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Apr 2014
Storms never bothered me as a child.
I use to love to put on my bathing suit,
barefoot, and jump in all those puddles...
Mom would ******* in if it was lightning.
But with lightning came thunder,
so I would run inside at the first crack.
My mom use to tell me that it was
the Angels bowling.
I'm sure every mother told there kid that.
I know I did...

I loved storms when we were out to our cottage.
Because the waves were raging, and I remember
standing outside with my dad and all the
neighbor guys, discussing this storm. With
a beer in there hand. I never had fear back then.

When my kids were little and a storm was a brewing.
We lived in a duplex, with no basement and
we would take the kids, and our bird down
to our neighbors basement.... I still wasn't
afraid of storms... the kids, and parents we all
played pool, some was like a fear...

Now, I live by the weather mans report.
I have a program from each tv station on my phone,
and the weather station, even an app for tornados.
But it's not fun any more... I don't go run in the rain
barefoot, or jump in puddles, but I try to keep a bottle
of wine in the frig, a snack or two, and set stuff up
in the bathroom for and my dog buddy.
I'm in the tub, he curls around the toilet...
no fear... well maybe a little bit...

by ~ judy
It's almost time for those storms...summer storms, which seem to be happening all seasons...I say I have no fear, but I try and tell myself brave....
Written by
Judypatooote  ohio
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