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Aug 2014
Getting ready to go fishing,
Started the day before.
Dad would hook up the water hose
To a pump that pumped water
Out of the creek in front of our cottage.
He would water the lawn
So the earthworms would
Show there heads
Or can you tell?
As soon as it got dark,
My dad would say grab your Flashlight..
So out we would go
To find those earth worms.
Or as a fisherman would call them
I loved catching those worms
Almost as much as i loved fishing.
And i usually went out barefooted.
It was like finding a treasure
When my flashlight would spot one.
And i could snap that worm up
Faster than they could hide.
We would each have a can
To put our worms in.
When we had a few dozen
My dad would put them in a bait box
With moss.
Those worms had it made.
Until the next day.
We would get up at day break
And head on out on Lake Erie.
With my fishing pole, my snacks,
My book (in case fishing was slow)
And our worms...
Gone fishing...
Who would admit to a favorite memory of catching worms, but me.
Written by
Judypatooote  ohio
   Weeping willow and SPT
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