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Dec 2014
Growing up with
Tap dance, toe tap, singing lessons.
Even a year of modeling thrown in.
Did I appreciate them?
Probably not...
But my mom did...
She had to, otherwise she wouldn't
Have taken me on the bus,
Each week to each class.
Made me all my costumes
And repeated the phrase
"Did you practice yet?"
Why does it take the
Age of a grandma
Who is watching her daughters
Dragging their daughters
To dance, singing, play practice,
And wondering do they
Appreciate what their
Mother is doing?
Probably not...
Just went to a play that my granddaughter was in and it made me think about what my mom did for me ... For all the work that my daughter put into this play, helping her daughter. It takes the grandma to appreciate....
Written by
Judypatooote  ohio
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