, I live by the weather mans report.
I have a program from each tv station on my phone,
and the weather station, even an app for tornados.
But it's not fun any more... I don't go run in the rain
barefoot, or jump in puddles, but I try to keep a bottle
of wine in the frig, a snack or two, and set stuff up
in the bathroom for and my dog buddy.
I'm in the tub, he curls around the toilet...
no fear... well maybe a little bit...

by ~ judy
It's almost time for those storms...summer storms, which seem to be happening all seasons...I say I have no fear, but I try and tell myself brave....
Apr 2014 · 560
Judypatooote Apr 2014
It's Easter morning
I can hear my kids say...

Whose going to find
All the eggs today...

Did he hide them outside
Behind a tree...

Under a branch
Just waiting for me...

Or inside when
We were asleep...

He was mighty quiet
I didn't hear a peep...

Check behind the flowers
On the TV...

He usually leaves one
There for me...

Yes, the bunny was busy
He had quite a load...

How does he do it?
It's Magic I'm told...

by ~ Judy
My first ever Easter Poem, reposted....
Apr 2014 · 1.0k
Judypatooote Apr 2014
In your Easter Bonnet, with all the frills upon it.
An Easter bonnet on every girls head
Pink, green, yellow and some times red...

Some had bright flowers, set on the side
Others had ribbon, wrapped around and tied...

It was a beautiful sight, those colorful hats
Setting pretty on moms, daughters, and sometimes the cat...

By ~ judy

Every cat should have a hat...
I'm reposting this for Easter
Judypatooote Apr 2014
The smell of a newborn baby after a bath, all sprinkled with powder.
I don't think that smell will ever change.
A smell I will always remember...

My grandma Bertha would always smell like lavender.
I use to buy lavender soap, and hand cream because it made
me think of her.
A smell I will always remember...

My great uncle would make taffy, and one time I helped stretch it.
A smell I will always remember...

My mom would take me to dance class, and the building smelled
like Carmel.  Much later in life, I entered a building that had the same smell, and it brought back those old days.
A smell I will always remember...

When a storm was brewing in Lake Erie there was a smell of raging waters. A north eastern was coming - I could smell it.
A smell I will always remember...

The soothing sound of the motor boat passing by leaving the smell
of gasoline - why did that comfort me?
A smell I will always remember...

Walking down the beach, bear foot in the sand, and running across
a dried up dead fish.
A smell I will always remember...

My husband would always use Comet with bleach to clean out the
sink, tub and he would sprinkle it add a bit of water making it a
paste, and let it set for an hour.
A smell I will always remember...

Smell can bring back a memory, at least for me...some good, some bad, but these are a few of my favorite memories of smell...and when I smell them now, it sparks my memory.

by ~ judy
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