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Jul 2014
A child is born
First words
Mama or Papa
A smile, A giggle
patty cake, patty cake
the start of getting into everything.
then first steps
and into everything

A child grows into a TEEN
they think they know it all
can I borrow the car
do you know how to drive?
Of course....
Do you have insurance?
Don't you?
Can I borrow a few bucks?
Did you pick up your clothes?
Duh! yeah, (they were under the bed)
Along with a empty dish or two...

Then they grow into an adult.
find their mate
don't need the car
don't need the bucks (from you)
have children
and it starts all over...

But now, it's grandchildren...
and so worth the worry...

P>S>  My granddaughter Megan is having her second brain surgery. The good news is it's not cancer, but very dangerous. Her sister Ali passed away 9 years ago with cancer, she was 17. I think about the worry I talk about, but how does my daughter manage to survive.
I was just listening to a song, LIFE AIEN'T ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL, BUT IT'S A BEAUTIFUL faith and prayer are needed, and I would appreciate a prayer for Megan, for she is 28 and wants a BEAUTIFUL LIFE....THANKS, judy
Written by
Judypatooote  ohio
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